Author: Joe Lanza

Why You Need To Be Watching New Japan

For some perspective, the initial New Japan iPPV attempts in 2012 broke all time wrestling iPPV records, finishing in the 50,000 range. While WWE offers iPPV for its traditional PPV events, and does a reported 10-30,000 buys per typical show, let’s put them aside for the sake of this discussion, because obviously this is not an apples to apples comparison as the bulk of their business is traditional cable/satellite PPV. That makes ROH the second biggest iPPV based company in the world, and a strong ROH show does roughly 2,000 buys. New Japan is now doing numbers that not only completely obliterate other iPPV companies like ROH, Chikara, and Dragon Gate USA/EVOLVE, but with numbers in the 100,000 neighborhood, they are right in the lower end of what the WWE does domestically for traditional PPV. The bulk of these iPPV orders are from Japan (WrestleKingdom supposedly did 1,000 or so international buys, which is only 1% of the total buys), so New Japan is rivaling the WWE in domestic PPV purchases in each promotions respective home territory. When you compare the populations of the United States (plus Canada, which figures into the WWE domestic numbers) to the population of Japan, New Japan is getting a much larger number of buys per capita than the WWE.

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