Our match of the week is Holy Demon Army vs Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi, on June 9, 1995, from Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Last week, on its 30th Anniversary, both in this space and in the latest 40/30/20/10, Rich & I discussed what is perhaps the greatest wrestling match of all time, a match so great, that most hardcore fans simply refer to it by its date, 6/3/94. Today, we take a look at another match synonymous with and identified by the date it took place on, “6/9/95”.

Many consider this not only the greatest tag team match ever, but perhaps the best match period. Having rewatched both 6/3/94 and 6/9/95 over the last week or so for the first time in probably a decade, I give a slight edge to the tag, while remaining noncommittal as to whether I believe it to be the greatest match I’ve ever seen (the answer is probably no, but I also don’t know what my answer would be to the question of what is the greatest match I’ve ever seen, so maybe the answer is actually yes?). Ask me again in another decade, and I might change my mind.


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