Thanks to the tremendous work of Tim Marchman, Brandon Thurston, and John Pollock, we finally have the confirmed identities of the four unnamed “Corporate Officers” in the JANEL GRANT vs. WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT, ) INC. n/k/a WORLD WRESTLING ) ENTERTAINMENT, LLC; VINCENT K. ) MCMAHON; and JOHN LAURINAITIS lawsuit.

We’ll have much more to say about the lawsuit on this Thursday’s episode of The Flagship, but I wanted to take some time to make points in the lawsuit a bit clearer now that we have names to attach to the vague “Corporate Officer” labels initially placed in the lawsuit.

If you’d like to read the full lawsuit, you can do so at

For reference, here are the four previously-unnamed WWE Corporate Officers:

  • WWE Corporate Officer #1: Nick Khan (Current President of WWE)
  • WWE Corporate Officer #2: Brad Blum (WWE COO)
  • WWE Corporate Officer #3: Stephanie McMahon (Vice President of Talent and Creative Writing for WWE & former WWE CEO)
  • WWE Corporate Officer #4: Brian Nurse (former head of WWE legal department)

Below, you’ll find every mention of WWE Corporate Officers in the Janel Grant lawsuit, with the names filled in to help you better understand who was named in the suit.

Again, the full lawsuit can be read at, and it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with everything detailed in the lawsuit before making any comments or having any opinions on the case.

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