Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide
Triplemania XXXII: Tijuana
June 15, 2024
Estádio Chevron
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico



Konnan showed up on screen within the first ten minutes of this show. Somehow, the booker remains the biggest star on the show. At least they don’t sing along to his entrance music, unlike another booker who also likes to hog the glory.

Konnan Count: 1

Team AAA (Faby Apache, Mr. Iguana, Nino Hamburguesa, Pimpinela Escarlata) def. Team The Crash (Annubis, Keyra, Mamba, Toto)

In a match where Nino Hamburguesa is involved, Toto might have the worst look out of all the wrestlers featured in this opener. Neither company sent their best to put this show on the right path forward for the night. Microman seconded Team AAA. The work was average at best and uninspired at its worst – which is actually good for AAA! It went a snappy twelve minutes and did not overstay its welcome. There were a couple of fun Faby/Keyra spots, and you had your standard AAA zaniness tropes. It’s fine for an opener, but it would’ve been death if it happened down the card. Faby wins with a dragon suplex. **¼ 

Jeff Jarrett Tortilla Count: 6

Team TNA (Havok, Rosemary, Tasha Steelz) def. Las Toxicas (Flammer, La Hiedra, Maravilla)

The supposed best women’s roster in the world gives us Rosemary, Tasha Steelz, and Jessicka Havok in a nothing match. Los Toxicas had some cool AAA gear. The work was as basic as can be, and nothing of note happened. Jessicka Havok might be one of the worst wrestlers on this show. I can’t believe they brought her in as a special attraction for this TNA vs. AAA match. Tasha won with a frog splash. **

Team The Crash (D’Luxe, Destiny & Noisy Boy) def. Team AAA (Komander, Laredo Kid & Octagon Jr.) and Team Rest Of The World (CIMA, Dinamico & Willie Mack)

Mexico’s Dinamico replaced Nick Wayne to represent Team Rest of the World. Welcome back, Komander – I hope he enjoys his time off during Forbidden Door season. The action was fast and furious from the opening bell and it led to Destiny hitting a sick tope suicida into the crowd, crushing Laredo Kid into the barricade in the process. The “everybody gets to do a cool dive into a crowd of people” spots followed. D’Luxe fouled Dinamico and hit a powerbomb for the win. This was a mindless spotfest, but it’s finally something somewhat decent and exciting on these fake Triplemania shows. Nobody really stood out, and I won’t remember this match tomorrow, but it is definitely a AAA Match of the Year contender. ***¼   

Mecha Wolf def. Bestia 666 and Rey Horus

This was a three-way path for reasons despite Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf being former partners and turning enemies. Violent J and a whole bunch of half-human-half-wolves seconded Mecha Wolf. I would’ve put the ICP with Los Psycho Circus, but Konnan knows best. Violent J looked thrilled to be there. The wrestling wasn’t bad, but the inclusion of the weapons hurt the flow of the match a bit – they would introduce a chair or a table just when they were getting going, and things were fun. The story they were telling would’ve been better if it was a straight-up singles match between Wolf and Bestia, and I really don’t understand why Rey Horus was in there. Mecha Wolf sprayed “monster mist” into Horus’ eyes for the win. ***

Konnan Count: 2 (Latin Lover vs. Konnan video package)

La Secta de Mesias (El Mesias, Escoria & Espiritu) def. La Secta Cibernetica (Cibernetico, Cuervo & Ozz)

Thankfully for all parties involved this was kept short and descended into chaos very quickly. There’s not much to review when it’s six old guys working weapon spots in under ten minutes. Mesias speared Cibernatico through a table for the win. Fun, I guess? Way better than whatever they attempted in Monterrey. **½ 

Dr. Wagner Jr., El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. & Galeno Del Mal defeat Brazo de Oro Jr., Negro Casas & Psycho Clown

Wagner’s two large sons were the best part of this match. El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. has been killing it over in Pro Wrestling NOAH, and it was nice to see him here in the AAA ring. The match was alright, with the two elders getting the shine as the main focus. The action was cooking when Wagner Jr. Sr. and Casas weren’t in the ring. Brazo de Oro Jr. looked competent, and they might have a future star if they ever decide to get behind someone under 40 years old. EHDDWJ hit a Wagner Driver on Oro Jr. for the win. Nothing to go out of your way to see, but at least we had some more good wrestling on one of these shows ***

Parker Boudreaux, QT Marshall, Sam Adonis & Satnam Singh def. Alberto El Patron, Dave The Clown, Murder Clown & Vampiro Canadiense

Jeff Jarrett Tortilla Count: 12

Alberto nearly tripped during his entrance as he chased Sam Adonis (who has been doing some great work in AAA) around ringside. That might have been the highlight of this main event. It was irredeemably bad and is exactly what’s wrong with AAA right now. Vampiro is on such a bad retirement tour that it is actively detracting from anything good that might have happened on the show. They threw some of the weakest chair shots I have ever seen. Nothing connected. Jeff Jarrett may have been the best worker in the match, but he’s just a manager. They continued whatever Faby Apache/Jeff Jarrett feud they were building. I might be completely out on this promotion if it leads to Karen Jarrett in a match.

Latin Lover made the save for the clowns but it wasn’t the finish, unfortunately. They did some more dives and it led to Jarrett interfering again to foul Vampiro and let Satnam whiff on a kick that knocked Vampiro down long enough for the three. Sure! That was a finish that happened! This was certainly a way to end the show. What am I doing with my life? DUD

Jeff Jarrett Tortilla Count: 15

The show ended with the weird eye graphic. I hope it’s The Wyatt 6.

Final Thoughts

Another Triplemania in the books. There’s a lot of chatter online where people are asking which fake Triplemania 2024 is the better show: Monterrey or Tijuana. The answer is neither. They were both so bad that it’s comical. Nothing makes sense in this promotion; there’s no reward for watching these shows. The new AAA Mega Champion wasn’t even booked for this show.

My biggest gripe with current AAA is that we know they can do better. This is the same company – albeit with a smaller roster – that was on such a good run before the pandemic just five years ago. Hell, it was just two years ago when they booked a fun tournament that led to one of the coolest modern wrestling pictures when a bloody Pentagon Jr. took Villano IV’s mask in the Ruleta de la Muerte final.

Nothing hits like AAA when they are good. It’s sports entertainment to the max, but it fits the crazy world of lucha libre. Bloody brawls mixed with crazy athletic luchadors and a sense of not knowing what will happen next is always a fun time. 2024 AAA does not care to present that type of wrestling anymore. 2024 AAA does not care to book logical wrestling in any capacity whatsoever. 2024 AAA does not care, period.

Why should we?