Author: Kevin Wilson

WWE Hall of Fame & Puro: Rikishi

In honor of Rikishi (Solofa Fatu Jr.) being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, I wanted to look back at the impact that Rikishi had on Japan. Like most wrestlers in the world, Rikishi has had matches in Japan during various phases of his career, ranging from when he was still very young to after he had left WWE almost 20 years later.

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WRESTLE-1 West Side Story ’15 Tour (Korakuen Hall) Review

To my utter shock, this is the second really complete and entertaining event from WRESTLE-1 in a row. Recently they have gotten away from the stuff I didn’t like about the promotion (maybe I wasn’t the only one) and have showcased the better wrestlers. The main event was a fantastic must-see match, KAI/Tanaka was the best KAI match I’ve seen in a long time, and Great Muta worked as a special attraction. The rest of the card wasn’t great as the first part of an event generally does suffer on indy cards, but the last half more than made up for it. There should be something for everyone here, definitely recommended to give a watch, even if you have negative thoughts about WRESTLE-1 as a whole give this event a try.

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Yoshiko vs. Act Shoot Incident – Stardom (February 22nd) Review

I don’t want to focus all my thoughts on just the main event. What happened was hard to watch and bizarre, as in a lot of ways it leads to more questions than answers. The Koguma/Shirai match was fantastic however and everything else was solid. This should have been a big moment in Koguma’s career but obviously it will be overshadowed. I don’t even know how to grade this so I am not going to, the main event overshadowed everything, but if you skip the main the rest of the card is entertaining.

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