H2O Wrestling
The Hustle Cup 4
April 2, 2024
H2O Wrestling Center
Williamstown, New Jersey

Watch: IWTV

Match Recommendations

  • Anthraxx & Stretch vs. Joel Bateman & Vic Craig

Night two of this very long WrestleMania Weekend features The Hustle Cup 4, the fourth edition of The Hustle Cup! Let’s get into it!

Hustle Cup First Round Match
Brian Neil def. TJ Reno, Brayden Toon, Zak Ravix, GG Everson

This is not the show for you if you hate scramble matches. Every first-round match was a scramble match. Brayden Toon was the best wrestler in the match and he was fun to watch. Everything else was mediocre at best. If you’ve seen one scramble you’ve seen them all. We have two more on this card. Toon had the match won but Neil threw him off the pin and stole the win.

Hustle Cup First Round Match
Kody Manhorn def. Shaun Smith, Marcus Mathers, Duncan Aleem, President Hawkins

I would have loved a Shaun Smith versus Marcus Mathers singles match instead of this scramble with added wrestlers. Those two were the standouts in the match, and their offense was really good. Their spots together were the best thing of the match. Kody Manhorn was decent and won by rolling up President Hawkins. Another nothing scramble match.

Hustle Cup First Round Match
Kennedi Hardcastle def. Leroy Robinson, Donny Luv, Frank Bonetti, Jaden Newman

Newman and Hardcastle had an absolute stinker the night before to build to this scramble match. This wasn’t much better. Newman went for a tornado DDT but somehow ended up landing on his own head. Robinson was impressive but didn’t do much. Thankfully this was the last scramble match of the night. Hardcastle pinned Newman to advance to finish their story from the night before.

Matt Makowski def. Cecilio Vega

This was a fine technical wrestling match with a lot of grappling. Makowski was really good and targeted Vega’s arm for most of the match. The grappling near the end of the match could have been a bit better on Vega’s end as he looked winded and a bit out of it. Makowski’s jumping spinning heel kick was a sight to see. Makowski got the win with an armbar and Vega tapped out very quickly.

Colby Corino def. Ryan Redfield

Colby Corino pretty much only worked headlocks in this match to prove a point. While it didn’t lead to a great match, it was a fun gimmick. Redfield looked good and hit a great pounce at one point. Nothing you need to go out of your way to see but this was a refreshing change of pace on this show.

We got a twenty-minute impromptu intermission. It would have been nice if they told us they were going to take a break.

Danny Havoc World Hardcore Championship
Neil Diamond Cutter © def. Lou Nixon

After retaining his title last night at Monday Night Death Vol. 5, Niel Diamond Cutter put his title on the line in an open challenge answered by Lou Nixon. The match started with Cutter throwing a cinderblock directly at Nixon to set the tone of the match. The match was pretty good and included a fun dynamic where the much larger Nixon picked Cutter apart with some of his martial arts kicks. It wasn’t enough as Cutter got the win to retain his title.

Hardcore Tag Team Match
Anthraxx & Stretch def. Joel Bateman & Vic Craig 

The team from down under attacked the Juggalos from behind during their entrance. They quickly got to a sitdown barroom brawl shoot headbutt competition and the thuds were disgusting. There was a cool spot where Anthraxx drank beer from a dented can that was stuck in Vic Craig’s head. Anthraxx was double suplexed onto a knife board but that wasn’t enough to put the match away. Craig got Stretch wrapped in a shitload of barbed wire and then poured salt all over him. Stretch samoan dropped Craig from the apron onto a barbed wire table but they landed in the absolute worst possible way, clipping the edge with the most barbed wire on the wood. As that was happening, Anthraxx got the pin on Bateman for the victory. This was fun and full of gratuitous violence. ***

H2O Championship
Austin Luke © def. Tank

Tank’s size and years of experience gave him an advantage over the champion for most of the match. Tank gave Luke a good beating but the champion fought back to stay in the fight. Luke dropped an interfering Jaden Newman and then choked Tank out for the win. This was fine.

Hustle Cup Finals
Kennedi Hardcastle def. Brian Neil, Kody Manhorn

Much like scramble matches, if you’ve seen one three-way match you’ve pretty much seen them all if they don’t deviate from the standard “two in, one out” format. This, unfortunately, followed that “two in, one out” format and was quite boring. Manhorn looked good as the match progressed and he fired up but then Duncan Aleem interfered and took Manhorn backstage. Taking the best wrestler out of the match led to a relatively flat finish where Kennedi eventually pinned Neil to win the Hustle Cup.

Final Thoughts

Not a strong showing by H2O for their second show of WrestleMania Weekend. The deathmatch tag match was pretty good if you’re into that sort of thing but a lot of this felt like filler.

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