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Rumble Rewind: Royal Rumble 1995

We’re in the midst of the WWE’s “New Generation” and that means we don’t have two minutes for guys to come out to the Rumble, we’re doing 60 seconds! Allan Blackstock of the Wrestling Eye Podcast joins me to talk about this fast-paced Rumble, Shawn Michaels goes wire-to-wire, ridiculous 1995 gimmicks and much more!

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Rumble Rewind: Royal Rumble 1999

Austin finally gets his hands on McMahon, Mabel turns to the dark side and the most Russo-rific Royal Rumble takes the fight all the way to the bathroom, it’s the 1999 Royal Rumble! I’m joined once again in studio by Sean “spiffie” Flynn to review the 1999 Royal Rumble, we discuss unorthodox Rumble booking, the insane lack of in-ring action in 1999, Gillberg and much more. It’s a fun show as always, so check it out!

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