Author: Nich Lichter

Which WWE PPVs did better than they should have?

Despite pay-per-view being less important to WWE’s bottom line than it was a decade ago, it’s still one of the most profitable revenue streams the company has, and it’s the one WWE’s wrestlers and writers have immediate, direct impact on than any other. It’s not a test of corporate’s skills in negotiating a new television contract or beholden to the zeitgeist of the television advertising world. It’s a great, nearly instant indicator of who (and what) is clicking with the audience. Its money coming directly out of fans’ pockets for something they want to pay to see.

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Believability vs. Reality

Through territories and time, different promoters have approached the fakery of pro-wrestling in different ways. Where the opinions of Masked Man and myself differ is here: In modern WWE, there has been no grand paradigm shift in creative direction when it comes to working off of news reported outside the WWE Universe. We have not entered a new, unprecedented, Reality Era in WWE storytelling or a new “bizarro, hyper-self-aware moment” necessitated by the circle of new smart fans on the internet. Wink-wink references to Dutch Mantell, to Van Dam’s pot use, to Vince’s predilection for big men… they all pale in comparison to the “reality” of modern wrestling’s most infamous self-stylized writer.

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