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Dragon Gate ‘Kobe World’ 2013 Full Review & Results

After dipping their toes in the water last month with a taped delayed version of ‘Dead or Alive’, and then offering up a live iPPV broadcast of an Infinity episode earlier this month, Dragon Gate has now jumped head first into the iPPV game. ‘Kobe World’, or just plain ‘World’ as the long time fans refer to it, was the first major Dragon Gate show to be broadcast on worldwide live iPPV. And for a longtime Dragon Gate fan like me, who had missed his share of Dragon Gate shows over the years because they simply never emerged, watching World live in my living room on my 50″ TV was a surreal experience.

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New Japan ‘Kizuna Road’ Akita: Devitt Comes Up Short

New Japan’s second iPPV this month from the ‘Kizuna Road’ tour, emanating from Akita, was the latest in what has become a now routine string of iPPV winners for the hottest promotion on the planet.

This show was not as good as Wrestle Kingdom or Invasion Attack, both strong contenders for Best Major Show of the Year, and probably wasn’t as good as Dominion, either. But this is New Japan we’re talking about, so the bar is set very high. Lower echelon New Japan iPPV’s like Kizuna Road would be good enough to be the best show of the year for most other promotions.

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Dragon Gate “Kobe World” iPPV (7/21)

Dragon Gate returns to iPPV July 21, 2013 for the Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival 2013 taking place from Hyogo, Kobe World Kinen Hall. For reference, the Kobe Festival is Dragon Gate’s WrestleMania so this should by all accounts blow away their last live iPPV offereing which was essentially a house-show. We’ll have a larger preview as we get closer to the show but here’s the basic rundown of the card, quick previews as well as ordering information.

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New Japan ‘Kizuna Road’ iPPV: Devitt vs Gedo

‘Kizuna Road’ featured an undercard full of tag matches, with the lone singles match being Prince Devitt defending his IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title against Gedo. Yes, the same Gedo who is a part time wrestler at best these days, the same Gedo who hasn’t won a singles match (or possibly any match, period) since pinning TAKA Michinoku on a K-Dojo show in October of 2012.

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DG “Infinity Mugendai” iPPV Hits a Solid Double

Dragon Gate’s first ever live iPPV offering (following up last months taped “Dead or Alive” iPPV show), which was essentially a live episode of Dragon Gate Infinity (the 300th edition of the show that I’ve been voting ‘Best Weekly Televsion Show’ in the WON Awards for so many years straight that I can’t even recall what I voted for the last time I didn’t vote for Infinity), was exactly what you would expect from a Dragon Gate show. A collection of sprints with hot action, creative spots, flawless execution, and long promos with heavy emphasis on storylines, with plenty of Dragon Gate’s unique comedy sprinkled in. Dragon Gate comedy is not quite the business exposing “wink, wink” Chikara style comedy, and not quite the juvenile WWE style comedy, but more like campy, clever fun.

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Liger Beat: A Celebration of Jushin Thunder Liger’s Career

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