Jersey Championship Wrestling
JCW & GCW vs. The World

April 4, 2024
The Auditorium at Penns Landing Caterers
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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As the meaty portion of this week’s festivities approaches, you may have heard some rumblings about this show. While the most universally hyped events of the week are your more reputable and conventional affairs, GCW has sneakily put together one of the most exciting lineups of foreign talent you’re going to find all weekend.

Invariably, wherever folks are discussing hyped matches from the ROH, Mark Hitchcock, and ACTION shows, someone meekly interjects, “Hey…have you seen this GCW vs. The World lineup?” And with good reason! With representation from Dragongate, DDT, FREEDOMS, wXw, STARDOM, and a healthy dash of lucha, this card is exactly the type of fare that will draw wrestling nerds out en masse at midnight on a Thursday. Yes, I have a ticket.

Los Desperados (Gringo Loco, Arez, Latigo) vs. Team Dragon Gate (YAMATO, Dragon Kid, Shun Skywalker)

For me, this match is the anchor of the show. This week has been short on matchups with any real WOW factor, but this one right here would be an attention grabber on any card in Philadelphia. The Dragongate squad has ignored any current faction/story dynamics to put together a veritable all-star team, led by the ace, YAMATO, along with the long-time symbol of the promotion, Dragon Kid. They’re rounded out by Shun Skywalker, a psychotic, masked superathlete who’s been one of the top five wrestlers in the world for nearly half a decade.

On the Los Desperados side, Gringo Loco and Arez are surely ready and willing to match whatever level of speed and intensity the DG squad is willing to offer. That said, I’m sneakily interested in the potential for a lucharesu grapple-off between Latigo and YAMATO.

JCW World Championship: Masha Slamovich © vs. Syuri

All recent turbulence aside, STARDOM appears set on making a real domestic impact this weekend. At the center of it all, their talent will take part in a showcase six-woman tag match at ROH’s Supercard of Honor — a not-so-subtle nod to Dragongate’s US breakout match at the inaugural SCOH.
STARDOM is represented here by Syuri, a veteran joshi with a fairly extensive kickboxing and MMA background, which is reflected in her hard-hitting physical style. It makes an exciting pairing for Slamovich, who captured the JCW title during the excellent Jersey J-Cup weekend in February. (You can see the review for night one here. There is no review for night two, because while I was writing it, my cat had to go to the emergency room. Cat’s good, so was the show!)

Slamovich also fights with an MMA-tinged style, and the potential for wonderfully competent violence is high with this one. Both women are in a slew of high profile matches this week, but I’m not sure either will find a greater opportunity to turn heads.

Alec Price, Cole Radrick, 1 Called Manders vs. Fuminori Abe, Takuya Nomura, Rina Yamashita

At the aforementioned Jersey J-Cup shows, the oft-lauded Astronauts tag team of Fuminori Abe and Takuya Nomura made their American debuts. If those matches were any indication, Astronauts do not fuck around when they come to the US. The super-animated Abe and humble-while-horrifying pal Nomura won those rooms over in short order, and they’ll likely look to continue that momentum here.

The GCW side is loaded with enticing pairings for either man, anchored by Alex Price, who I’ve often called the best never-signed talent on the independents (click my name up there and see for yourself, fucko).

At first glance, Rina Yamashita might seem like the odd woman out in this one. A deathmatch talent from FREEDOMS, Yamashita has become a semi-regular in GCW—and a fan favorite for her growing catalog of bloodbaths. Don’t worry, though. If anyone’s down to get gross with Yamashita, it’s Manders. He’s a hoss who’s no stranger to deathmatch, still riding the momentum high of a hyped Dog Collar Match with Mad Dog Connelly.

Hopefully, that’s enough of a primer to get you caught up for this one. Here are some quick hits for the rest of the card:

  • Blake Christian will face off against Aigle Blanc, a well-traveled French talent who does most of his time with wXw. You might remember him as Mustafa Ali’s first post-WWE opponent back in January.
  • A four-way tag bout between Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo), Amboss (Robert Dreissker & Laurance Roman), Boisterous Behaviour (Man Like Dereiss & Leon Slater), and MAO & Yoshihiko will surely go down as the evening’s “match with a doll in it.”
  • Other talent scheduled to appear include: LJ Cleary (Pro Wrestling NOAH), Shota (Ganbare), Ho Ho Lun (Dragongate), Yusako Ito (FREEDOMS), Session Moth Martina and Lou Nixon.

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