Labor of Love x Sean Henderson Presents
April 3, 2024
Attice Brewing Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Watch: IWTV

Match Recommendations

  • Colby Corino vs. Clint Margera
  • Labor of Love Citywide Championship: Cheeseburger vs. Weber Hatfield

Our first show of WrestleMania Weekend in Philadelphia proper is happening under a tent in the rain. This is WrestleMania Weekend!

Mike Bailey def. Paul London

“Speedball” Mike Bailey is wearing a winter coat to the ring because it’s so cold outside. The ring announcer is wearing a hot dog costume. Paul London sang his entrance theme. Speedball summed up my thoughts when he asked if this was pro wrestling or karaoke. This was a fine match but relied heavily on Paul London shtick where they sang karaoke during a figure-four spot. Speedball won with the Ultima Weapon. The actual wrestling portion of the match was fun but the rest was not for me.

Curt Robinson, Logan Black, Harleen Lopez, Vita VonStarr def. Big Callux, Duncan Aleem, Shea McCoy, The Crusher

The big multi-person schmozz at the start was the best part of the match. Callux was fun when he was clearing house and throwing everybody around. Curt Robinson pinned Duncan Aleem with an electric chair drop for the win. Alright.

LJ Cleary def. Bobby Orlando

LJ Cleary has real gear and it stuck out on this show. Bobby Orlando couldn’t do a kip-up. Cleary rolled Orlando up to end the match. Thank God.

Jimmy Lloyd, Sean Henderson, The Chad def. Junior Benito, Macrae Martin, Jaden Newman

Junior Benito and Macrae Martin have been a highlight of the Eastern Ontario/Quebec indie scene and it’s good to see them here for WrestleMania Weekend. This went six minutes and that’s all it needed to go. Lloyd pinned Newman after a paid of Chad and Henderson destroyers.

The Xyberhawx (Danjerhawk, Razerhawk, Thvnderhawk) def. The Colony (Electro Ant, Ultimo Ant, Worker Ant)

We’ve got birds and we’ve got ants! This started a lot slower than expected and the lucha tag rules didn’t come into play until mid-match. The pace picked up a little bit in the middle but it was still lacking good wrestling. Worker Ant, in his return to wrestling, let the hawks win after Ultimo Ant tried to cheat. Weird match with a weird finish.

#1 Contendership Scramble
Dan Champion def. Dr. Ethan Wilde, Eli Isom, Jay Stynes, Ryan Radix, Travis Huckabee

I love scramble matches. I would like more scramble matches this WrestleMania Weekend. Eli Isom came out to John Cena’s music with a cardboard cutout. Ok… Big Dan Champion won the scramble match. It was a scramble match.

Death Match
Colby Corino def. Clint Margera

By far the best match on the show. The gimmicks in the match were just plastic boxes and plastic forks. Despite that, they put on an entertaining ten-minute match that never overstayed its welcome, unlike some other matches on the show. Colby Corino is an early WrestleMania Weekend MVP because he makes these shows watchable. Corino won with an l driver through a fork board. Two things made this match enjoyable to watch: good wrestling mixed with a tinge of comedy that doesn’t try hard to be funny. ***

Labor of Love Citywide Championship
Cheeseburger def. Weber Hatfield

A very technically sound match that was pretty good! Cheeseburger and Weber gave it their all in the quest to become the first LOL Citywide Champion. They have an undeniable chemistry in the ring and work well together. Hatfield’s Chaos Theory was a thing of beauty and Cheeseburger sold his offence beautifully. Weber kicking out of the two Shoteis and powering through was a nice dynamic at the end of the match. Touching tribute to Jay Briscoe in the finish as Cheeseburger hit a Jay Driller to win the title. This was the best match of the first three days fo WrestleMania Weekend. ***¼ 

Final Thoughts

The last two matches on this show helped make this feel like a proper WrestleMania Weekend indie show. The rest is skippable but that main event was a lot of fun and worth it. Colby Corino is the MVP of WrestleMania Weekend so far and his match was also worth your time. The rest? LOL.

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