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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla “Black Cole Sun” Review

I was about to hand wave this show before the semi-main event. It seemed to just be a bit of a mess and nothing was really keeping my attention despite some ok stuff. However, the final hour and a half of this show really delivered beyond my high expectations. The final segment with the two O’Reilly matches was really a master class in event and show construction.

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PWG “BOLA 2014 Night Two” Review

Overall, this was a very strong night. Early on, I didn’t think it’d reach the peak it did late in the show where it was just ol style PWG fun. On a positive note, I think everything tonight was crisp and well done. On a positively synical note, I felt some of the matches on the mid-card dragged on a bit to the point I couldn’t really invest anymore. Definitely not an event to skip if you’re trying to crash watch, but you could fast forward here and there to cut down on run time. A pretty damn good event.

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PWG “BOLA14 Night One” Review

Overall, while it wasn’t quite the SHOW OF THE YEAR CONTENDER it was hyped to be coming out of the event, it was definitely good. Three matches over four stars and all but one three stars or better make this a show you just gotta watch. Nothing will appear on my Match of the Year list, but go out of your way to check this show out.

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