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The Best of 2013: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla had a fairly strong year in 2013. Every show had something to offer and there was rarely a stinker in the bunch. The shows are always fun and the crowd always kicks things up a notch. There wasn’t a match that would crack my annual Top 10 matches, and probably not even Top 15 overall, but that was of no fault of PWG. New Japan Pro Wrestling was just that good in 2013. It happens.

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The Best of 2013: WWE Pay-Per-View

In comparison to their TV offerings, PPV lacked the show-to-show quality, but it didn’t lack for heavy hitters. WrestleMania XXIX was a big money event and SummerSlam would be the company’s most critically acclaimed show of the year (featuring THREE matches that appear on this playlist).

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