Jersey Championship Wrestling
JCW & GCW vs. The World
April 4, 2024
Penns Landing Caterers
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Match Recommendations

  • Jordan Oliver vs. Aigle Blanc

This Penns Landing Caterers, and how the GCW has set it up, looks beautiful and is a really cool venue. This is the best The Collective venue yet 

Jordan Oliver def. Aigle Blanc

An enjoyable opener on this midnight show. Aigle Blanc is a 25-year-old 9-year vet out of Paris, France who has broken out on the worldwide scene lately after some good matches with Mike Bailey and Mustafa Ali over in Europe. He and Oliver – who has improved greatly over the years if you are not familiar with his recent work – clicked in the ring and put on a solid match. They recreated the Davey/Eddie suplex spot and it ended with a brainbuster on the floor but that wasn’t enough to win the match. The Aigle went coast-to-coast but still couldn’t put Jordan away. Oliver won with an Avalance Acid Bomb in about twelve minutes. Good stuff and everything you want out of an opener. ***½ 

Griffin McCoy def. Session Moth Martina

This was probably better live than watching it at 12:30 in the morning after a long day of shows. Martina did her shtick and Griffin McCoy cheated to win. Skippable.

JCW Championship
Masha Slamovich © vs. Syuri went to a time-limit draw

This was something, to say the least. Doing a 30-minute time limit draw at 1 AM is certainly a choice especially when it felt like most of the match dragged on and on to reach that time limit. There were good portions of the match but then it would die down until the next good part. Unfortunately, it didn’t really click in the way it needed to as a big title match on this WrestleMania Weekend. They traded near falls at the end as the time limit ran out. There’s definitely potential for a better match between these two whether it happens in Japan or in JCW/GCW. ***

Los Desperados (Arez, Gringo Loco, Latigo) def. Team Dragon Gate (Dragon Kid, Shun Skywalker, YAMATO)

This was fun while it lasted. A very interesting pairing in the ring that complimented each other’s styles quite well. That being said, this could have been much better than we got. The work was good but a lot of it felt like six guys playing the hits. Like the match before it, there’s potential for a much better match if it happens again somewhere. ***¼ 

Fuminori Abe, Takuya Nomura, Rina Yamashita def. 1 Called Manders, Alec Price, Cole Radrick

This was another fun match that could have been better than what we got. Abe and Nomura are so good and look great, but the rest of the match was a little clunky, with a large focus on moving on to the next set of moves. The wrestling wasn’t bad at all, but it felt uninspired at points. It was a decent but forgettable WrestleMania Weekend match.

Team GCW & JCW (Calvin Tankman, Charlie Tiger, Marcus Mathers, Mike Bailey, Mr. Danger, Terry Yaki, Tony Deppen) vs. Team World (Ho Ho Lun, LJ Cleary, Lou Nixon, Mizuki Watase, Ricky Knight Jr., Shota, Yusaku Ito)

While watching live, I fell asleep after Syuri/Masha, so I went back to the VOD to finish the show. The VOD cuts out during this match, so we missed the end and the main event. Oh well.

Final Thoughts

I loved the JCW & GCW vs. The World concept, but it looked better on paper than what we got. Going forward, I think this would be better suited as a morning show. There’s a lot of talent on the show, but because of the timeslot, it felt like everyone was working on autopilot.

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