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Vusyk’s fledgling wrestling career is a unique one: marrying a pride in his Czech heritage and a desire to get to NJPW with a legitimate boxing and MMA background.

Describing his style as a mix of Zack Sabre Jr.’s technical work, Katsuyori Shibata’s hard-hitting intensity, and the dynamism of Kenny Omega, he poetically summarised his approach as “storytelling in its most brutal form.”

The Yorkshire-based pro wrestler has his eyes set on reaching the highest level, but sees New Japan Pro Wrestling as the best place for him. 

He said: “I want to go to New Japan because that’s very much where my style lies and where it’s best suited. But, if I do get a chance to be at a WWE, a TNA, a Ring of Honor, an AEW, that’s what I am looking for. My goal is that I want to go all the way.”

Vusyk, who has a black belt in karate, added: “I first got into New Japan through Zack Sabre Jr. … when I saw Zack Sabre Jr., it was the first time I’d seen wrestling done like he does it.

“In 2019, when I started training again, I watched every YouTube video of Zack Sabre Jr. There’s not one video on YouTube I haven’t seen of his.”

Vusyk explained how he learned the style of two-time New Japan Cup winner ZSJ to lay the foundations of his own in-ring work before adding his own flavors to it.

Pride in his Czech Republic Heritage

Wrestling across the British independent scene, he has started flying the flag for the Czech Republic in a sphere where the country is very rarely represented.

He said his Czech heritage, which comes from his grandfather, is what drives him to continue a path in the industry.

He added: “My grandad was from the Czech Republic and moved over here, he’s the whole reason why my family exists. So, to represent that country above anything else is the best feeling ever. This is my chance to represent and start something new.

Vusyk, whose wrestling name originates from his grandfather’s surname ‘Vujicic’, said: “To say I’m Czech, and to say I get to represent the Czech Republic, it means a lot to my family.”

A 2013 WWE Trailer Sparked a Dream

Vusyk told the story of seeing a WWE PPV trailer as a 12-year-old, which first sparked the idea to pursue becoming a wrestler.

He explained: “The original reason I wanted to get into wrestling was from watching one trailer. It was a trailer of SummerSlam 2013, and it showed all these WWE wrestlers from when they were young kids to now as they are.

“When I first saw that trailer, it made me first realize that all these people, these ‘WWE Superstars, these guys you see on TV, are just people. And it made me realize that maybe I could do that, and luckily enough, there was a training school in Hull.”

The training school where he first started learning the trade was New Generation Wrestling (NGW) in his hometown of Hull. It is one of the more well-known on the British scene.

He left wrestling training behind a few months later, but returned after his 18th birthday to reignite a career in the industry. The “Fighting with my Family” film, starring Florence Pugh and depicting Paige’s journey into wrestling, flicked a switch in his mind to pull him back into pro wrestling. 

Pro-Wrestling has “Changed Everything”:

Vusyk believes his life has changed hugely since he took the plunge in 2019 and restarted his pro wrestling training. 

He said: “It’s changed everything, because of professional wrestling, that was one of the reasons I started driving. It allowed me to grow it, it made me grow up. You learn how to act professionally in a world where you are essentially being watched by thousands of people, there’s a massive responsibility with that.”

Vusyk debuted on January 29, 2022, and has started to fill up his calendar more and more over the two-and-a-half years he has spent on the British independent scene. 

“My mum and dad help me out so much, and I am so grateful for it. I don’t have to work right now because of them, they allow me to go to the gym, train as much as I want, travel around, wrestle as often as I can. I know the only reason that they are letting me do this is because they know that I can do this,” he said.

The TrueGrit Wrestling regular added: “I had to prove that I can do it definitely, it wasn’t just something that I was handed. But, wrestling has changed my life: the people I have met, the family I represent, the country I represent, that means so much to me.”

Vusyk’s career is still in its early stages, but with his eye’s set on reaching the top, a deserving confidence, and a strong connection to his Czech Republic heritage, he could very well go far in the pro wrestling industry.