Author: Bryan Rose

WWE Raw Report (4/21)

Another show that didn’t do much for me. I enjoyed both IC tournament matches though, so there’s that. Evolution/Shield is pretty interesting so I’m looking forward to that in a couple of weeks as well. Both the Kane/Bryan and Wyatt/Cena stuff is coming off as completely uninteresting. however. Main event was kind of pointless if Wyatt’s doing another job at ER. Plus man that was an awful stoppage. They still have another week before Extreme Rules, though, so let’s just see where it goes.

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WWE Raw Report (April 7)

WrestleMania is in the books and now it’s time for the biggest Raw of the year. Daniel Bryan overcame the odds and won the WWE World Heavyweight championship, so maybe the Authority will be nice and finally accept that he’s the face of WWE. The Undertaker’s streak has been broken, so Heyman is sure to gloat about it tonight. Cesaro and Swagger split, so we’ll see the continuation of that tonight. Lotta big stuff seems to be going down tonight, so without any hesitation let’s get to it!

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