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VOW Interview: Son of Havoc (Matt Cross) on Ultima Lucha, LU, Tough Enough, parkour, Hogan & more!

Matt Cross (Son of Havoc / Lucha Underground) joins Rob McCarron & Joe Lanza for nearly an hour, discussing a wide range of topics from taping Lucha Underground, to his past on WWE Tough Enough, to ghosts and more. We’ll also get his thoughts on the current Hulk Hogan controversy, as Matt was a roster member of the 2009 Hulkamania tour of Australia.

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Tyrus (Brodus Clay) of TNA & WWE joins STR, WWE Beast In The East Review & More (STR 93)

STR 93 is loaded this week. Brodus Clay, currently Tyrus in TNA Impact Wrestling, joins the show to discuss a wide range of topics including starting with WWE, coming into TNA, his favorite wrestlers, and whether or not he’s ever seen a ghost. Plus, Jerome Cusson of PWPonderings helps us review WWE Beast In The East, and we talk Midnight Express vs Southern Boys from Bash 1990.

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Gabe Sapolsky talks DGUSA, EVOLVE, WrestleMania 31 events & more

Gabe Sapolsky of WWNLive, EVOLVE Wrestling, and DGUSA joins Rob McCarron of Shake Them Ropes & Voices of Wrestling to talk all the big events coming up surrounding WrestleMania 31. Gabe tells us all the information we need to know heading into EVOLVE, including the reunification of Generation Next of Roderick Strong and Austin Aries.

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Jeff Jarrett on NJPW, DylanWaco on 2014 MOTY, Rob & Jeff on RAW

Surprise! To kick off 2015 in a big way, Shake Them Ropes returns with an STR Extra, an episode that breaks away from our traditional WWE & NXT coverage to expand to some other news in pro wrestling. First, former WWE Superstar and current GFW President Jeff Jarrett will join us to talk NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 9, cord cutting, what carriers will have it live, Flipps TV, millennials’ viewing habits, his history in wrestling, and much more.

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Shake Them Ropes (11/11): The Ryback Show, Bálor’s NXT Debut & more

THE RYBACK IS BACK! Not only that, but he walks alone inside this pit of danger. Or is that someone else? Anyway, today Rob McCarron & Jeff Hawkins get into Ryback’s Raw, what’s left for Survivor Series matches, Jim Ross returning to play-by-play, and we’re joined by Chris DePetrillo of Figures Toy Company to discuss Ring of Honor’s first foray into action figures, toys, replica belts, and more. A must listen for you figure collectors!

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Shake Them Ropes Interview: Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore

Former WWE Superstar and NXT coach, Nick Dinsmore, took some time to chat with Rob McCarron on Shake Them Ropes. Formerly “Eugene” in WWE, Nick discusses a wide range of topics. From returning to WWE to coach at the Performance Center, to living in India for three months while taping Ring Ka King, to Fergal Devitt’s lack of driving skills, and more. Rob also goes into the news from the Smackdown taping, and a new stipulation added to a Hell In A Cell match.

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Biss (Inspire Pro Wrestling)

We’ve lost count of how many times Biss has joined us on the Voices of Wrestling Podcast, but our most frequent guest once again delivers a solid 90 minutes of tremendous wrestling talk.

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Consequence (Follow the Buzzards)

Rapper Consequence joins Voices of Wrestling to discuss his Wyatt Family-theme song “Follow the Buzzards”, his history as a wrestling fan, favorite WrestleMania moments, what he thinks about this year’s show and much more!

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ACH (Inspire Pro Wrestling)

ACH of Inspire Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, PWG, AAW and well, just about everywhere fame joined us for a wacky interview talking Texas BBQ, NBA 2K14, anime, Whataburger, and at some points wrestling. We talked about ACH’s future wrestling in Texas, Inspire Pro Wrestling’s “Light the Fuse”, differences between working singles and tag-team, the grind of traveling across the country, exposure in Ring of Honor, his potential return to CHIKARA and so much more!

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Biss & Max (Inspire Pro Wrestling)

Joe welcomes back the show the braintrust of Inspire Pro Wrestling, Max & Biss, for their regular pre-event spot. The guys run down the card of the loaded 1/5 “Ecstasy of Gold” show, featuring the debuts of Chris Hero, Gary Jay, and New Japan’s Takaaki Watanabe. They discuss Hero’s impact on ticket sales, why they jumped at the chance to book a New Japan talent, what newcomers Gary Jay & Paige Turner bring to the table, the big three way title match to determine their first champion, and the massive improvements of their online footage thanks to Greenless Films. It’s always a cool show when the Inspire guys come on, so check it out!

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B.J. Mendelson (Social Media is Bullshit)

On today’s episode of Voices of Wrestling, I welcome author of the much-publicized book “Social Media is Bullshit” B.J. Mendelson. In addition to being an expert voice in the world of online and social marketing, Mendelson is also a huge pro wrestling fan so we discuss his book, broad topics of social media, social media in wrestling, WWE’s social media strategy, how he became a fan and his favorite memories growing up.

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Matt Cage (AAW & SCW)

Rising independent star and previous guest Matt Cage makes his triumphant return to Voices of Wrestling. We talk with Matt about AAW and SCW, the future of The Daywalkers, how the tag team was formed, importance of different areas, best in-ring years in WWE history, what he thinks of the current WWE product and much more!

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Max Meehan & Biss (Inspire Pro Wrestling)

Joe and Rich welcomed Inspire Pro Wrestling’s creative director Max Meehan and long time friend of the show Justin “Biss” Bissonnette about Inspire’s new website, cinematography, video content, opinions on Gabe Sapolsky, booking philosophies and much more! We also run down the entire “The Quick and the Dead” card and the background on each match and the opponents.

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Lance Archer (New Japan Pro Wrestling & NWA)

Joe and Rich welcome a very special guest to the podcast former TNA/WWE wrestler, current New Japan Pro Wrestling and NWA star Lance Archer/Hoyt. The guys chat NJPW’s Invasion of Texas, working in Japan and the differences compared to America promotions, the incredible 2013 G1 Climax, his famed WWE haircut, the emergence of Davey Boy Smith Jr., listener questions and much more!

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Hulk Hogan’s Drawing Power, Star Ratings vs. Age w/ Chris “Mookieghana” Harrington

Voices of Wrestling welcomes one of our most renowned guests, the guru of wrestling statistics Chris “Mookieghana” Harrington. In this episode, Rich and Chris discuss a few of his most recent studies including a look at Hulk Hogan’s drawing power in the 80s and if he was a significant draw on the house show circuit as well as an in-depth look at star ratings vs. age and using a predictive model to see who the superstars of the future may be.

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Zak Hilton (NWA-Fusion)

Voices of Wrestling welcome NWA-Fusion star “The A-Lister” Zak Hilton to the program to chat a huge NWA-Fusion weekend including shows on September 27, 28 and 29. Hilton discusses his beginnings in wrestling, breaking up with a long-time tag team partner, wrestling Charlie Hass & Shelton Benjamin, a crazy story about Baby Doll stealing ring ropes and much more!

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Ricky Starks (Inspire Pro Wrestling)

Ricky Starks joins the show to talk Inspire Pro Wrestling’s big show on Sunday, September 1, along with a bunch of other topics including his ongoing WWE feud with THE RYBACK, what kind of salad was stuck in his ear on RAW, falling into YouTube wrestling wormholes, KENTA, G1, Dragon Gate and his love for all things puro, the upcoming NWA/New Japan joint shows, who he wants to work with on those shows (and the answer might surprise you), working out with ACH & Rich Swann, and Joe tells him he has a highly smackable face. What!? You’ll just have to listen to see how this fast rising star of the independent scene reacted to that.

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