February 10, 2024
Knights of Columbus Hall
LaSalle, Illinois

Watch: IndependentWrestling.TV

DREAMWAVE is indie wrestling’s biggest success story over the last few years. The company, which dates back to 2009, went on hiatus in 2016 and, after a one-show return in 2019, felt like it was a footnote in Midwest indie wrestling history. The company returned under the same ownership in the summer of 2022 with renewed focus and drive. The result has been one of the area’s hottest indies with near-immediate sellouts and packed houses at the Knights of Columbus in LaSalle, Illinois.

Last night’s Run This Town was no exception as the show was super (SUPER) no vacancy standing room only in a building that felt like a sauna with the sheer number of bodies in attendance at the show.

One of the calling cards of DREAMWAVE is their ability to draw from wrestling fans across the state. Some come from Chicago proper, others, like myself, from the western suburbs of Chicago, and others like Flagship Patron Nick from the Bloomington/Normal area. If you don’t live in Illinois, you may need help understanding how difficult it is to get all these different regions to congregate in one place, but trust me, it is.

With all that said, I thought Run This Town was a mixed bag of a show that looked better on paper than in practice.

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