Marigold Fields Forever
May 20th, 2024
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan


Joshi wrestling is as exciting as ever and DREAM STAR FIGHTING MARIGOLD, better known as Marigold, is a major reason. The promotion, started by STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa, will officially kick off on Monday, May 20th with their first show Marigold Fields Forever.

There’s plenty of excitement heading into the big show, as Joshi adds another big promotion to its ranks. The show will be the first time the entire roster of Marigold will be showcased. Headlined by former STARDOM talents Giulia and Utami Hayashishita, the roster is filled with big names and what are likely many unknown talents as well to the majority of the audience who will be tuning in — many of which are ready to show the world what they’re all about.

Marigold is expected to introduce the Marigold World Championship and United National Championship at the show — capturing the famed Red Belt and White Belt theme that started back in AJW. This show will also be an important one as the important stories of the promotion’s early months should kick off, too.

With that, let’s dive into Marigold Fields Forever.

Nanae Takahashi vs. Victoria Yuzuki

The first match in any promotion’s history is always an important one. And much like STARDOM’s first match ever, Marigold’s first match will feature Nanae Takahashi. At that time, there was a focus put on Takahashi and the woman who would be the first face of STARDOM, Yuzuki Aikawa. Well, we got the Yuzuki name down once again — and this time it’s about facing the future ace of Marigold. Victoria Yuzuki will kickstart her career following an impressive first few months that saw her win the 2023 Rookie of the Year tournament in STARDOM back in January. Somehow, despite just having 49 matches in her career, Yuzuki feels like a whole new wrestler.

Yes, the addition of Victoria to her name is a big part of that — but so is the change to blonde hair, the ace-like yellow gear she will be sporting, and the apparent confidence. She is the one who challenged Takahashi at the opening press conference for Marigold, asking for a Passion Injection match to show that it’s herself and not Takahashi that shows the most passion in the ring. Yuzuki is going to be a superstar in the world of pro wrestling — that is no mystery. And while the start of her career in STARDOM was great, this feels like her chance to truly break out and show what she’s all about. Being in the first match in the history of Marigold, they seemingly know how special she’s going to be — even in expected defeat. Prediction: Nanae Takahashi

Miku Aono vs. Nao Ishikawa

Now, we dive into the potential unknowns for some fans. A highlight singles match between two sides of the Marigold’s signings. First up is Miku Aono, who carries a ton of hype around her following her many years with the Actwres girl’Z promotion. Aono set herself as the best of the best in AWG over the last few years, reigning as the AWG Champion for 292 days and establishing herself as the ace over these last couple of years. Her skillset should carry her to big heights in Marigold, as she brings many hard strikes and kicks that few can match in the promotion.

On the other side is Nao Ishikawa — a member of the Original 7 for Marigold. Ishikawa left Ice Ribbon early last year but didn’t find herself a permanent home until now. Ishikawa is a good talent, which she highlights with her impressive German Suplexes.

The reason for this match is simple — Ishikawa has taken exception to Aono’s placement on posters and other media within Marigold, despite having joined the company after her. These two were once friends, teaming up to challenge for the International Ribbon Tag Team Championships back in 2021. In terms of singles matches, Aono does hold the advantage as she’s 2-0 against Ishikawa.

Once these two get this match out of their system, it wouldn’t be a surprise for them to rekindle their friendship. But for now, both are going to want to try to find the edge and shine brightest at Marigold Fields Forever. Prediction: Miku Aono


In what I consider the most interesting match on Marigold Fields Forever, MIRAI will go one-on-one with CHIAKI.

MIRAI accomplished a lot in her two years with STARDOM. Two Cinderella Tournament victories, a Goddesses of Stardom Championship reign, Artist of Stardom Championship reign, and winning the Wonder of Stardom Championship. She did more than a lot of wrestlers will do in their careers, yet the 24-year-old feels like she is getting a much-needed restart as a key member of Marigold. “The Soul Fighter” has to be a favorite for either the Marigold World Championship or the United National Title, which is why getting a win over CHIAKI is so important.

CHIAKI has made her intentions clear. She’s planning to be the “rudo” of Marigold — let’s see how far the former Actwres girl’Z star is willing to go in her first chance. She’s drawn comparisons to former World of Stardom Champion Kagetsu, and for good reason. The natural charisma is there, the cadence is there, it’s just a matter of what CHIAKI can now do in the ring as Marigold’s resident rudo.

MIRAI is locked in for the win, but this is a big showcase for CHIAKI in her first match as a pro wrestler. Prediction: MIRAI

Natsumi Showzuki & Misa Matsui vs. Kouki Amarei & Chika Goto

Four former Actwres girl’Z get to showcase their skills in a tag team match. There’s a lot to like about this one.

Natsumi Showzuki is the veteran of these four, having debuted for STARDOM back in 2012. She will be the lead here, and considering she was the AWG Champion when she decided to make the jump, there’s a lot to be excited about with her. If I had to make a guess, it’ll be Showzuki who makes a splash the quickest out of all of these four talents. That brings us to Misa Matsui, someone I have high hopes for. With the announcement of the Marigold Super Flyweight Championship, Matsui instantly becomes a favorite to take the title as the “Speed Star.” She is very unique from the other five Actwres girl’Z who made their way over to Marigold, as she has the instant underdog babyface mentality that is similar to someone like a Natsupoi. It should do Matsui a lot of good in the long run.

On the other side of the ring will be the duo of Kouki Amarei and Chika Goto. When you talk about potential, maybe no two have more than them. Kouki has been the talk of the town from AWG fans since her debut in 2022. She screams potential main event star. Goto, better known to fans as GoChika, has the potential to be a star as well. These two remain heavily involved in their outside gigs, but it should be fun to see how they do in the sold-out Korakuen on Monday.

Showzuki and Matsui get the edge in this match thanks to the experience of the former AWG Champion. Prediction: Natsumi Showzuki & Misa Matsui

Mai Sakurai & Zayda Steel vs. Nagisa Nozaki & Myla Grace

That brings us to our semi-main event — a match that does carry some backstory from a previous bout.

Marigold delivered their first impressions to the world in the ring of Pro Wrestling NOAH at NOAH’s WRESTLE MAGIC show, where the team of Giulia, Utami Hayashishita, MIRAI, and Mai Sakurai defeated Takumi Iroha, Miyuki Takase, Great Sakuya, and Nagisa Nozaki. It was Giulia who earned the win when she pinned Nozaki, which led us to this match. Nozaki wants redemption against Giulia, but it’s Sakurai who has stepped up while Giulia deals with other problems in the main event.

Nozaki and Sakurai got into it in a backstage interview, making me believe that this may be the most personal match of the night. Alongside each of them will be two of Marigold’s three foreign wrestlers. Zayda Steel will team with Sakurai while Grace will team with Nozaki. Steel has spent time in MLW, meanwhile, the Irish-born Grace was in NXT UK.

If anyone has paid attention to the posters of Marigold, it looks as though Nozaki will be a major part of their shows moving forward. With her eyes set on Giulia, racking up a win here over Sakurai and Steel feels like a must. Prediction: Nagisa Nozaki & Myla Grace

Giulia & Utami Hayashishita vs. Sareee & Bozilla

The first-ever Marigold main event is a super one. The top two stars of the promotion — Giulia and Utami Hayashishita — will come together to face the mysterious monster known as Bozilla and arguably the best wrestler in the world today, Sareee. This is what it’s all about.

Giulia’s future is filled with question marks, as it’s widely known that WWE is in her future. So how long will she be around for Marigold? What will she do with Marigold? Well, those questions will be answered in due time, but for now, it’s all about the showdown with Sareee. Sareee and Giulia have been calling each other out for months through interviews. It led them to be the first two wrestlers announced for a Marigold match, leading us to this main event. In an interview with Fightful, Sareee made it clear that her eyes will be strictly set on Giulia in this match.

“It’s a tag match but in my head, it’s against Giulia,” Sareee said in the interview.

That may tell us what to expect as these two should cancel each other out. Now, let’s look at the other two. Utami Hayashishita steps into the ace role for Marigold. It’s a great thing for her but makes her a target. And the monster known as Bozilla seems to have that in mind in this first match. We don’t know much about Bozilla, but she’s made it clear that “size does matter.” It’s going to be difficult to tackle this monster, especially when she hasn’t been there training with Marigold after just arriving to Japan.

Betting against Giulia and Utami Hayashishita feels like a crazy choice heading into the first Marigold event. However, Sareee and Bozilla carry enough craziness as a duo that it’s only right to do a double take. We’re going to learn more than enough about the immediate future of Marigold with this main event. It should be special for that reason alone. Giulia and Hayashishita are a super team — you’d think that’d be enough to earn the victory in the main event of Marigold Fields Forever. Prediction: Giulia & Utami Hayashishita

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