Last year, led by the charge of Voices of Wrestling contributor Griffin Peltier, we began a new yearly wrestler ranking list: The VOW 30 Under 30. The 2023 list saw an expert panel come together to nominate and vote on the top pro wrestlers under the age of 30. This year, we’re back with an all-star panel to create wrestling’s most comprehensive 30 Under 30 list for 2024.

Much like the critically acclaimed FSM 50 list, the goal of this list is to be as well-informed and wide-ranging as possible. Our panelists are plugged into various styles of wrestling across the globe, including American TV, lucha libre, deathmatch, Joshi wrestling, and everything in between.

Every wrestler under thirty years old was eligible for this year’s list.

Below, our panelists are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Adam Berger: Contributor for Voices of Wrestling.
  • Ewan Cameron: Writes and ponders wrestling for VOW.
  • John Carroll: The host of The World’s Most Active Podcast™, Wrestling Omakase. They also occasionally moonlight as a preview writer for New Japan Pro Wrestling on this very website. You can find their latest ramblings, lately mostly about how much the Blue Jays absolutely suck, on Twitter/X/whatever: @toshanshuinla
  • Jesse Collings: Writer for Voices of Wrestling and Podcast Host of the Gentlemen’s Wrestling Podcast.
  • Gerard Di Trolio: A co-host of the Emerald FlowShow on the Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network which covers All Japan, NOAH and more. Follow at @EmeraldFlowShow.
  • Tyler Forness: Previously the managing editor of USA Today’s Vikings Wire and currently covers the Minnesota Vikings for The Sporting News. Forness also hosts The Good, The Bad and The Hungee podcast for Voices of Wrestling. His work has been featured on Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Voices of Wrestling, SB Nation, and NBC Sports among others. He is an avid fan of Big Brother, craft beer connoisseur, and loves the run-n-shoot offense. You can find him on Twitter/X @TheRealForno.
  • Joe Gagne: Host of the Five Star Match Game, a wrestling trivia podcast, right here on the Voices of Wrestling podcast network.
  • Chris Gascoigne: Did some FREEDOMS reviews for Voices Of Wrestling as well as having his own blog at His X handle is @Showfnwhole.
  • Kelly Harrass: A writer, podcaster, and comic seller out of Milwaukee, WI. Catch him on every episode of the VOW joshi podcast, Jumping Bomb Audio, and his pop culture and other nonsense show, the Panels on Pages PoP!-Cast.
  • Warren Hayes: You can follow Warren’s toughts and reviews on pro wrestling on his weekly podcast, which can be found at or your favorite podcast app.
  • Rich Kraetsch: Co-host of The Flagship Podcast, managing editor of Voices of and one-half of
  • Case Lowe: Co-host of Open The Voice Gate, the premier podcast for English-speaking Dragongate content. Lowe is a lucharesu historian, offering insights into Hamada’s Universal, Michinoku Pro, Osaka Pro, and the entirety of the Dragon System when he can.
  • Fred Morlan: Co-host of The Good, The Bad and The Hungee.
  • Griffin Peltier: Co-host of The Draft podcast, makes obscure wrestling comps on YouTube, and organizer of Voices of Wrestling’s Destination Weekend event schedules, the Dream Match Tracker, and the VOW 30 Under 30, and covers Lucha Libre for VOW. @Hollywd12
  • Sean Sedor: A writer who does a lot of things for Voices Of Wrestling, from reviews (of shows from AEW, New Japan, ROH, and WWE), to previews, to articles (he’s done plenty of those this year!). He was excited to participate in this project last year, and he’s looking forward to doing so again! Check him out on Twitter @SASedor2994.
  • Mike Spears: Co-host of Open The Voice Gate and the proprietor of Spearsovations. You can check out Voice Gate weekly on the Voices of Wrestling Podcast network and Spearsovations each Wednesday at 12:30 CDT at
  • Brady Trappett: Has been writing for VOW since 2022. You can find his columns and Will Ospreay career retrospective series on this very website.
  • Paul Völsch: Co-host of the Emerald FlowShow podcast.
  • Suit Williams: You can read Suit’s long-form previews and reviews of wrestling from around the world here at Voices of Wrestling. You can also find his weekly reviews of AEW Collision over at F4WOnline. Check out his brand-new wrestling blog Williams Watches Wrestling, where he’ll engage in watch projects like Williams Watches WrestleMania and review requests. Follow Suit on all social media platforms @SuitWilliams.
  • Will Young: A wrestling writer, follow him on Twitter @CC_PW and read his blog,

Despite having some great careers so far and showing a lot of promise, not everyone can make it to the top thirty.

The VOW 30 Under 30 2024: Honorable Mentions

Here are some of the best wrestlers that we felt deserved an honorable mention:

Zandokan Jr

Zandokan Jr.

Age: 24
Years Active: 5
Promotion: Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: Continued his reign as Occidente Middleweight Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 16
Last Year’s Ranking: NR

“Currently, my favorite thing in CMLL is seeing Zandokan pop up in either a Lightning Match or in a trios bout where he isn’t the best guy. We’re a long way from seeing the alleged 24-year-old at his apex, but few people in Mexico excite me more than Zandokan Jr. In a perfect world, he’d start splitting his time more often between Mexico and Japan, because I think he is the exact type of thing that New Japan needs right now. He has a unique look, great power, and can be led to greatness. The interesting hurdle with him will be whether or not by this time next year, if he can lead a lesser opponent to greatness.” – Case Lowe

“Zandokan Jr is a Luchador Pirate. What more do you need to know?” – Adam Berger

“Zandokan Jr. has quickly become one of my favourite wrestlers to watch. He has a tremendous look and really stands out whether its on a CMLL or a New Japans show. I know I’m in for a treat every time his team with Villano III Jr. and El Hijo de Villano III – collectively known as La Escuadra – are announced for a CMLL undercard match. If he can continue to improve at the rate he has been, Zandokan seems like a lock for becoming a main player in CMLL and main eventing Friday Arena Mexico shows.” – Griffin Peltier

El Lindaman

El Lindaman

Age: 29
Years Active: 10
Promotion: GLEAT
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: AJPW Junior Heavyweight Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 12
Last Year’s Ranking: 20

“While he’s not at the top spot of GLEAT at the moment, El Lindaman is still the best wrestler on their roster and always exciting to watch with tons of charisma.” – Chris Gascoigne

“Last year, I wrote that El Lindaman “justified GLEAT’s entire existence”. A year later, that statement is more true than ever. Lindaman continues to do brilliant work in a promotion that is quite frankly beneath him. If Lindaman was working in New Japan’s juniors division, was doing more in Al Japan, or was back home in Dragongate, the wrestling world at large would think more highly of Lindaman. T-Hawk vs. Lindaman from Lindaman’s 10th Anniversary Show was the highlight of GLEAT’s year.” – Case Lowe

“El Lindaman remains the sole bright spot in GLEAT and the only person arguably better off from Stronghearts in splitting from Dragongate. In a promotion that’s only very good at spending someone’s money, Lindaman stands apart in his ability, charisma, and sheer force of will. Your Hayato Tamuras and Yu Iizukas feel plain next to him; Your Kaito Ishidas and SBKs wish they were able to translate beyond the Gate as well as Linda has. Would I had Lindaman much higher if the split never happened? Probably! It stinks that the bystanders of palace intrigue sometimes catch a bullet, and that’s the reality El Lindaman exists within.” – Mike Spears

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Age: 29
Years Active: 2
Promotion: WWE
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: WWE United States Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 4
Last Year’s Ranking: 18

“Regrettably, one of the biggest stars and most consistent in-ring performers on a main event level.” – Will Young

“Last year I wrote that Logan Paul may be the best celebrity wrestler ever and I stand by that point. He nearly always delivers in the ring and has superstar aura whenever he’s on screen.” – Griffin Peltier



Age: 20
Years Active: 2
Promotion: Dream Star Fighting Marigold
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: SIRIUS Women’s Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 20
Last Year’s Ranking: NR

“The sky’s the limit for this absolute monster. Bozilla made her Marigold debut in the main event of the company’s first show and blew away everyone that watched the match. With the potential for 10 years on this list, I couldn’t be more excited to watch her grow as a performer.” – Kelly Harrass

“Of course Bozilla is still raw but there’s no denying that after her Marigold debut she could be a huge star. Even where the in-ring work is lacking she already knows how to carry herself like a monster which is something that even many large veteran wrestlers sometimes lack. While there is always a chance of a promising wrestler flaming out, I am very confident in her chances.” – Gerard Di Trolio

Titus Alexander

Titus Alexander

Age: 23
Years Active: 6
Promotion: Pro Wrestling NOAH, West Coast Pro Wrestling
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: West Coast Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, VWE Best of the West Tournament Winner
Highest Panel Ranking: 13
Last Year’s Ranking: NR

“The single greatest risk to the development of American wrestlers is the continued lack of opportunity in Japan. For most of this century, promotions in Japan, whether they be New Japan, NOAH, or Dragongate, for the most part, have acted as finishing schools for top tier independent talent. New Japan opted to build foreign talent from the ground up, Dragongate pivoted focus after having so many foreign stars leave, and the greatest Japanese scene lacks the depth that it had in the 2000’s and early 2010’s. Titus Alexander made my ballot last year (#22) off the strength of his work in West Coast Pro, among other US indies, and he remains on my ballot this year thanks to his strong work in Pro Wrestling NOAH. It’s clear that Alexander has taken a step up. It’s a blessing that he wasn’t ushered onto national TV too quickly. This generation is suffering from not having the blessings of a CIMA or a Yoshinari Ogawa before they take their step into mainstream stardom. Luckily for Alexander, it would appear that NOAH will be his home for quite some time.” – Case Lowe

“Alexander has been wowing West Coast crowds for several years now. With a ticket into NOAH through Marvelous, Alexander looks to finally be breaking out. He will have no issue hanging with NOAH’s best. That’s how good he is.” – Gerard Di Trolio

Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton

Age: 25
Years Active: 2
Promotion: WWE
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: WWE NXT Women’s Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 7
Last Year’s Ranking: NR

“Stratton has nothing but upside and legitimate starpower. The few matches she’s had in WWE have shown her to be exciting and, to borrow a term from cinema (since WWE fans love their cinema), a scene stealer.” – Warren Hayes

“Seemingly destined for stardom, continues to impress with how quickly she has picked up on the important aspects of wrestling.” – Will Young

Madoka Kikuta

Madoka Kikuta

Age: 24
Years Active: 4
Promotion: Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: Open The Dream Gate Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 9
Last Year’s Ranking: 27

“Madoka Kikuta had a disappointing Open the Dream Gate Championship run last year. I would argue that Dragongate’s booking did him no favors, but no matter what way you slice it, after being one of the hottest guys in wrestling in the build-up to his victory, he didn’t feel like a champion once the belt was put around his waist. For that, Kikuta drops from #4 last year to #10 this year. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that Kikuta doesn’t belong on this list, however. He’s a Great Match Machine, racking up 25 matches at 4 stars or higher last year and putting another 6 on the board so far in 2024. Kikuta isn’t finished being at the top of the card, and I expect his next go-around to be much more successful.” – Case Lowe

“If Madoka Kikuta’s Dream Gate story ended at winning the title against Shun Skywalker last year, I would probably have him in my top ten. Due to no fault of his own, Kikuta’s Dream Gate tenure had maddening booking until he dropped the belt to Luis Mante in a rather awkward 3-Way Dream Gate match with Skywalker disqualifying himself intentionally in the early moments. Kikuta’s got time though, with the exception of Mochizuki Jr, he’s my youngest Dragon System member on my ballot. It’s really hard to look at a 24 year old with his frame and ability and not thing he’s going to be an absolute world beater. I’ll be interested in seeing how he evolves in his later twenties, he’s probably got a main event heel run out in front of him whenever D’Courage is over.” – Mike Spears

Suzu Suzuki

Suzu Suzuki

Age: 21
Years Active: 5
Promotion: World Wonder Ring Stardom
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: Goddesses Of Stardom Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 7
Last Year’s Ranking: NR

“It’s crazy to think that Suzu had maybe the least interesting year of her career and she’s still so damn good. Suzu is talented beyond her years and still has all the potential in the world.” – Kelly Harrass

“Suzuki has been a mainstay of these kind of lists for the past few years and it was well deserved. Recently, it feels like some of here aura and edge has slowly faded. She doesn’t feel as dangerous as she once did and has more clearly been slotted into a midcard role. Was not jumping to Marigold a mistake? We will find out soon enough. However, despite the reduced momentum, she is simply too amazing as a young wrestler to be completely left off this list.” – Gerard Di Trolio

Ryuya Matsufusa

Ryuya Matsufusa

Age: 25
Years Active: 3
Promotion: Osaka Pro Wrestling
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: Osaka Light Heavyweight Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 6
Last Year’s Ranking: NR

“The Osaka Pro revival is beginning to find its stride. At first, it just felt like a nostalgia act featuring many familiar faces but with the emergence of Matsufusa it is finally forging a new identity for itself. Check out Matsufusa’s matches from this year against Billy Ken Kid on January 7 and HUB on April 14.” – Gerard Di Trolio

“Ryuya Matsufusa is maybe the most unknown person in my top-10, however his switch from Dotonbori to Osaka Pro was a good one. He not only became the Osaka Light Heavyweight Champion, but also having two tremendous matches against veterans Billy Ken Kid and HUB this year.” – Chris Gascoigne

Ender Kara

Ender Kara

Age: 26
Years Active: 7
Promotion: Big Japan Pro-Wrestling, BODYSLAM! Pro Wrestling
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: BJW Junior Heavyweight Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 19
Last Year’s Ranking: NR

“Big Japan isn’t thought of as a promotion where foreigners go to develop, but that’s slowly changing and Kara is the main reason for that. He’s become a great wrestler there. He’s got presence, and not only is a great worker but can play the ring general role and lead a match along. Now that he recently lost the BJW Jr. title, now is the time to do something more with him. Or perhaps there’s nothing more he can do in BJW and could use a change of scenery?” – Gerard Di Trolio

Nick Wayne

Nick Wayne

Age: 18
Years Active: 6
Promotion: All Elite Wrestling
Accomplishments Over The Last Year: Adopted by Christian Cage
Highest Panel Ranking: 16
Last Year’s Ranking: NR

“At 18 years old, Wayne has been on national television for almost a year. His mentorship from Christian Cage is going to pay massive dividends down the line. The sky is the limit.” – Tyler Forness

“The discussion around Nick Wayne’s usage is very frustrating. Many critics believe Wayne needs more reps to help with his development, when the fact is that he is already a good wrestler. He’s somehow still only 18 years old, and he’s got the hard part down already. Wayne is part of a meaningful TV act behind Christian Cage, and on the bench in AEW right now with a big future.” – Suit Williams

List Of Names That Received At Least One Vote in The VOW 30 Under 30 2024

  • Ace Austin
  • Akira Jumonji
  • Alan Angels
  • Anna Jay
  • Arisu Endo
  • Atsuki Aoyagi
  • Bozilla
  • Bron Breakker
  • Callum Newman
  • Calvin Tankman
  • Carmelo Hayes
  • Charlie Dempsey
  • Chris Bey
  • Crowchester
  • Daiju Wakamatsu
  • Dan Tamura
  • Dante Martin
  • Darius Martin
  • Deonna Purrazzo
  • Dominik Mysterio
  • Dragon Dia
  • Dragon Lee
  • Drilla Moloney
  • El Lindaman
  • Ender Kara
  • Fire Katsumi
  • Flamita
  • Francesco Akira
  • Gaia Hox
  • Genta Yubari
  • Hanan
  • Harutoki
  • Hayato Tamura
  • Hazuki
  • Hijo del Villano III
  • Hook
  • HYO
  • Illusion
  • Je’Von Evans
  • Jet Wei
  • Jordynne Grace
  • Julia Hart
  • Junya Matsunaga
  • Kaito Ishida
  • Kevin Knight
  • Kodai Nozaki
  • Kohei Kinoshita
  • Komander
  • Kosei Fujita
  • Kota Minoura
  • Kota Sekifuda
  • Kris Statlander
  • Lee Johnson
  • Leon Slater
  • Lio Rush
  • Liv Morgan
  • Logan Paul
  • Luke Jacobs
  • Madoka Kikuta
  • Maggie Lee
  • Maika
  • Maki Itoh
  • Marcus Mathers
  • Masha Slamovich
  • Master Wato
  • Mei Suruga
  • Mike D Vecchio
  • Mio Momono
  • Mizuki
  • Nathan Frazer
  • Neon
  • Nick Wayne
  • Oba Femi
  • Peter Tihany
  • Ren Ayabe
  • Ren Narita
  • Ricky Knight Jr.
  • Riho
  • Ringo Yamaya
  • Rising HAYATO
  • Roxanne Perez
  • Ryoya Tanaka
  • Ryuki Honda
  • Ryuya Matsufusa
  • Ryuya Takekura
  • Shoki Kitamura
  • Starlight Kid
  • Suzu Suzuki
  • Suzume
  • Taishi Ozawa
  • Takeshi Masada
  • Takuro Niki
  • Tessa Blanchard
  • Tetsuya Izuchi
  • Tiffany Stratton
  • Titus Alexander
  • Trey Miguel
  • Tyler Bate
  • Veny
  • Villano III Jr.
  • Wheeler Yuta
  • Xelhua
  • Yu Iizuka
  • Yu Owada
  • Yuki Ishikawa
  • Yuki Yoshioka
  • Yuuri
  • Yuya Aoki
  • Yuya Uemura
  • Zandokan Jr.
  • Zara Zakher

The VOW 30 Under 30 2024