TNA Wrestling
Rebellion 2024
April 20, 2024
Palms Casino Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada

TNA Wrestling returns to pay-per-view this weekend, with Rebellion emanating from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the main event, Moose will be defending the TNA World Championship against Nic Nemeth. 

Only three months have passed since TNA last ran the Palms, but it feels like an eternity and like two shows from two very different eras for the company. 

Back in January, they drew packed houses on both nights they were in Las Vegas and there was tremendous positivity about their rebrand and energy for what the year might bring. They finished strongly too with Moose winning a second World title and Nic Nemeth ending the show with a real statement of intent.

Fast forward just shy of 100 days and you’ve got Moose’s title reign limping along without a shred of interest, no Scott D’Amore running the show, the Motor City Machine Guns leaving, and rumours of contract structures changing. Perhaps most alarming is their struggle to shift tickets for Rebellion.

Hard to Kill drew 1,630 fans to the self-same venue – the promotion’s best live crowd in close to a decade. As per WrestleTix this past Monday, TNA had only distributed 550 tickets for Rebellion from a 1,231 setup. By the time the opening bell rings on Saturday, they’ll probably have creeped towards 650-700, but to have halved their sales in the same building in the space of three months is alarming.

That drop-off is a product of many things, but it’s testament to a lack of draws and a lack of excitement from their TV. The weekly product is fine but it doesn’t pop off the screen – unlike the video piece they dropped earlier in the week documenting the Nic Nemeth-Steve Maclin feud. That’s a niche they could do more in, but the rest of it is replacement level wrestling in an increasingly crowded landscape. 

On paper, there’s some really good stuff on this Rebellion card. There’s also the promise of a surprise debut or appearance (potentially Matt Hardy…), but it’s hard to escape the fact that they’re coming into this show seemingly cold as ice. 

Countdown to Rebellion

Leon Slater & ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs. The Rascalz (Myron Reed, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)

For those that have not seen much Leon Slater yet, prepare to be enthralled. He’s still only 19, but he’s mature beyond his years and he’s been producing performances in British promotions over the last year, whether that’s RevPro or NORTH, that show he’s really putting it together between the bells beyond the big dives, flips and spots that he initially caught the eye with.

Slater has only had one TNA match so far, but this seems like a great springboard for him to get into the win column. He should figure nicely into a match that will play off the previous feud between ABC and The Rascalz and likely set Austin & Bey, freshly re-signed with TNA, up for a title challenge in the near future. Prediction: Leon Slater & ABC

TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Championship
Spitfire (Dani Luna & Jody Threat) (C) vs. Decay (Havok & Rosemary)

If you can put Decay in a title match on PPV, you’ve just got to do it, haven’t you?

In all seriousness, Decay are a seeming ever-present in this title mix and there’s every chance they kick off a fourth reign with these belts on this show.

However, all signs point to a successful defence for Spitfire. Rosemary beat Luna on the go-home show, which conventional booking logic suggests is a tell for Decay losing here, while the announcement that Lars Frederiksen will be accompanying Spitfire for their match makes them feel like the bigger deal. They should be going over, leading to a return match with MK Ultra or Masha Slamovich and a new partner at the next couple of shows. Prediction: Spitfire

TNA Digital Media Championship
Crazzy Steve (C) v Laredo Kid

These two faced off for the title recently on TV, with Laredo Kid losing via disqualification after going beyond the referee’s count in response to Steve trying to tear his mask off. 

Steve has been champion for a little over three months now and in his current gimmick for upwards of eight months. It’s not working for me and in an ideal world I think this is the point that TNA should take the belt off him and give Laredo Kid the chance to have a fun little run with it. This promotion doesn’t tend to push luchadors that hard though. Prediction: Crazzy Steve


Joe Hendry vs. Rich Swann (w/A.J. Francis)

A.J. Francis being a thing in multiple promotions was not on my 2024 bingo card, but this world always surprises me.

Within the context of TNA, I think Francis has been fine. It’s nothing particularly special or ground-breaking, but he’s been an effective heel and I think he’s so far proving a useful conduit for them trying to get something out of Rich Swann. To me, Swann has outlived his use in TNA and is running on fumes, but this heel turn, both in practice and in kayfabe, is a potential vehicle to get him out of a slump and give his run new legs. 

Joe Hendry has more than held up his end of this feud throughout the year so far. He’s going to get one over on both of them at some point, but I doubt that’s here. Instead, First Cla$$ get the win via some shenanigans to keep the feud going. Prediction: Rich Swann

Last Man Standing
Josh Alexander vs. Alexander Hammerstone

I was the first to say that I hated the finish to this pair’s second meeting at Sacrifice, as it made Hammerstone feel like a weak, conniving heel and ran counter to everything they’d done before with him. Since then, though, I think they’ve done a much better job. 

Over the last six weeks or so, Hammerstone has felt like a big, dominant, cocky arse-kicker who is living in the head of Alexander. The Tommy Dreamer involvement was a bit trite, but the build has been genuinely good and I love Hammerstone using Alexander’s headgear as a trophy. 

The Last Man Standing stipulation is far from a favourite of mine, but it does set the stall out for these two to just have the perfect ‘dumb jock wrestler’ match. 

The booking is very interesting as I do think it could go either way. With Nic Nemeth set to win the title in the main event, he’ll need heel challengers in the immediate aftermath. Hammerstone fits that brief, as does Frankie Kazarian in the next match, and him winning would allow Alexander’s tortured babyface away from the title mix story to continue. Prediction: Alexander Hammerstone

Full Metal Mayhem 
Frankie Kazarian vs. Eric Young

Rebellion 2024 will mark the 18th Full Metal Mayhem match in TNA history and the first in 15 months. It will be both men’s second appearance in this match type, and ironically their second together as their previous experience was in a tag match back in 2014.

Kazarian turned heel at the beginning of 2024, turning on Young after a tag team defeat and eventually declaring himself the new ‘King of TNA.’ His campaign to win the title initially fell short as he lost to Young in a No. 1 Contender’s match and got himself suspended. That didn’t last long, and Kazarian soon rekindled the feud by costing Young his title match at Sacrifice last month. That angle and the follow-up bits since lead us here. 

Although I was a bit concerned that Young was ‘going to that place’ in his go-home video package, I have no doubt that these two will do everything in their power to push themselves and have a great match. The winner shouldn’t be in doubt though. Prediction: Frankie Kazarian

TNA X-Division Championship 
Mustafa Ali (C) vs. Jake Something

I’ve been entirely perplexed by the presentation and booking of Mustafa Ali throughout his TNA run. Despite him coming off a WWE stint where was perceived to have been underused and him being a genuinely likeable guy with a decidedly babyface-leaning moveset, he’s been cast as this cowardly heel who can’t win on his own. It’s not how I’d have done it and to be fair, I don’t think it’s worked – he feels nowhere near as interesting as he was two months ago when he debuted.

Jake Something became No.1 Contender just over a month ago when he won a five-way match against Leon Slater, Alan Angels, Chris Bey, and Jason Hotch. Ali moaned about Something on commentary throughout that match and has since gotten quotes out about wanting to take away the ‘no limits’ strapline of the X-Division. 

I don’t see why TNA would have brought Something back if they didn’t have plans to push him more than they did the first time. Him coming out on the losing end to Ali on the go-home show does suggest him going over here, but I’m also not convinced that he’s the person that Ali’s title run is being designed to put over. I’ll lean towards Ali retaining, but either option feels in play. Prediction: Mustafa Ali

TNA World Tag Team Championship
The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) (C) (w/Alisha Edwards) vs. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven)

I sound like a broken record at this point, but I love Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers as a team. They just click and give me something that I don’t think any other tag team in the current scene is managing to. 

Speedball Mountain, on the other hand, are a ramshackle team of two guys in Bailey and Seven that both struggle to elicit any meaningful reaction from me whenever I see them. Seven feels miscast as a babyface at this point, and I’d suspect they’re going to have him turn on Bailey at some point to give Bailey a singles programme to sink his teeth into. 

Add that to the fact that Edwards and Myers seem destined to run it back with ABC, and them retaining seems obvious. Prediction: ABC

TNA Knockouts World Championship
Jordynne Grace (C) vs. Steph De Lander

Talking of people struggling to elicit a reaction, I don’t think anyone was more nonplussed than me when Steph De Lander returned a few weeks ago alongside Matt Cardona and won her way to a title match. 

De Lander is a passable wrestler but her work does nothing for me and I don’t think anyone in wrestling, other than perhaps Chris Jericho, has hit empty on the fuel tank more than Matt Cardona. 

They’ve tried to give this match a bit of juice but there’s not a lot there and it’s hard to imagine that it’ll get much past ***. Grace should retain for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it seems a title programme with Ash By Elegance is a bigger item on the horizon. Prediction: Jordynne Grace 

TNA World Championship
Moose (C) vs. Nic Nemeth

Back in January, I was decidedly unimpressed by Moose’s push to a title shot and unconvinced about his viability as champion. Those concerns have since been validated – his matches have been fine but nothing special, he’s not over and the ticket sales for this show indicate that he’s not a needle-mover.

The ticket sales aspect falls on Nemeth too, though. He came in January like a house of fire and while I’ve enjoyed his work in both TNA and New Japan, we feel down to the embers of his buzz. His promos in the run up to this match have also been quite corny, focusing in on Moose expecting the old Dolph Ziggler but him preparing to deliver the new Wanted Man. 

On paper, this match could be great. Nemeth has always been a good seller, his match with Steve Maclin showed he can deliver in that go-go style, and Moose is a good big man with impactful offence when he’s on his game. 

The long and the short of it though is that Nemeth should win. They need to strap him up and put him in there with Frankie Kazarian, Alexander Hammerstone, Josh Alexander and Mike Bailey. They need to see what he can do when he has to do more of the heavy lifting and has to move his character beyond the current ra-ra new babyface routine. Prediction: Nic Nemeth