Wrestling is a scummy business. Always has been. And despite my optimism and desire to hope and fight for otherwise, I am beginning to think it always will be.

My stomach churns when I hear the innuendo, the rumors, the allegations that pop up about my favorites over the years, and I accept the reality it’s probably absolutely all true, my favorites are trash, and they should be called out as such. Horror story after horror story over the year, not taken seriously, not taken at face value, dismissed and forgotten over and over and over again. It’s because we value the entertainment and escapism pro wrestling gives us at the expense of ignoring the lives it destroys.

I admit that I’m no better, I’m a hypocrite. I’m going to AEW Revolution in less than a month. A company that employs Ric Flair, who doesn’t so much have skeletons in his closet as much as they have spilled out and piled up over the entire fucking house. Damn right, I’m a hypocrite, and no matter how much less I watch wrestling, no matter how little I follow it compared to how I used to, I can’t seem to give it up fully.

But I also find myself disgusted at the complete indifference we always find ourselves in a quick matter of time.

Just a short while ago, Vince McMahon and the entire WWE organization were shown for what it truly is—a seedy underbelly disguised as a respectful corporation. And too many of us buy into it hook, line, and sinker, even with the absolute facts smacking us right in the face. The report and the Janel Grant lawsuit made me sick; I couldn’t finish it. Not because I want to pretend it doesn’t exist, but as a victim of being taken advantage of and having so many victims of abuse in my life, it was overwhelming and appalling, and the anger and, yes, hatred that rose in me can not be measured by simple instruments.

And I thought my anger couldn’t bubble or fester anymore. But here it is boiling, bubbling, spilling out of a pot as I stare at this bullshit “We Want Cody” movement, a distraction manufactured by WWE and fans alike. Bullshit that is swallowed by the mouthful by both fans and alleged wrestling media alike. I have seen it plastered all over social media, drowning out the real issue, the real tragedy at hand, the tragedy of abuse, blackmail, extortion, and exploitation.

How the hell are our priorities so distorted?

In the grand scheme of things, who cares? Who cares if Cody Rhodes gets a fictional title shot against a fictional strong champion in Roman Reigns at WrestleMania? Lives have been destroyed and yet, people are more concerned with WWE’s booking of a WrestleMania main event.

#1 trending, constantly posted about, retweeted, discussed. Cody Rhodes is on the tip of many WWE fans (and even some non-fans) tongues, and I find myself tragically worried that this smoke screen that fans are willing to participate in is deluding the real matter at hand.

The matter is that Vince McMahon and the whole WWE system are a vile, disgusting factory of abuse, both historical and recent.

Are there those who keep trying to make it better? Absolutely, and my hats off to them for fighting against the insurmountable odds. I appreciate it, but when fans are willing to shrug their shoulders and ignore the realities, what are the chances of even the smallest victory? It is upsetting and disappointing, and not the first time it has happened.

Vince McMahon could appear on wrestling television shortly, and many would bow and scream, “Thank you, Vince.”

There is precedent, after all.

This isn’t an article; this is a rant, and it’s ranting at all of you who continuously put on blinders with the WWE. All of you who are posting your Cody Rhodes hashtags, and making your little Cody got screwed/passed over tweets.

In the grand scheme of things, what does it fucking matter? That is fiction, spend some time in reality just for a little bit and realize there are larger things are stake, larger crimes at hand, and worse offenses committed, if you feel like you are getting upset, targetted, or offended by this article, I’m probably talking to you.

Ignoring the problem never causes it to go away. It allows it to grow, to fester, to thrive. Too many wrestling fans are willing to ignore reality because it interrupts their fantasy. Your fantasy deserves to be interrupted, and every single one of you who is ignoring the major issues at hand in exchange for a fictional storyline where there are no actual victims in play, I never want to hear a single word out of you about how you care and are concerned. You’re not.

I feel so defeated. Whenever you think change is going to happen, accountability is going to happen; it slips away. Abusers get promoted, rapist get defended, blackmailers are celebrated, and in the end, the entire WWE machine pumps on, it’s black smoke filling our lungs and deceiving our eyes.

This is me at my most pessimistic. Nothing will change because deep down inside, many of you don’t want change. You want your favorites to win and your least favorite to lose. You want your stories finished and your fantasy intact. And if WWE gives you an out and allows you to achieve just that, you gladly grasp it.

So go ahead and chant “We Want Cody” all you want. Boo and complain about The Rock all you want.

Your true colors have been shown, and they are yellow.