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After five years, and under new ownership, STARDOM returns to America to join the WrestleMania Week festivities. This is as close to the authentic STARDOM experience as you can get with faction-based multi-tags, a High Speed/comedy three-way and a great World of Stardom title match between Maika and Megan Bayne.

Full STARDOM American Dream 2024 in Keystone State Card

  • High Speed Championship: Mei Seira © vs Ram Kaichow vs Saki Kashima
  • Stephanie Vaquer & Oedo Tai (Starlight Kid & Momo Watanabe) vs Camron Branae & Queen’s Quest (AZM & Saya Kamitani)
  • Syuri & Konami vs Willow Nightingale & SAKI
  • STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Momo Kohgo) & Tam Nakano vs Club Venus (Mina Shirakawa, Xia Brookside & Mariah May)
  • World of Stardom Championship: Maika © vs Megan Bayne

There are two approaches I could take to previewing this card, one is with my STARDOM fan hat, and one is with my “there’ll be new people watching, hold their hand a bit” hat, so I’ll break this up into two and focus on what should stand out for both fanbases.


For the STARDOM ultras, this is a pretty mundane card similar to what we’d see on a house show, with some new names, like Stephanie Vaquer, Camron Branae (formerly Amari Miller in NXT), and Willow Nightingale. Anyone who keeps up with the promotion can see the obvious pin eater thrown into each tag so they’re not likely to stand out unless something extra interesting happens.

What DOES stand out for STARDOM fans is the High Speed three-way match. Getting a strong character like Saki Kashima into a match with a speed demon like Seira and an actual demon in Ram Kaichow is sure to deliver on the comedy side. I am interested in what Kaichow does when the High Speed aspect kicks in but Seira and Kashima can definitely carry that end of things.

Also for the STARDOM fans is the return of Club Venus.

Mariah May’s breakout 2023 was one of the best stories of the year as we saw her grow from a random UK indie import to a bonafide star right in front of our eyes. STARDOM’s new partnership with AEW opens the door to seeing May step back into the ring for the company that shot her to stardom (no pun intended) which should be one of the better parts of the show.

The main event is probably the most hyped match Maika has had in her reign to date. Megan Bayne is just coming off a stellar run in STARDOM that was highlighted by her series of matches with Giulia and the tag team run of Divine Kingdom.  Both Bayne and Maika are very capable powerhouses who should be able to deliver a real clash of titans here.


If you’ve never seen STARDOM before or haven’t seen a lot, welcome! I hope you enjoy it. I’ll dive into some of the things you should look forward to if you’re going to watch the entire show.

The High Speed three-way should be a real playground for Mei Seira. She’s an incredibly versatile wrestler who makes you like her with her charm and then blows you away with her ability in the ring. I’m kind of envious of the people who’ve never seen her before, you’re in for a treat.

QQ and Oedo Tai are pretty much destined to fight forever. Watanabe turned on QQ a few years ago and has been a thorn in their side ever since. I suspect, since this is a show in America, Starlight Kid and AZM will be paired off to showcase their chemistry so look out for them anytime they get into the ring together, they’ll definitely leave you impressed. Kamitani and Watanabe is likely to be the pairing we see the least as the highest-ranking members of their factions (that are on the show anyway) but whenever they do get together it should be pretty fun, Watanabe likes to bully her opponents and the ‘Golden Phoenix’ Kamitani likes to fight back and dazzle on the comeback.

I’m honestly not sure what to expect from Konami and Syuri vs Willow and SAKI. If you’re an AEW fan you’ll likely want to see what Willow does but neither of her opponents feel like a natural pairing for the powerhouse. Both Syuri and Konami are technician-strikers who like to dominate the match rather than stand and trade with a powerhouse. Hopefully, Syuri can at least bring something to the table, she’s too talented to leave America without showing off her immense talent.

I’ve already discussed Club Venus vs STARS & Tam Nakano as one for the hardcores but it’s certainly one that could appeal to the neutrals. Mariah May is likely to bring some attention due to her AEW push and I can definitely see her being paired up with Mayu Iwatani here after the two spent most of 2023 teasing an IWGP Women’s title match (that we sadly never got). If they do pick things up here I think they could steal the show.  Tam Nakano and Mina Shirakawa are not to be ignored either, ever since Nakano’s return from injury she and her former stablemate Shirakawa have been throwing hands, if given time to stiff the hell out of each other they’re going to leave newer viewers wanting more.

Looking at WrestleMania Weekend, Maika vs Megan Bayne is one of the matches I’m most excited for. Bayne, to me, is one of the best hoss women’s wrestlers we’ve seen in a long, long time. I’ve compared her in the past to names like Awesome Kong and Bull Nakano because of her immense IQ and ability in the ring. Maika is so consistent that I trust she could deliver with anyone, but giving her an excellent powerhouse to bounce off is likely to bring out the best in her. If this match doesn’t end up being one of the best of the week, I’ll be quite surprised.

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