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NXT TakeOver New Orleans Results & Review

If the main event of TakeOver New Orleans isn’t for you, have a long hard think about whether you’re still a fan of the WWE’s concept of modern wrestling. It’s totally cool if you aren’t, but if this didn’t do anything for you, I’m not sure what else from them will.

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EVOLVE 102 (April 5th) Results & Review

When this massive weekend in New Orleans is over, I don’t think EVOLVE 102 will stand out as one of the top shows that took place, but it was certainly a relatively easy show to watch from beginning to end. With three fantastic matches and three good matches, you really can’t go wrong.

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Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport Review

As the cheesy 80s goodness of Stan Bush’s “Fight to Survive” rang out over the PA system, Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport commenced. The event kicked off the festivities at WrestleMania 34 Weekend with a promise of a unique show, one in which the rules of combat were simple: A match can only end by knockout or submission. Oh, and there were no ropes either.

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Revolution Pro Wrestling (WrestleMania Weekend 2018 Previews)

For the second year running England’s Revolution Pro Wrestling will be hosting a show with WrestleCon over WrestleMania weekend. This year the card looks more authentic to the feel of a UK RPW show with the additional mixing in of NJPW talent, a relationship that is intrinsic to the identity of the promotion.

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