Author: Rich Kraetsch

CM Punk: Wrestlings Rudy (DVD Review)

“Is CM Punk truly the best wrestler in the world? Well to answer such a subjective question would be rather impossible. What has been a staple statement of most of his wrestling career certainly puts him in a top tier of elite athletes to be considered for such an accolade.”

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1,003 Holds (September 12) presents the inagural 1,003 Holds podcast featuring Rich Kraetsch, Dexter Brocks and Brett Jendra. On today’s podcast the guys talk Raw, Jerry Lawler’s heart attack, when the time is right for Dolph Ziggler to cash in Money in the Bank, the state of tag team wrestling and the United States Championship. Lastly, the guys run down the Night of Champions card and give their final predictions.

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State of US Title

WWE’s recent U.S. Title holders over that last year have really brought into question the legitimacy of the title. Is it something that superstars should aspire to win, or is it their ticket to a gimmick and jobbing with it for the rest of their lives? All I have to say to that is. . . Woo Woo Woo, You Know It.

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