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WrestleMania XXX (Off The Top Rope)

We had so much news this week, we’re pushing WrestleMania 3 back to next week instead this episode we will WrestleMania. Daniel Bryan and his rise to glory, Triple H busting out a Tiger Suplex, Bray Wyatt and his amazing entrance, the Undertaker’s streak being broken by Brock Lesnar, the death of Ultimate Warrior and more!

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WCW SuperBrawl III (Sterling Eyes)

Here we are… the fifth installment in our second series covering 10 years of the WCW. Download this review to hear about the (un)glorious event which is Superbrawl III where we discuss terrible promos, terrible wrestlers and Bukkake Hyatt and her love of large genitalia. Listen as Dead Eye’s anger rises so much that he suffers physical injury as well as choking on his own spit, you won’t find this level of quality anywhere else!

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A Beginner’s Guide to New Japan Pro Wrestling

You’ve been seeing results posted to Voices of Wrestling for months. You hear Joe Lanza, Rich Kraetsch, Bryan Rose, and me gush about it in reviews, podcasts, previews, rankings, and on Twitter. You think, “That might be cool to check out…but it’s in Japanese.” Well, fear not! I’m here to help give you the basics to everything you need to know about New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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