H2O Wrestling
Monday Night Death Vol. 5
April 1, 2024
H2O Wrestling Center
Williamstown, New Jersey

Watch: IWTV

Match Recommendations

  • Marcus Mathers vs. Zayda Steel
  • Danny Havoc World Hardcore Championship: Neil Diamond Cutter © vs. Joel Bateman vs. Colby Corino

It might be April 1st but this is not an April Fools joke. WrestleMania Weekend does indeed start on Monday this year with H2O Wrestling’s Monday Night Death Volume 5 live from the H2O Wrestling Center in Williamstown, New Jersey. Let’s get into it!

Hardcore Scramble
Killdozer def. JB Anderson, Mouse, Lady Blakely, Kit Osbourne, Jess Moss, Vic Craig

We kick off WrestleMania Weekend with a scramble featuring an unannounced wrestler. Vic Craig was a surprise entrant and is making his H2O Wrestling debut. There were no wristlocks at all in this match as all seven wrestlers traded trash can hits to the head. Killdozer chokeslammed Jess on a forkboard for the win. A very rough start to the Weekend.

Hybrid Championship
President’s Cabinet (Braxx, Johnny Radex, President Hawkins) © def. GG Everson

GG Everson threw some good lariats but the rest of the match was awkward and bad. The three-on-one handicap match format did not help at all. Everson got a visual pin on Braxx but Braxx was not the legal man. Hawkins kicked Everson in the nards to get the win. Another rough match.

InterGender Bonanza Super Championship
Marcus Mathers © def. Zayda Steel

This was Marcus Mathers’ first match of many this WrestleMania Weekend. He came out with a dog. The commentary team let us know the match was a title match so, naturally, Zayda Steel started the match demanding this be a title match. Mathers accepted despite already accepting the challenge earlier in the day. Who knows! Mathers shone with his agility and athleticism. Zayda held her own and clicked very well with the champion. Mathers hit a Psycho Driver for a near fall but finished the match with the Bozo Buster. A little sloppy at times but this was a lot of fun. I’m excited to see how many good/great matches Mathers will produce this WrestleMania Weekend. He’s my front-runner to be the breakout wrestler of the Weekend. ***

Anything Goes
Jimmy Chondo Lyon def. George Gatton

It didn’t take long for the gusset plates to come out and for the blood to flow. Gatton and Lyon were both leaking minutes into the match and used every weapon available to them in the ringside area including a VCR. This devolved into a bar fight that was pretty devoid of heat. A pedigree on a shopping cart thankfully ended this match.

Jaden Newman def. Kennedi Hardcastle

Lots of awkward stalling at the start of the match and it never really picked up afterwards. They did some very basic chain wrestling and then Newman stalled outside the ring. Newman tried to get Kennedi counted out multiple times and it dragged every single time. Newman submitted her with a choke. Nothing good here and it went way too long.

Tank def. Lowlife Louie Ramos

Unfortunately, I missed the start of the match because of some stream issues. They went right into the fork-stabbing spots. Ugly in a good way and just what was expected between these two. They hit each other with weapons. Louie nearly had the match won until Jaden Newman ran out for the distraction to help Tank get the win. Overall, this was alright.

H2O Tag Team Championship
The Pillars (Malcolm Monroe III & Tommy Vendetta) © def. Chris Bradley & Kristian Ross

This was a good tag match that really started rocking down the stretch. The Pillars looked good and worked well with the much larger Bradley and Ross. Malcolm Monroe III was the real star of the match and was flying all over the place. The champions retained and then they smoked a blunt together. One of the better matches on this show.

H2O Championship
Austin Luke © def. Deklan Grant

Much like Marcus Mathers, Austin Luke has the potential to be the breakout wrestler of this year’s WrestleMania Weekend. Luke looked really good in this championship defence and Deklan was a good opponent and held his own. They had a fun moment near the end of the match where they traded reversals until Luke hit the GFC for the win. A decent match that never really went to the next level. Luke will defend the title against Tank on the Hustle Cup show.

Danny Havoc World Hardcore Championship
Neil Diamond Cutter © def. Joel Bateman & Colby Corino

They had carpet strips and light tubes attached to the ropes. With the wrestlers in the match, it was not a surprise that this was a pretty good death match! The three-way dynamic was worked intelligently without any significant portions of the match being one-on-one while someone waits on the outside. Colby slammed Bateman on a pile of cinderblocks but Cutter then took out Corino and pinned both guys at the same time for the win. The best deathmatch of the night and one you should check out if you’re into the style. ***

Final Thoughts

This was fine but there’s nothing you need to go out of your way to see unless you want to watch all of Marcus Mathers’ WrestleMania Weekend matches. The show was way too long at nearly three and a half hours and dragged in some of the bad matches. I’m hoping the Hustle Cup show is better.

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