Wrestling Revolver & House of Glory Wrestling Philadelphia
April 5, 2024
Trinity Center for Urban Life
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Match Recommendations:

  • Mike Bailey vs Masha Slamovich

Revolver World Championship vs HOG World Championship Match
Alex Shelley (c) def. Mike Santana by disqualification

This match didn’t connect with me. It revolved around some limb work from Shelley, first the arm and then the leg. Cliché ref bump finish as Shelley ducks a corner kick from Santana, taking out the Revolver ref before the HOG ref counted the fall for Santana. As Santana raised both belts, the Revolver referee declared Shelley the winner by disqualification. ***

HOG Tag Team Championship Match
Mane Event (Jay Lyon & Midas Black) (c) def. Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson), R.E.D (Alex Colon & Rickey Shane Page) & The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)

While only one of these teams is named R.E.D. (not that one), everyone in this match was wearing red. In a tag match with this many teams, I base a lot of my critique on how sloppy the match is, and they held it together pretty well here. It followed the multi-team match structure, but everything was executed pretty well. I liked the finish a lot as the “everybody does a dive sequence” was broken up when Mane Event hit Alex Colon with The Grand Finale and picked up the win while everyone was on the floor. ***¼ 

HOG Crown Jewel Championship Match
La Sombra (c) def. 1 Called Manders

The first half of this match wasn’t much to write home about. After a chop exchange it picked up a little bit with an impressive expolder suplex from Manders and a capo kick from La Sombra (not that one). Creative set up for the finish here as Sombra lifted up the referee so he could hit a low blow on Manders before getting the pin. **¾

Masha Slamovich def. Mike Bailey

This match had the best pace and intensity on the show to this point. Started off quick with Bailey ambushing Masha during introductions and it didn’t let up. They effectively told the story of the underdog Masha being abalone to take anything Speedball threw at her. Masha wins after a piledriver on the apron. *** ¾

Philly Street Fight
Steve Maclin def. Charles Mason

It’s a plunder match in 2024, you’ve seen everything in this one before. The best parts of this were Maclin throwing Mason into a car waiting at a crosswalk and Maclin apologizing for swearing because the show was in a church. Maclin wins after a spear into the corner and a K.I.A. ** ½

Wrestling Revolver Remix Championship Match
Gringo Loco (c) def. KC Navarro, Nolo Kitano, Raheem Royal, Aigle Blanc, Ace Austin & Myron Reed

We’ve arrived at the government mandated WrestleMania Weekend scramble match. You know what to expect here. A lot of explosive, impressive offense and only a couple sloppy moments. Gringo Loco wins with the Base Drop. *** ¼

TNA X Division Championship Match
Mustafa Ali (c) def. Amazing Red

This did not land with me. It started off promising enough with Red goading Ali into defending his X Division title, but this got sloppier as the match went on. A few botches on big spots, the worst of which was a sunset flip powerbomb from Ali where Red ended up landing on him instead of the mat. Ali wins after a ref distraction low blow into a 450. ***

Final Thoughts

Wrestling Revolver & House of Glory Wrestling Philadelphia was a decent show where the two most interesting matches on paper underdelivered.

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