Game Changer Wrestling: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 8
April 5, 2024
The Auditorium at Penns Landing Caterers
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Watch: TrillerTV+

Match Recommendations:

  • Dragon Gate Classic vs Reiwa New Generation
  • Matt Cardona vs Blue Pain

Masha Slamovich & Rina Yamashita vs Masato Tanaka & Minoru Suzuki

This was a solid opener with Rina and Masha playing the part of the fiery babyfaces against the veterans. Everyone was good in this match, but Masha stood out. Masha wins the match for her team with a crucifix pin. ***¾ 

The East West Express (Jordan Oliver & Nick Wayne) & Mike Bailey def. The Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) & Kerry Morton

Two for two on fun matches. I really enjoyed Kerry’s annoying heel work as the center of the match. Ricky’s destroyer is still a fun spot. Congratulations to Mike Bailey for finally finding himself on the winning side this Wrestlemania Weekend. ***¼  

Dragon Gate Classic (Dragon Kid, Kzy & YAMATO) def. Reiwa New Generation (Ben-K, Kota Minoura & Shun Skywalker)

This was easily the match of the show and having Jae on commentary was a great touch. This is the match you expect to see when you hear there is going to be a Dragongate six man on the show. The smooth offense, the fun spots, Shun Skywalker being an asshole, everything was here. Dragon Kid hits the Bible to win as you can hear Shun faintly whining in the background. This one is worth your time. ****¼ 

Brass Ring Ladder Match
Cole Radrick def. Myron Reed, Arez, Aigle Blanc, Mr. Danger, Leon Slater, Marcus Mathers, Alec Price & Microman

You’ve seen a multi man ladder match before, right? Well, here’s another one. Everyone got their spots in this one, even the surprise entrant Microman was able to get his shine. Price, Arez, and Slater were the standouts. ***½ 

Matt Cardona def. Blue Kane Pain

This was fun, even though it ran a little long. Obviously overbooked, but that’s what it needed. We had a wheelchair pushed off a stage. We had an urn with blue ashes. We even had a 2011 Zack Ryder cosplayer. Cardona wins after a fireball and a Radio Silence. A good time/5

Amazing Red def. Gringo Loco

This match wasn’t bad, but it didn’t land for me. They worked hard, but it was sloppy at points and felt a little dull. It did have a great finishing stretch though as Red wins with a killer poisonrana, double stomp, frog splash, and Code Red sequence. ***¼ 

I Quit Match
Mance Warner def. Effy

Very good video package before this match. It didn’t need almost 25 minutes, but the hatred was there. Effy made sure to stock up on his cool I Quit one liners before the show. This didn’t reach the levels of violence I was expecting until the set up at the end, but they worked hard. Good finish as Effy quits when Mance threatens to take a drill to Allie Katch’s head while Effy was ziptied to the ropes. ***

Maki Death Kill (Maki Itoh & Nick Gage) def. Ramhausen (Danhausen & Ram Kaicho)

This wasn’t for me. The comedy at the start of the match didn’t work and the work after that wasn’t inspiring. Maki Death Kill wins with the MDKokeshi. **

GCW World Championship Match
Blake Christian (c) def. Joey Janela

This was entirely too long. The match started with a Blake Christian control segment that completely took the air out of the crowd, and they couldn’t get them back. Christian wins after Missy Hyatt turns on Janela. **¾ 

Final Thoughts

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 8 was an uneven show but had a fun first half that truly felt like the Spring Breaks of old.

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