Author: Garrett Kidney

Impact Wrestling TV (April 10) Review: Angle defends TNA Championship

This was a Live Tweet edition of Impact, so people’s tweets appeared on the screen throughout the show. I inherently dislike the idea. As a viewer it adds absolutely nothing. Cherry picked tweets talking about how brilliant the show is or offering empty platitudes just to try and get their tweet on TV offers absolutely nothing to the viewing experience. None were particularly insightful, nothing thoughtful and none were entertaining. It’s nothing but an attempt to create false engagement.

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Impact Wrestling on Destination America (March 20) Review

The main event was very good but just a step below great, a few more minutes and they might have gotten there. This was another very enjoyable show. I preferred last weeks, less pointless gimmick matches and it was better paced, but this was a good show. And so ends TNA’s shows from the UK. Last year when TNA went from solid UK shows (though they weren’t as good as this year’s shows), returned to Orlando and everything fell apart. Without strong crowds that could easily happen starting next week, unless the content is really good in the first place (because no doubt a lot of what happened on the last six weeks of TV was buoyed by a strong crowd). We’ll see what the show looks like next week and see did they actually learn anything from how well people responded to last week’s show.

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