Category: 2014 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

Fixing the Ballot: When to Plead Ignorance in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

To the outside world, the conversations we’re having this week about the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame must seem ludicrous. There’s that old adage that if you get it, no explanation is necessary, and if you don’t, then none will do. So there’s no point in even pretending our discussion regarding who “deserves” this “honor” isn’t sort of stupid, right? WRONG!

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Modern US/Canada Candidates (Dylan Hales)

The flagship category of the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame — modern United States and Canada and who better to bring on then former Voices of Wrestling TNA Impact reviewer and one of the preminient minds on professional wrestling, Dylan Hales. We discuss the Rock and Roll Express’ long road to the Hall of Fame, who is on the chopping block, if the Fabulous Moolah is the worst candidate on the ballot, why Edge is receiving so much momentum and of course, we’ll talk about the always controversial Sting!

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Australia/Pacific Islands/Caribbean/Africa (Matt Farmer)

The most unique category of the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame is the Australia/Pacific Islands/Caribbean/Africa region and who better to break it down than wrestling historian Matt Farmer. We discuss the oddities of the region, the status of Carlos Colon, reasons why he hasn’t gone in already, difference between Australian and New Zealand candidates and much more!

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WON Hall of Fame: Sting’s Candidacy (Shake Them Ropes)

Rob McCarron and Jeff Hawkins, of the Shake Them Ropes audio podcast on Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network, chat for an hour on the WON Hall of Fame candidacy of Sting. We go through the WCW icon’s career, his best matches, his legacy, and reasons why he has such a strong following as well as a strong dissenting base on his WON Hall of Fame portfolio. Sting’s support amongst voters has been waning in recent years, but he’s still a much talked about figure, especially as a possible WWE debut finally draws near.

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Non-Wrestlers (David Bixenspan)

WhatCulture, F4WOnline and Fighting Spirit Magainze contributor David Bixenspan joins Joe and Rich to discuss the Non-Wrestler region for the 2014 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame! This is a category within a category with some very interesting names ranging from “Mean” Gene Okerlund to Jimmy Hart to the promoter and booker ranks with Jerry Jarrett, Jim Crockett Jr and Sr and even wrestling journalism with PWI’s Bill Apter. We discuss who should go in, who we’d vote for, voter trends, possible amendments to the ballot and much more!

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