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Rumble Rewind: Royal Rumble 1989

After the dress rehearsal that was the 1988 Royal Rumble, the 1989 version is truly the first Royal Rumble as we know it. Parv of joins me to discuss and review the Royal Rumble growing up in 1989, Parv’s fandom at the time, the many storylines built through the match, Andre the Giant’s fear of snakes, Hulk Hogan’s dominance, The Mega Powers exploding and so much more!

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Rumble Rewind: Royal Rumble 1993

The Voices of Wrestling Rumble Rewind keeps chugging along, this time I’m joined by Steven Graham of to talk the 1993 Royal Rumble featuring the massive Yokozuna push, the debut of Giant Gonzalez, fiery youngster Carlos Colon, Tenyru and many more meaningless guys. Listen in as we discuss 1993 WWF, the impact of the Rumble and much more!

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Rumble Rewind: Royal Rumble 2000

The Voices of Wrestling Rumble Rewind continues with a look at the 2000 Royal Rumble alongside Mark Robinson (@lithiumproject). Mark and I discuss the Rumble participants, the frightening lack of talent depth, Crash Holly, Chyna’s awfulness, Taka Michinoku’s trip to a Chinese hospital, The Rock’s controversial victory and so much more!

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