This may not be a popular opinion, but Moné for me has always been presented like a star rather than actually be one. She has become the female equivalent of modern day Seth Rollins: Fancy entrance, over the top attire and being considered a true main event talent despite never have the tools to become one.

On her day, Moné is a fine, accomplished in-ring performer. Some say that she is arguably the best female wrestler of the last decade on American TV. But as a personality, I never really connected with her “Boss” character in WWE. The idea of a flashy female bad ass is a good one, especially in how her in-ring work shows plenty of fire and passion, but her personality and verbal skills have always disconnected me from believing it as she doesn’t have the tools to portray it.

People tell me Moné’s a big deal and I don’t dispute her many positives. But I just don’t feel her as a main event attraction compared to other stars in AEW.

In the weeks building to AEW Big Business, the Dynamite special which heralded the debut of Mercedes Moné, the buzz around the internet was that the former Sasha Banks was a huge top star and she would make a huge splash in AEW. Her supporters online told me she was a big deal and in certain terms she is.

Moné is a popular former WWE star choosing to join an alternative to their sports entertainment-based product. AEW made me excited in how they hyped her, but I was always skeptical of her ability to be spoken in the same breath as other top stars.

When she debuted in mid-March, Moné was given the CM Punk-like treatment: the show named after her, the big opening promo and she was presented to the AEW fans as a big star. She still had a good bit of the WWE presentation stink which made her feel less organic and less natural, but I won’t hold that against her. Besides that, she looked like a star and AEW presented her as such. A million bucks… but then the music stopped and she grabbed a mic.

For me, Moné’s debut segment just bombed when she opened her mouth. Take away her flashy attire and chant-able theme music and she was badly exposed. Her promo was many, many levels below what I would class as a decent promo.

AEW is full of great talkers, like Britt Baker, Bryan Danielson and MJF, and poor Moné can’t hold a candle to any of them. Jon Moxley can pull a decent promo out on the fly and speaks with passion and conviction that compel you to listen up. Even Claudio, someone I wouldn’t particularly rate as having strong verbal abilities, does it better than Moné.

She was out of her depth. The problem is, after a decade of working WWE, she still hasn’t got the chops to cut a decent promo. The promo was heartfelt, sure, but it rambled on, with Moné delivering her message with the confidence of a nervous 10-year-old speaking at a school play. Promos just aren’t her bag.

That’s fine, not every wrestler has to be excellent on the microphone, but each week since then, Moné has been wheeled out to cut a similar promo or be placed in a similar position which she simply does not excel in. She may be the self-proclaimed “CEO” in kayfabe, but every time she speaks, whether it’s a live promo or a backstage segment, she clearly just doesn’t have the personality, presence, or verbal abilities to portray one.

Sadly, when I think of true main event stars, they all have to bring more verbal presence to the table than Moné can bring.

Admittedly it’s early days for Moné, but four weeks in and it’s been all very similar. It’s been her cutting bland, passionless promos each chance she gets. I hear her speak, but she says very little and doesn’t without the personality to draw in the viewer. If she has to have any chance at being a true top star, she needs to get the wrestling boots on.

So, I asked the question: Why is Moné booked this way?

When Paul Heyman was booking ECW, he had a simple but effective mindset: “Accentuate the positives, hide the negatives.” I have always been a firm believer that you show the strengths of your wrestlers and hide their weaknesses. Unfortunately, wrestling is littered with many examples of performers being put in positions that do the exact opposite, the latest of which appears to be the use of Mercedes Moné in AEW.

The former Sasha Banks rose to fame on the back of her NXT matches nearly a decade ago, when she began to show American wrestling audiences that women could deliver inside the ring. Moné earned herself a reputation for being arguably the best female wrestle in WWE over the last decade with very enjoyable outings against Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Bianca Belair.

So why are we not seeing Moné wrestle? Why does it appear that AEW are holding off until Double or Nothing at the end of May to finally see her in the ring? If promos are her weakness, why is she being positioned to cut similar promos each week and not wrestle?

It’s my opinion that Moné is badly exposed each week and if she is to have any chance of being a true draw in AEW, she needs to be highlighting her in-ring skills and laying off the badly performed promos. I still doubt her ability to be as capable as others at the top of AEW’s card, but if she’s to prove me wrong, she needs to ditch the promos and get grappling fast.