H2O Wrestling
Monday Night Death Vol. 5
Monday, April 1
8:00 PM
H2O Wrestling Center
Williamstown, New Jersey

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WrestleMania Weekend starts on Monday this year. Why? Your guess is as good as mine! The H2O Wrestling Center will host shows all week long under the “The Anthology” banner. These shows are roughly a thirty-minute drive from Lincoln Financial Field and the rest of Mania Weekend madness in Philadelphia.

H2O is one of the better indies showcased on the IWTV service. It’s a mix of showcasing some young talent on the indie scene from the area with some deathmatches. Praying, their last show on March 8th, featured a decent Anything Goes match between Killdozer Matt Tremont and Marcus Mathers. You should check it out before WrestleMania Weekend starts if you’re into deathmatches with some stories attached.

Mathers has been one of the highlights of the Philadelphia/New Jersey/New York indie scene and has a good chance of being the breakout star of this year’s Weekend. He’s booked all over the place with a variety of opponents. His first match of what will be a very long week is against Zayda Steel. It’s a first-time-ever singles match that most likely won’t be Mathers best match of the week but it’ll give you a good look at what he can do in his home territory.

If Mathers is a front-runner to be the breakout star of the Weekend, Austin Luke might be a dark horse. Luke currently has the second-longest reign as the H2O Champion and will soon pass Manders if he can keep the title over WrestleMania Weekend. His first challenger of the week is Deklan Grant in an interesting clash of styles. Keep an eye on Luke throughout WrestleMania Weekend.

Danny Havoc was a staple of the deathmatch wrestling scene since his debut in 2005 until he tragically passed away in early 2020. Later that year, H2O introduced the Danny Havoc World Hardcore title in a tournament won by Bam Sullivan. Since then, this title has been on the line for some of the best matches on H2O cards and the title match on this show could be the Match of the Night. Neil Diamond Cutter nearly always delivers in entertaining deathmatches, Joel Bateman is one of the better deathmatch workers in Australia, and it’s always a treat to see Colby Corino go all out in this environment.

In a battle between two underground wrestling legends, Tank goes one-on-one with Lowlife Louie Ramos. With a combined 54 years of experience, this match will quickly become a bloody mess. Tank will hit hard and Louie will bleed like a stuck pig. You are not going to like this if you come in expecting a catch-as-catch-can classic.

Rounding out the title matches on the show, The Pillars defend the H2O Tag Team Championship against Chris Bradley & Kristian Ross and the President’s Cabinet will defend the Hybrid Championship in a 3 versus 1 match against GG Everson. Hardcore fans will get to see a Hardcore Scramble between JB Anderson, Mouse, Killdozer, Lady Blakely, Kit Osbourne, and Jess Moss plus an Anything Goes match between George Gatton and Jimmy Chondo Lyon. Kennedi Hardcastle wrestles her first match of a busy Weekend against Jaden Newman.

Full H2O Wrestling Monday Night Death Vol. 5 Card

  • Zayda Steel vs. Marcus Mathers
  • Tank vs. Lowlife Louie Ramos
  • Kennedi Hardcastle vs. Jaden Newman
  • H2O Tag Team Championship: The Pillars (Malcolm Monroe III & Tommy Vendetta) © vs. Chris Bradley & Kristian Ross
  • Anything Goes: George Gatton vs. Jimmy Chondo Lyon
  • Hardcore Scramble: JB Anderson vs. Mouse vs. Killdozer vs. Lady Blakely vs. Kit Osbourne vs. Jess Moss
  • Danny Havoc World Hardcore Championship: Neil Diamond Cutter © vs. Joel Bateman vs. Colby Corino
  • H2O Championship: Austin Luke © vs. Deklan Grant
  • 3 vs. 1, Hybrid Championship: President’s Cabinet (Braxx, Johnny Radex, President Hawkins) © vs. GG Everson

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