Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide
TripleMania XXXII: Monterrey
April 27, 2023
Estádio de Beisebol Monterrey
Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

TripleMania XXXII: Monterrey Preview

I tried finding a picture from the event for this review but AAA has yet to upload an actual image from the show. They have only uploaded short videos on their social media platforms. Weird choice for a show full of weird choices. Let’s jump head-first into this pit of despair!

The show opened with the national anthem and some camera shots of the very empty crowd. TripleManias over the past few years usually opened with some pomp, circumstance, and a marching band playing the anthem with some flyovers. They had none of that this year. It goes to show how much they care about these shows. If they don’t care, why should we?

Flammer, La Hiedra, Maravilla, Dalys def. Estrellita, Faby Apache, Reina Dorada, Sexy Star

Obligatory “not that Sexy Star.” I’m shocked Hijo de Tirantes wasn’t the ref for this match. The ref, by the way, was wearing a GoPro gimmick on his forehead. I don’t think they cut to that camera at all during the match. That’s probably a good thing. The wrestling was aggressively fine which doesn’t give me much to write about. Las Toxicas are pretty good at their double and triple team moves and those were the best parts of the match. Hiedra hit Faby with a trash can lid to give Dalys the opportunity to hit a powerbomb for the win. It didn’t overstay its welcome but wasn’t anything special either. A standard TV match to open this PPV. **¼ 

Pimpinela Escarlata wins the Copa Bardahl

Abismo Negro Jr. and Aerostar started the match using fire against fire. It was a good spot and Jeff Jarrett probably popped in the back watching all that HEAT~!. Copa Triplemanias are never good. This one wasn’t any different. Old stars like Heavy Metal, Chessman, Super Crazy, and Tosscano come out and play the hits for nostalgia and then the eliminations are fast and furious a bit later. Pimpinela beat Antifaz del Norte to win the meaningless cup. *½  

Bestia 666, Dr. Wagner Jr., Tigre Blanco def. Forastero, Sanson, Negro Casas

Bestia, Wagner, and Tigre Blanco represented The Crash. The main focus of the match was the ongoing feud between the 58-year-old Dr. Wagner Jr. and the 64-year-old Negro Casas. They showed their age and the eventual singles match between the two will most likely be bad! Can’t wait! The younger guys added to the match to give it some life didn’t do much. The match was plodding and felt like it would never end. Halloween, Damian 666, and Mecha Wolf all ran in to somewhat make this excitable but even the schmozz couldn’t save this. Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666 fought each other for some reason despite being a tag team. NGD turned on Casas for the finish. None of this made sense but least it wasn’t as bad as Vampiro versus Chessman last year! **

AAA Mega Championship
Nic Nemeth def. Alberto El Patron

Hijo del Vikingo vacated the belt after an 833-day run as champion. His injury is a huge blow to these Triplemania shows as they guaranteed at least one good match that would be worth watching. We don’t get that anymore. Instead, we get a WWE 2010s midcard rematch between Alberto El Patreon (fka Alberto Del Rio) and Nic Nemeth (fka Dolph Ziggler).

Patron wore a military uniform for his entrance and then stripped in front of Marisela Pena. He wrestled in a t-shirt to advertise a local sneaker shop. Yes, the guy wrestling for the company’s “top” title was a walking talking billboard in this stinker. This went 16 minutes but felt like it went 60. It was slow with lots of stalling between spots. Alberto was blown up in the first few minutes and never recovered enough to put in a formidable performance. The tables they used would not cooperate at all so we got four failed table breaks. At some point, you should abandon the ship and do something else (something I was considering at this point of the broadcast). Nemeth survived the Cross Armbreakers and won the match via a beer throw, a kick to the nards, and the ZigZag. Best match on the show. **½

Parker Boudreaux, QT Marshall, Sam Adonis, Satnam Singh def. Laredo Kid, Murder Clown, Octagon Jr., Psycho Clown

Lots of champions on Team Mexico. Murder Clown came out with the PDM Heavyweight title, Octagon Jr. had his AAA Latin American title, and Laredo Kid had the TNA Digital Media and the ShowCenter titles. Psycho Clown is the champion of our hearts. They all looked like chumps by the end of the match. You’ve probably seen the GIF of the only real highlight in this match. Satnam looked great and this was a total showcase of his size. Everyone else on his team did nothing of note. Parker Boudreaux looked awful whenever he got the opportunity to do something to stand out. Jeff Jarrett interfered a lot and was a general nuisance. He broke the guitar over Muder Clown’s large dome leading to Satnam somewhat hitting a Chokeslam for the win. A bunch of nothing. **

El Mesias, Pagano, Vampiro Canadiense def. Cibernetico, Dark Cuervo, Dark Ozz

This was the first in-ring stop of Vampiro’s 2024 retirement tour. They rang the bell and the match started with a promo battle. You can’t make this stuff up. They started to use plunder… and then decided to wrestle a regular tag match after seemingly everyone forgot what they were supposed to do in the match. We all know AAA isn’t a workrate promotion but this wasn’t even fun bad. It was slow, made no sense, and was hard to follow logically just like everything else on this show. Espiritu and Escoria ran in, turned on La Secta, joined forces with El Mesias and then just stood there menacingly? They literally did nothing. Vampiro then powerbombed Cuervo next to the thumbtacks, missed a senton from the top rope while flying over the thumbtacks, and then rolled Cuervo up for the pin next to the thumbtacks. None of the thumbtacks were used despite Vamp’s best efforts. Very confusing finish to a very confusing match. *¾ 

Let’s Talk About AAA…

Remember the hit movie The Wrestler from 2008 where everyone pleads with Randy The Ram to take things home early but he ignores them and continues to wrestle awful matches well past his prime? We’re getting that with Vampiro’s three TripleManias this year. Strap in!

Nic Nemeth is the new AAA Mega Champion. It doesn’t make any sense and I’m 90% sure this decision was made to try to meddle with the long-standing NJPW and CMLL relationship. Nemeth is currently the IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion and has been with New Japan since Wrestle Kingdom earlier this year. It would be a total AAA play to try to cause some chaos by putting their belt on a guy who is also a New Japan champion. It’s a bit of a different situation than putting the tag belts on FTR (who were IWGP Tag and AAA Tag champions) because AEW was an intermediary there. AAA management lives off controversy and I would be shocked if this wasn’t part of the reason to put the strap on Dolph Ziggler. Hopefully, he can find some company pride as he leads the charge against The Crash in June. That is, of course, if he works the show.

The other 10% of me thinks this decision was made to help with their US expansion dreams. AAA loves talking about going to America and becoming a major player in that country. Maybe Dolph can help them sell tickets to the Theatre at Madison Square Garden.

This company feels like a sinking ship creatively right now. Vampiro’s retirement tour is eating up so much time on the television show and these TripleManias that there’s absolutely nothing else to sink your teeth into. In years past we’d get at least some good to great wrestling on the undercard so the shows would have something to get excited for. The undercard guys used most prominently in those spots have all boarded a liferaft and saved themselves from this dumpster fire. Let’s do a quick where are they now?

  • Pentagon Jr. hasn’t worked a televised AAA show since November 2023. He’s currently working in the All Elite Wrestling midcard and just wrestled Kazuchika Okada and The Elite in a trios match.
  • Taurus is working as The Beast Mortos and made his AEW television debut the same night as TripleMania.
  • Villano III Jr. jumped to CMLL and won the Arnea Coliseo Tag belts with his brother just a year into his Consejo run. They are part of the popular La Escuadra with Zandokan Jr.
  • Arez, Latigo, Toxin, and Gringo Loco are teaming together as Los Desperados on the indie scene in both Mexico and America. They have gotten more opportunities to show what they’ve got in the last couple of months than the years they spent in AAA.
  • Komander is still technically the AAA Cruiserweight champion but hasn’t wrestled for AAA since November. Is he still a member of the roster? He’s full-time with All Elite Wrestling and has grown tremendously over the last year.

That’s a good chunk of talent that shows like this need, even if they were just toiling around in the Copa Bardahl. There’s a lack of good wrestlers and a lack of stars who can still go to an entertaining degree. Everybody in TripleMania Monterrey 2023’s critically acclaimed Guerra de Rivalidades Semi-Final tag match left and hasn’t been seen in the company either. Having guys like Blue Demon Jr., DMT Azul, LA Park, and/or Rush on this show would have been a shot in the arm this show desperately needed.

Nothing is going to change in AAA unless they decide they want to change things up. Let’s keep it 100 here, AAA is the worst-booked professional wrestling company in the world right now. Everything is a nostalgia play and even then those don’t really make sense. One of the biggest critics in the online wrestling space should look in the mirror and realize the pot is calling the kettle black.