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Stipulation: The TNA Podcast (September 11)

In this installment, the not-quite September 11th episode of Impact is discussed. Among the topics: Whether Chris Melendez (or any one-legged wrestler) can work as a plausible gimmick, how much is too much with 9/11 and wrestling, how many times do we have to watch Rhino lose to EC3, and a look ahead to a ‘who cares’ not-pay-per-view where all the outcomes seem certain.

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Stipulation: The TNA Podcast (July 24)

In this installment, the good doctor is joined on the Skype-a-ma-phone by none other than Cody Dingusmingus to discuss terrible booking for an opening segment, the return of Matt Hardy and Low-Ki, Sam Shaw and Gunner in glass houses, why Ethan Carter III really is the streets, Bully Ray’s inability to sleep because of thoughts of hurting women, Dixie Carter’s quest to stand over Bully Ray’s dead body, and the sad state of affairs that is Great Muta’s physical condition.

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Stipulation: A TNA Podcast (6/26)

In this installment, Doctor Nov is joined by Brian to discuss the dearth of total non-stop action on Impact Wrestling for the week of 06/26. They discussed the four classic matches on the card, how Jeff Hardy has been quietly putting together a pretty solid year of work, how Seiya Sanada should not be booked, and muse as to when Crazzy Steve is going to finally learn that funny isn’t money start winning some matches.

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