Ring of Honor
Supercard of Honor 2024
April 5, 2024
Liacouras Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Watch: Honor Club ; Facebook / Twitter / YouTube (Zero Hour)

It’s that time of year again, folks! WrestleMania Weekend is already underway, and that means we’re getting the annual Supercard of Honor event from Ring of Honor. It’s pretty crazy to think that we’re already on the third Supercard of Honor PPV during this Tony Khan era of ROH. Unfortunately, based on what’s been announced, this is (on paper) easily the weakest ROH PPV lineup since the change in ownership two years ago. Now I have no doubt that this PPV will deliver in the end (you cannot bet against these Tony Khan ROH PPVs), and I’m going to be excited to be there in person. However, this lineup isn’t exactly that inspiring on the whole, even though there are matches I am looking forward to.

What exactly is on this card, you ask? Well, let me break it all down for you! I’m sure there will be much more added to this show (there will definitely be more than six matches on the PPV proper and I’m sure we’ll get matches on the Zero Hour pre-show like usual), but what I have below is what has been announced thus far.

Fight Without Honor
Dalton Castle vs. Johnny TV (w/ Taya Valkyrie)

This is (presumably) the culmination of a feud that’s been going on for a number of months, and has taken a rather unexpected twist thanks to real life events. In the lead up to the Survival Of The Fittest Match at Final Battle, Dalton Castle had made it his goal to win the ROH World Television Title. However, Johnny TV played a role in Castle being eliminated from that match, and he’s been all out of sorts since. Castle would eventually lose possession of The Boys after losing a match to Johnny TV, and now we’re at the point where a Fight Without Honor has been made to settle the score. Unfortunately, The Boys (aka The Tate Twins) won’t be involved, as they were part of the AEW/ROH talent cuts that went down on Monday. That led to a rather wild explanation for their write-off, as it was implied in a recent promo that The Boys were (and I’m not kidding here) fed to wild bears by Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie. I know Castle has had other random people play the role of The Boys before (this happened in ROH years ago after his original split with The Tate Twins), but it just doesn’t feel the same when The Boys aren’t The Boys alongside Castle. Anyway, I’m not entirely sure how this match is going to turn out. There will be a ton of weapons involved, obviously, but I don’t know if this is going to lean towards the comedy side, or if it will be more serious. Either way, this whole feud just feels like the comedic, poor man’s version of the Dalton Castle/Silas Young feud from 2015/2016 (I cannot believe that was almost eight to nine years ago at this stage). I presume Castle will score the victory here and finally get revenge on Johnny TV. Prediction: Dalton Castle

STARDOM Showcase – Mei Seira & Empress Nexus Venus (Mina Shirakawa & Maika) vs. Tam Nakano & Queen’s Quest (Saya Kamitani & AZM)

One of the biggest wrestling stories to come out of Japan so far this year has been split/exodus involving STARDOM that’s seen Rossy Ogawa (the founder of STARDOM) exit the promotion, while a number of STARDOM talents (including some bigger names like Giulia and Utami Hayashishita) have either left the company or will be leaving very shortly. While it’s certainly a very turbulent time for STARDOM, a silver lining of sorts has been that the door has now been opened for STARDOM talents to appear in the AEW-verse which, of course, includes ROH (there have been many rumors as to why AEW and STARDOM, which is owned by the same company that owns New Japan, hadn’t been working together until after Rossy’s exit). We saw Mina Shirakawa wrestle a ROH match that was taped during the AEW Big Business show in Boston, and now, we’re getting a STARDOM Showcase Six-Women Tag at Supercard of Honor. This has the potential to be a ton of fun, and I’m sure all six of these women are going to have their working shoes on here. If they’re setting someone up for a title shot (the Mei Seira/Empress Nexus Venus team is filled with current title holders), then I could see the Tam Nakano/Queen’s Quest side getting the win. Otherwise, I don’t think the result matters a ton in this case. It’s all about showing off some of the best talent STARDOM has to offer to an audience who hasn’t seen a ton of STARDOM before. Prediction: Tam Nakano & Queen’s Quest (Saya Kamitani & AZM)

ROH Women’s World Television Title Tournament – Finals
Billie Starkz vs. Queen Aminata

I’m preaching to the choir with this next statement, but I honestly don’t know why this title exists. Adding a set of women’s tag team titles to AEW/ROH (one that could feasibly float between both companies) would’ve been much more beneficial than a mid-card singles title. It reminds me so much of the situation that happened in WWE when they created this new World Heavyweight Title because nobody could beat Roman Reigns. Athena has been unbeatable as ROH Women’s World Champion (she’s done a great job as champion, not knocking her there), and now we’re creating a secondary women’s title because nobody can beat her. I can’t say I’m a fan of this new title, and we haven’t even crowned the first champion yet. Now…with all of that being said…I’m actually really looking forward to this match, mainly because it’s easily the most unpredictable match on the card. Of course, we all know that Billie Starkz and her storyline with Athena has been one of the most prominent in ROH over the last year or so, and I could easily see her winning this title to continue that whole story. At the same time, Queen Aminata has been a heavily featured women’s wrestler in AEW/ROH all year. After taking a ton of losses to some of the bigger names in the AEW Women’s division, she finally got the All Elite graphic, and has now started to get a bit of a push in ROH in the form of this tournament. I could easily see her winning this match as well. It’s really a coin toss. I suppose I’ll go with Billie Starkz, given what I mentioned earlier about her ongoing storyline with Athena, but we’ll see what happens. Prediction: Billie Starkz

ROH World Television Title
Kyle Fletcher (c) vs. Lee Johnson

Back at Final Battle in December, Kyle Fletcher captured the ROH World Television Title (which had been vacated by Samoa Joe when he was pursuing MJF and the AEW World Title) in the Finals of the 2023 Survival of the Fittest Tournament. Since then, he’s made a couple of title defenses on Ring of Honor television while also doing stuff in AEW proper as part of the Don Callis Family (his match on Dynamite with Will Ospreay being his biggest highlight as of late). One of the other competitors in that Survival of the Fittest Match is Lee Johnson, and while he was the first person eliminated in that match, he’s worked his way back into the title picture. Johnson lost his first ROH bout in 2024 against Christopher Daniels, but since then, he’s gone undefeated, winning nine matches in a row (eight of those being singles matches). So in that regard, Johnson has been built relatively well as a challenger. I’m not sure if this will contend for the best match of the night, but I’d definitely classify this as a sleeper match on this card. Fletcher is absolutely incredible, and Johnson has always had a ton of promise. The result here really isn’t in much, as I fully expect Fletcher to retain, but I’m sure Johnson will have a strong showing as he continues to improve and continues to make his way up the card in Ring of Honor. Prediction: Kyle Fletcher

ROH Women’s World Title
Athena (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

While she won’t reach this mark until a few weeks after this show, Athena is closing in on 500 Days as ROH Women’s World Champion. After retaining the title against Billie Starkz at Final Battle, Athena had a feud on ROH TV with Nyla Rose, and after putting that challenge behind her, she’s now facing off against another former AEW Women’s World Champion in the form of Hikaru Shida. It’s pretty cool seeing Shida in ROH, and I’m really looking forward to this title match. Athena’s had a strong track record when it comes to title defenses on ROH PPVs, and Shida has had some incredible matches when she’s in there with the right opponents in the right situations. I wouldn’t totally rule out a title change here, but I feel like if you’re going to take the title off Athena, you’d give that win to someone who could use that victory. Shida doesn’t really need that accomplishment, if that makes any sense. I’m fully expecting this match to deliver, but if I was a betting man (and I’m not, to be clear), I would put money on Athena retaining her title here. Prediction: Athena

ROH World Title
Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Mark Briscoe

On April 5th, 2013…during WrestleMania Weekend in New York City…Jay Briscoe captured the ROH World Title for the first time when he defeated Kevin Steen in a packed Hammerstein Ballroom. Now, eleven years later to the day (and roughly thirteen months since Jay’s tragic passing), Mark Briscoe is challenging Eddie Kingston for the ROH World Title in the same city where Ring of Honor (and The Briscoe’s careers in Ring of Honor) began. For some context, this is only the fifth time (strictly talking one-on-one matches here) that Mark Briscoe has challenged for the ROH World Title, which is a pretty wild stat considering that he and his brother were in the company from the very beginning. He challenged Samoa Joe at Final Battle 2003, and then didn’t challenge again until he wrestled Kevin Steen in late March of 2013 (ironically, a week before his brother Jay won the title). Mark then challenged his brother for the title at the Best In The World PPV later that year, and then got a title shot against Adam Cole in late September 2013. That’s it. It’s been nearly eleven years since Mark has gotten a shot at the ROH World Title.

I guess my biggest criticism of this match would be that the build to Mark Briscoe challenging and potentially winning the ROH World Title is that there really hasn’t been that much of a build to it. Mark lost his ROH World Television Title bout to Samoa Joe last year, then got involved with the Jay Lethal/Jeff Jarrett crew in AEW, spent time on the shelf with an injury, came back in time to do the Continental Classic, worked that incredible tribute match to his brother at Final Battle, and now is feuding with The House of Black. Not that I don’t mind Mark Briscoe being on AEW television (he’s fantastic), but it would’ve been nice if there was more of a build to this one. Then again, I suppose they’re banking on “Mark going for the ROH World Title eleven years after his brother won it for the first time” alone being the selling point, which works as well. In terms of the match itself, I’m sure these two are going to absolutely beat the crap out of each other. Interestingly, this is the first time that Eddie Kingston and Mark Briscoe have faced off in a match of any kind since The Briscoes faced the team of Eddie Kingston and Homicide, aka Outlaw Inc. (remember Outlaw Inc.?) on a ROH show in the Frontier Fieldhouse back in 2014. That’s pretty wild. As for the result, I would be absolutely stunned if Mark Briscoe doesn’t win this match. Then again…we all thought he was going to win the ROH World Television Title last year, and that didn’t happen! Given that it’s the anniversary of Jay’s first World Title win, you’d think that Chicken is walking out of Philadelphia as champion. Prediction: Mark Briscoe

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