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Ultima Lucha Of The Hidden Temple: Answering The Tony Schiavone Question

In Ultima Lucha Of The Hidden Temple, Doc breaks down all three hours of Ultima Lucha, talks about audience endangerment, plays a little guitar (5 points, if you can name that tune — 10 points, if you figure out why it was chosen), has a friend over to watch wrestling, discusses Eric Van Wagenen’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and talks about the future of the show.

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Lucha Of The Hidden Temple: Something For Everyone

In this episode, Doc (older now than ever before) struggled to stay awake through the June 10th episode of Lucha Underground and can’t sleep after staying up late to finish watching the June 17th episode featuring the “All Night Long” match between Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma because it was that damn good.

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Lucha Of The Hidden Temple: The Fashion Show

In this inadvertently fashion-centric episode, Doc discusses Melissa Santos’ odd head jewelry, Aerostar looking like Captain Falcon, Hernandez wearing a ton of crosses on his ring gear (even though he’s a heel) and the virtues of Mil Muertes’ new look.

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Lucha of the Hidden Temple: The Master Of The “Who Farted?” Duckface

In this episode, Doctor Nov, in between gigs, learning all of the Velvet Underground’s “Loaded,” and besieged by medical maladies (both human and feline), catches you up on the April 29th and May 6th episodes of Lucha Underground, discussing Son Of Havoc’s modulated voice, Hernandez and his “Who Farted?” duckface, the underwhelming reveal of DelAvar Daivari’s identity, Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron’s excellent match, and DRAGO TURNING INTO A DRAGON!

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Lucha of the Hidden Temple: The Guy Who Looks Like Cesaro But Isn’t

Hot off a successful first gig and prior to a second one, Doctor Nov catches up on Lucha Underground for the weeks of April 15 and April 22 discussing the conclusion of the Drago/Aerostar 5-match series, the best and worst Pentagon segments yet, the new trios champions, Lucha Underground’s fun in-ring storytelling through trios matches, the guy who looks like Cesaro but isn’t that freaks out on Tejano, and, a strong commentary outing on the 04/15 show.

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Lucha of the Hidden Temple (Episode 10)

In this episode, Doctor Nov discusses what Pentagon Jr., Mil Muertes, and Brock Lesnar have in common, why they haven’t really connected to the crowd as heels and, instead, are getting positive reactions. After that, more mulling on/of/about intergender wrestling and a discussion of the (kind of low) cage match that draws this chapter of King Cuerno and Johnny Mundo to a close.

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Lucha of the Hidden Template (Episode 5)

In this installment, Doctor Nov talks about what Lucha Underground does better than any other American wrestling promotion, gets excited about the Metanza storyline, and discusses why Pentagon Jr is a heel and (even though he is badass) why you should not cheer him.

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Lucha of the Hidden Temple: Episode 2

In this episode, distractions are a theme, as Doctor Nov is hectored by a cat who, while distracting, is less distracting than Vampiro’s commentary on Lucha Underground. Next week is the debut of The Vampiro Drinking Game, brother.

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Lucha of the Hidden Temple (Episode #1)

In this, the first episode of “Lucha Of The Hidden Temple,” Doctor Nov says, “Hello.” Then, we get down to brass tacks about AZTEC WARFARE, legitimizing a title and what battle royals are good vehicles for accomplishing, narrative-wise.

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