The Flagship returns this week with an absolutely loaded show covering wrestling topics from all across the world, including:

  • WWE Backlash France + Press Conference Fallout: We already reviewed the Backlash France show on Instant Reaction, so this segment will focus mostly on the post-show Press Conference, Paul Levesque’s question about Drew Gulak’s status in the company, and the embarrassing reaction of members of the wrestling media to said question.
  • WWE likely joining Vince and Johnny Ace in seeking arbitration: In a recent WWE court filing, the company revealed its intention to join Vince McMahon and John Laurinitis in seeking arbitration to pause the ongoing Janel Grant lawsuit.
  • WWE re-ups with NBCU for final months of 2024: The question of where RAW will air from September to December has been answered. NBCU secured the rights to RAW for the final three months of the year at just $25M
  • NJPW Wrestling Dontaku reviews: We’ll recap and review the two nights of NJPW Wrestling Dontaku.
  • NOAH Wrestle Magic review: NOAH put together a fun Wrestle Magic show from Sumo Hall, including a new GHC Heavyweight Champion and an amazing Guys Being Dudes Match.
  • Dragongate Dead or Alive review: The annual Dead or Alive cage match from Dragongate happened over the weekend. We’ll talk about the match and the show.
  • AJPW Champion Carnival Finals set: We have our Champion Carnival finals secured; it’ll be Kento Miyahara vs. Jun Saito on May 12.
  • MLW Azteca Lucha preview: Rich will be on hand live this weekend for MLW Azteca Lucha; we’ll preview what’s on the show—lots of good, but also lots of bad!

Listen live tonight (May 9) at 8:30pm EST/7:30pm CST: