AEW Revolution 2024
March 3, 2024
Greensboro Coliseum
Greensboro, North Carolina

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Steve Case: Who is excited to celebrate the career of one of the most iconic professional wrestlers of all time? This writer has previewed many an AEW PPV, but leave it to the Stinger to bring him in for a review. This show looks to have the potential to be a classic without the Sting retirement match, so strap in! Oh by the way! The brilliant, creative, and loving wife of this reviewer (who WAAAY outkicked his coverage) wrote a wrestling childrens book! It would look great in a fancy Easter basket……

Sean Sedor: After finishing off a NASCAR Cup Series race in Las Vegas, Sean is ready to go for Sting’s Retirement Show in Greensboro, which has the potential to be one of the best cards of the year! You can find Sean on Twitter @SASedor2994. If you’re interested in some of Sean’s other escapades, you can watch him play the Formula 1 games on YouTube (just search his name and you’ll find the channel), and you can also go to the Be The Booker forums if you’d like to check out Sean’s EWR Diary, where he plays as WCW (started in 1998, currently in August of 2002).

Bang Bang Scissors Gang def. Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Private Party, Satnam Singh, and Willie Mack

Steve: Willie Mack is with Private Party now? Alrighty then. Thick Gunn boy doing the Road Dogg dance (poorly) and Jarrett’s goons strutting in unison with him on the outside popped me. This was a perfectly fine opener, until they started the finisher spamming and things fell apart. Satnam is intimidating, but he can hardly move and was botching throwing people over the ropes. Jay ended things with the pin, and after took the mic and a slight shot at Max for botching his rap. He then proceeded to remind folks that he’s pretty good on the stic, teasing something for the Boston show. Okada perhaps? **

Sean: I have to say, I wasn’t sure about the new Bullet Club Gold theme at first, but it’s definitely grown on me. The Bang Bang Scissor Gang controlled things early until Jeff Jarrett tagged into the bout. Anthony Bowens would go on an offensive flurry until he was cut off after a distraction by….guess who….Double J. He then gets worked over until he makes the hot tag to Billy Gunn, who briefly runs wild until he gets cut off (sensing a pattern here). The match broke down even further after Billy made the tag to Jay White, and after the two teamed together to take down Satnam Singh, White put Willie Mack away with the Blade Runner to pick up the win. A perfectly fine/inoffensive match. If you missed it, no need to go back and watch it. You missed absolutely nothing. **1/2 

Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale (with Stokely Hathaway) def. Julia Hart & Skye Blue

Steve: Let’s talk about Julia Hart. She has had this look, aura, persona down tremendously. She’s been improving in the ring as well, though she still has a bit to go. It looked like she got her bell rung, or maybe Willow knocked her wind out in the sloppy sunset counter. She showed some guts in the end though, hitting a beautiful moonsault for a nearfall. If she keeps improving in the ring, she can be a difference maker in the women’s division. 

This was a nice little prelim match! They worked pretty snug throughout and had some old school tag wrestling. It had some sloppy moments in the back half, but overall I don’t think you can ask for a lot more here. ***

Sean: This is Julia Hart’s first match in over six weeks (she’d been dealing with an injury). Stat and Willow had the advantage in the first few minutes until Julia and Sky were able to isolate Willow. Once Stat was able to tag back in, it became a more back-and-forth affair, Willow ultimately scoring the victory for her team after hitting Skye Blue with a pounce and the Doctor Bomb. Definitely a better bout than the twelve-man tag that came before it, but it’s not one that you need to go out-of-your-way to see if you missed it. I guess we’ll see if this result sets Willow up for a TBS Title shot down the line. Not a ton to complain about with this one. ***

AEW TNT Title Match
Christian Cage (c) (with The Patriarchy) def. Daniel Garcia

Steve: This was an odd choice to open the show. There was nothing wrong with the match, it was quite good actually, though opening with a match that’s finish is directly impacted by interference is interesting on this night. I know it keeps Christian’s heat, but I don’t think he needs that. Also, how great is Christian? He’s always been solid, but it really seems that he has aged like fine wine. The leg selling in this match was superb. Whenever they do decide to give Garcia a big moment, the crowd will lose their minds. That is, unless they miss the peak, like they have with him a few times already. I feel like he can be the next Danielson, so I hope they don’t make the crowd lose faith. ***1/2

Sean: Daniel Garcia came out wearing a jacket with scorpions all over it. After a slow opening exchange, Christian Cage found an opening after faking an injury, and poked Garcia in the eye to gain control.While Garcia was able to go after Christian’s leg for a brief moment, Christian still had the advantage as he tried to get a countout. Gacia was able to survive the countout attempts, and started taking the fight to Christian after targeting the leg once again. At one point. Killswitch got involved and hit Garcia with a chokeslam, but Matt Menard ran down to take him out of the equation. Garcia got a few close nearfalls, though his efforts would ultimately came up short. Timely interference from Nick Wayne allowed Christian to take advance and secure the win. A pretty solid match to open the PPV with. It didn’t light the world on fire, but it told a nice story with Garcia trying to overcome the odds before the interference proved to be too much. With shows in Canada (more specifically Toronto) coming up, you would think that we’re heading to one final showdown between Christian and Adam Copeland, but we’ll see what happens. ***1/2 

AEW Continental Title / NJPW STRONG Openweight Title / ROH World Title Match
Eddie Kingston (c) def. Bryan Danielson

Steve: LOVE the backstage entrances. I always have. It gives matches such a big fight feel. And boy did these two DELIVER. These two beat the ever loving hell out of each other. It was hard, stiff, realistic, and both men sold beautifully. Eddie’s performance here was outstanding. The arm selling, the facials, the usage of the off arm to fight, the struggle, all of it. And Bryan Danielson. I know many already have, but we need to seriously start talking about this dude being the greatest to ever do it. He does every part of pro wrestling and in every style better than 99.9% of any wrestlers to ever do it. That is WITH his WWE time taken into consideration. Outstanding match. ****1/2

Sean: The crowd is HOT for this one, as we get dueling chants for both guys as the match gets started. After the initial opening exchanges, Bryan Danielson nailed the first big blow of the match with a suplex off the apron to the floor. From there, Danielson began working over the arm of Kingston. The defending champion would respond with an Exploder Suplex and a DDT before trying the Stretch Plum. Despite this brief comeback, Danielson would soon regain the advantage and continued to work over the arm. A top rope butterfly suplex was followed by more submission attempts, but Kingston was able to respond not long after. Danielson worked over Kingston’s hands after Kingston had connected with some backfists, and followed up with his Running Knee and the same submission he beat Kingston with on Wednesday. Kingston managed to survive the hold, and the crowd was REALLY fired up at this point. A half-n-half suplex exchange led to a standing ovation from the crowd as they were rallying behind Eddie Kingston. After a vicious strike exchange, Kingston was finally able to connect with the Kawada Powerbomb to score the win. An amazing back-and-forth encounter that was filled with hard-hitting PRO-WRESTLING from start to finish. Danielson puts out yet another instant classic, while Kingston continues to show that he can deliver in these big-match situations. After the bout, Danielson delayed giving the handshake before he ultimately did so. It’s going to be hard to top this one for Match Of The Night. ****3/4

All-Star 8-Man Scramble Match
Wardlow def. Chris Jericho, Lance Archer, Brian Cage, Powerhouse Hobbs, Wardlow, Hook, Magnus & Dante Martin

Steve: This went from an impromptu meat madness match, which was kind of fun, to a dumpster fire. The little guys came in and everyone was needlessly waiting for years to take their turn, or just doing nothing for no reason. It was awkward and made absolutely no sense. There were botches and missed spots galore. They should have stuck with the big boys because they at least tried to hold things together. I normally don’t automatically hate multi-man matches, but this contained my least favorite part of them in abundance. Two or three guys doing something while everyone sells on the outside, until a pinfall attempt and then someone breaks it up. We got a cool Redrum, Walls of Jericho spot on Warlow, but other than that, this was too long, too much, and not good. Warlow wins. Yay. *3/4

Sean: Even though the fans sang along to Judas, the reaction to Jericho certainly wasn’t universal (maybe 60/40 cheering?). The four big guys in this one (Archer, Cage, Hobbs, and Wardlow) tossed everyone out of the ring before we got a little taste of what Meat Madness would’ve looked like. Archer managed to connect with his rope-walk moonsault before things broke down once again. The smaller wrestlers then all took turns hitting dives until HOOK nailed a dive from the top rope to the floor. Dante botched a major dive to the floor, but got right back in the thick of things. The coolest moment of the match BY FAR was Jericho and Mangus hitting simultaneous Lionsauts on Archer from opposite sides of the ring. After several more minutes of insanity, Warldlow ultimately scored the win, as he should have. For what this was, I enjoyed this match. Some sloppiness at points definitely takes it down a few notches, but I had a fun time watching it. ***1/4 

(Editor’s Note: Sean wasn’t feeling well, so he’s taking off for the night. Feel better, Sean!) 

AEW International Title Match
Roderick Strong def. Orange Cassidy (c)

Steve: This match rocked, and it’s the best Roddy has looked in maybe, 5 years? The many different backbreaker variations were quick and devastating, especially the top rope backbreaker that looked like it could have killed Orange. Orange has become such a complete wrestler. The true heart and soul of the company, putting his body on the line every week finally ran out of gas. The pacing of this match was terrific and Orange’s hope spots felt super inspired, but Roddy was a house of fire here. More of this from Roddy please. ****

Kyle O’Reilly returned after a 20-month absence and hugged Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett gave him an Undisputed Kingdom shirt to put on, but O’Reilly turned it down, whispered into Strong’s ear and left the ring.

Steve: Great to see KOR back, and I’m SUPER glad to see he didn’t jump right into Undisputed Er….I mean Kingdom. Kyle is the best of all those guys in my opinion, and I hope he is healthy enough to show it. Hopefully they are pivoting and breaking up the stable that has basically been DOA. 

Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley) def. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)

Steve: Initially, I was a little worried. This match started very slow. For the first half of the match, they worked this like a 1986 house show between big towns, and the crowd wasn’t really into it to boot. But once things got rolling, and Dax’s blood started flowing, everyone went from 2nd to 5th gear and we were treated with one kick ass tag team match. Claudio especially stood out here. If he suddenly admitted to being created by Skynet I would not be surprised. The man turned a top rope-assisted powerbomb into a powerslam and the rope-assisted European uppercut was outstanding. BCC winning surprised me, but maybe they will be the first big challengers for the eventual champions. ****1/4

AEW Women’s World Title Match
Toni Storm (w/Luther & Mariah May) (c) def. Deonna Purrazzo

Steve: From a technical standpoint, there was nothing wrong with this match. They even kept the schtick to a minimum. Another interference spot leads directly to the finish, but heels are going to heel I suppose. The big issue with this is NO ONE CARED. Mariah May came out dressed as old school Toni Storm with her music and the crowd popped big. Then when the 40’s starlet came out, not a noise was made. The crowd stayed that way the rest of the match. They didn’t care, commentary didn’t care, I didn’t care, and you shouldn’t care. A waste of one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world. **1/4

Will Ospreay def. Konosuke Takeshita

Steve: Full disclosure, my son threw up and needed a bath so I was not able to watch this live and it didn’t have my total focus. He’s now back in his crib, showered, and sleeping so I’ll cover this match and pass the baton to Fred. 

So this Ospreay kid might have a shot huh? Seriously though, what a way to make a debut! There really aren’t words to do this match justice. Just go watch it. Takeshita and Ospreay were perfect. The crowd was perfect. This match was perfect. My early match of the year. *****

AEW World Title Three-Way Match
Samoa Joe (c) def. Adam Page & Swerve Strickland

(Editor’s Note: The Good, The Bad & The Hungee co-host Fred Morlan tagged in here to help us with the final two matches of the night! Listen to GBH on the VOW Podcast Network.)

Fred: Hi everyone, your second favorite GBH host here. After a long weekend, I made it through Kingston-Danielson, which I gave a delirium-induced inflated grade (more inflated than usual), then went to bed. After Hungeecat II ran over my face a few times, I’m back fully conscious and watching this show. I imagine this is exactly what happened before JR joined the commentary table.

I’m on record saying that I didn’t terribly mind the build to this three way dance – it’s a relative rarity in the company as it’s only the 24th such match between singles wrestlers in the history of the company, per what I can pull from Cagematch. I think it played into the Hangman-Swerve feud well enough to let them have a dalliance in the World title picture but Joe leaves the champ because the other two are just too obsessed with each other.

I’m of two minds for this match. I had hoped for a great match, if not better, given these guys are all greats. We did not get that. We did get good storytelling with both Page turning further heel and Swerve solidifying babyface status by refusing to use Nana’s crown, as well as focusing on Page & Swerve hating each other more than wanting the championship, which should set up a big, final blow off in the not too distant future. It felt like we had concluded the storytelling part of the match and were going to a hot finish, when it just kind of ended. It wasn’t a bad match, I just selifhsly hoped for more.

I do think the story that Adam Page tapped out so Swerve would lose is a bit too clever for its own good. Given how they all recovered from big moves in this match, it’s well within the realm of reason that Page would have recovered by the time Swerve or Joe was in position to win again. ***1/2

AEW World Tag Team Title Tornado Match
Darby Allin & Sting (c) def. The Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson)

Fred: This is a tremendous way to let someone retire. Every part of this felt special, from getting Jim Ross back just in time to partner with Tony Schiavone, to the cinema video, to special entrances for Ricky Steamboat & Ric Flair, to the entrance with Sting’s Large Adult Sons and Metallica’s “Seek & Destroy.”

This quickly became chaos, which is what it needed to be. After an initial sequence where the Large Adult Sons hit a few Stinger splashes and Cry Me a River brand glass was introduced, we entered the “Bucks have periods of control while Darby tries to kill himself a few times” period as one could expect. Only Darby took one of the craziest bumps I’ve ever seen, where he did a Swanton off a massive ladder through a glass plate and immediately started bleeding way too much. I don’t even know what to say to that.

After, Sting makes a brief comeback before a great false finish with the Bucks hitting a power bomb, a low blow, and a Scorpion Death Drop for a near fall before the legends got involved, with Flair & Steamboat eating double superkicks. We got Sting kicking out of every big spot the Bucks had, including a second EVP Knee at one. Darby ran back out with more holes in him than should be physically possible, shoved Nicholas off the top through a table, and Coffin Dropped Matthew before Sting locked in the Scorpion Deathlock and got the win. After the match, Sting received a standing ovation with confetti and Metallica.

We got a couple minutes of PPV time where Darby led the crowd in cheering Sting, who thanked the crowd. They ran out of PPV time, with Sting saying “hold on, I’m getting cues” right before the feed cut. I bet something great is going to be on YouTube in the next 24 hours.

This is, at worst, on the same level of a retirement match as Michaels-Flair. That’s the only other thing that could possibly be compared to this.

On one level, you could certainly nitpick some aspects of this if you were so inclined – the Darby glass spot was insanely dangerous, and this was pretty far from the Sting-Flair Greensboro draw in terms of content. But let’s be real: the only ways you could hate this is if you genuinely can’t stand the sight of blood or you’re engaging with this from a stance that is completely built out of bad faith. Sting was made to feel like one of the greatest legends in wrestling history with this match and was treated with far more respect than any other retiring wrestler that isn’t Ric Flair at WrestleMania has ever been treated with.

To twist an old Bryan Alvarez (or Dave Meltzer, I’m tired and punchy and overwhelmed): the number of stars in the sky is infinite, and that I give that many stars to this match.

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