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DG “Infinity Mugendai” iPPV Hits a Solid Double

Dragon Gate’s first ever live iPPV offering (following up last months taped “Dead or Alive” iPPV show), which was essentially a live episode of Dragon Gate Infinity (the 300th edition of the show that I’ve been voting ‘Best Weekly Televsion Show’ in the WON Awards for so many years straight that I can’t even recall what I voted for the last time I didn’t vote for Infinity), was exactly what you would expect from a Dragon Gate show. A collection of sprints with hot action, creative spots, flawless execution, and long promos with heavy emphasis on storylines, with plenty of Dragon Gate’s unique comedy sprinkled in. Dragon Gate comedy is not quite the business exposing “wink, wink” Chikara style comedy, and not quite the juvenile WWE style comedy, but more like campy, clever fun.

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NJPW “KIZUNA ROAD 2013″ iPPV (7/5)

New Japan Pro Wrestling is back on iPPV but this time it’s not a mega card as we’re accustomed to, instead it’s the first show of the Kizuna Road tour. This is essentially a house show and is largely the go-home show for the much larger 7/20 iPPV highlighted by Prince Devitt challenging Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Regardless, there’s some great matches on this card and we’ll be live tweeting the event. You can follow using the widget below or following us on Twitter (@VoicesWrestling).

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The Evolution of Sting (1996-1998): What Does Sting Want? (Part 3/6)

The best storyline of the ’90s as far as WCW was concerned revolved around Sting’s transformation beginning in 1996 that dominated Nitro through 1997. You can check out the introduction to this series and part two to catch up. Where we last left off, Sting had just aligned himself with “Macho Man” Randy Savage while the others on the roster were also undergoing “the bat test.” In part three, we are left to wonder, what does Sting want?

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The Evolution of Sting: Sting Tests the WCW Roster (2/6)

This feature will look back at the most lucrative and famous period in the long, long career of Sting: 1996-1998 WCW. With a week by week look (thanks to YouTube and Daily Motion, a vast majority of this time is available at the touch of a finger) over six parts, you will be able to see again or for the first time the memorable transformation and incredibly slow build that highlighted Monday Nitro for over a year. Is it as awesome as fans remember or will the nearly 17 years that have passed bring it back down to Earth?

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Double Turns and You (Part 2 of 2)

In its simplest sense — a double turn is a match in which the heel going into the match turns babyface at some point and the babyface turns heel. This is done either to take a pre-existing feud to another level or direction or it is spawned by a company’s recognition of overwhelming, or at the very least, notable fan support for the heel or heat on the babyface.

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