Author: Larry


Overall, this show was substandard PWG fare until the main event. At an over three hour run time, ELEVEN felt like it was walking on a treadmill. The usually hot Reseda crowd didn’t seem into anything outside of saying ‘Goodbye’ to Kevin Steen. The matches seemed long and disjointed, albeit, not bad, per se. But then that main event — it’s just so ridiculous, you have to mark out, bro.

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PWG Mystery Vortex II Review/Recap

Overall, a very mixed bag. Awesome opener, a mild match of the year contender, some same’ol type of matches, and a snoozer. The earthquakes that took place prior to the show must have taken some life out of the crowd. They were hot early. Fell off mid-way through and never really bounced back. Some of the matches suffered from it. Seek out the opener and Gargano/O’Reilly. You can miss the rest.

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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: DDT4 Review

Overall, this isn’t a must see show and nothing will appear on any ‘Best Ofs’ at the end of the calendar year. However, its a solid self contained show. If you want to sit back and watch something over a RAW on a Monday Night, you could do a lot worse.

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