Author: Rob Barry

The Suicida Slate #2 (Part 1)

Since the first edition of this series was so successful I’ve decided to do another! We’ve got all your favorite promotions and stars (IWRG, CMLL, AAA and Myzteziz???) — let’s just get to the action with The Suicida Slate!

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CMLL On Terra (November 16) Review

Go see Titan vs. Polvora — it’s sneaky good and some of you may rate it lower or higher but I loved it. The whole show was enjoyable save for a match here and there. The usual suspects were impressive and pulled their weight plus nothing felt overly long which is always an added bonus. Is every episode of CMLL fantastic? No. Is every episode legendary? No. Either way, this was the best episode I have seen since the En Busca de un Idolo Final and there was consistency throughout.

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All Japan Pro Wrestling “2014 World’s Strongest Tag League” (Day 1) Review

Xceed vs. Evolution was great, Wild Burning vs. Evolution was a fun sprint, and The Big Guns vs. Big Fun was quite interesting. This was a breeze to watch as some matches were not that long and the others that were 15 minutes had time to build and were satisfying. If you have a morbid curiosity you could see Dory Funk Jr. wrestle but you would immediately regret it.

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