Author: Damon McDonald

NJPW on AXS TV (Episode 2) Review

New Japan Pro Wrestling returned to AXS TV on Friday night for the second round of dusty 2013 matches, fresh new English play-by-play, and the story of “How Okada Got His Groove Back”. Can the show equal the excitement of the debut show? Will Mauro Ranallo match the fire and passion on the debut? Will the US broadcast of Shinsuke Nakamura and Minoru Suzuki cause my television to explode?

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NJPW/CMLL Fantasticamania 2015 (Night 1) Review

Overall, the show was an easy to digest night of wrestling. There was nothing that I would recommend as a must-watch but there was nothing that made me want to put my shoe through my computer. If you missed it, it wouldn’t make a difference — look outside your window and if you see the Sun, skip the show and enjoy your day.

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Beginner’s Guide to NJPW (2023)

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