Labor of Love x Sean Henderson Presents
April 3, 2024
Attice Brewing Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Watch: IWTV

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The second Labor of Love and Sean Henderson Presents show of the Weekend. This show started early, so I missed the start. Let’s get into it!

Jess Moss def. Marc Angel, Deklan Grant

The match started with them opening Pokemon cards. Deklan Grant pulled out a knife but then gave it back. Jess Moss hit a stunner on Grant for the win. I don’t know what this was. Moss won a title and this was a pre-show match?

DDT Universal Championship
MAO © def. Matt Makowski

This was a DDT Universal title match despite not being advertised as such. This was technically sound as expected between these two but things broke down when they started walking and brawling to the beer garden to throw kicks. The action back in the ring was fine but way below expectations. MAO won with a bridging German to potentially retain his title if this was an actual title match.

Ugly Ducklings (Colby Corino, Rob Killjoy, White Mike) def. Gabriel Skye, Jimmy Lloyd, The Chad

Colby Corino has been the MVP of WrestleMania Weekend so far but this did not add to his case. There was some “comedy” and it didn’t help the match at all. The Ugly Ducklings won in an ugly match.


Robb Radke won a scramble. It was a scramble. You’ve seen 10 of them already this Weekend.

Dream Match
Sean Henderson def. Colin Delaney

They called this a dream match, not me. Colin Delaney is a true pro’s pro and looked like a very good wrestler. Shame the match wasn’t very good.

KZT & Kennedi Copeland vs. Jordan & Tracy Williams

Kennedi Copeland was KZT’s mystery partner? What are we doing here? KZT got chopped right in the mouth because she dropped too late on a corner spot. Copeland missed a tag because she was too busy slapping the turnbuckle. Jordan and Tracy Williams (brothers, apparently?) got into a fight, Tracy left, and that led to the women winning. Forget not being on the same page, these four weren’t even in the same library.

They went to intermission. I tapped out after waiting 25 minutes for the show to come back. Waste of time.

Final Thoughts

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