Author: Chris Harrington

Wrestlers That Look Better Losing Than Winning (2008-13)

I’ve been working on combing through the last 5 years of Observers which are online to mine all of Dave’s star ratings. This covered 472 TNA matches (58 PPVs), 481 WWE matches (69 PPVs) along with 219 NJPW matches (20 events), 84 DG/DGUSA matches (13 events) and 118 ROH matches (15 events).

I was curious if there was any wrestlers who have a track record where Dave rated their losses consistently rated higher than their wins.. I used the critiera that they had to have at least five wins and five losses to be included in this list. Nine people popped out: Big Show, Kane, Karl Anderson, Takashi Iizuka, Velvet Sky, Santino Marella, Yoshi-Hashi, Scott Steiner, Sin Cara

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