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Rumble Rewind: Royal Rumble 1996

Shawn Michaels looks to repeat his winning performance from 1995, Dory Funk Jr. joins the fray and Vader runs wild over the rest of the WWE, it’s the 1996 Royal Rumble!’s Chad Campbell joins me to review this Rumble, we discuss the dire state of the WWF in 1996, Hakushi, “The Ringmaster” Steve Austin and much more.

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Rumble Rewind: Royal Rumble 1990

The Voices of Wrestling Rumble Rewind continues with a look at the 1990 Royal Rumble featuring a new longevity record from Ted BiBiase, a quick exit for Andre the Giant and, of course, The Red Rooster. Parv of joins me in discussing and reviewing the 1990 Rumble, his favorite years in WWE history and much more!

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