Supreme Fight 2024
February 4, 2024
Edion Osaka Arena No. 1
Osaka, Japan

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Mai Sakurai vs. HANAKO vs. Ranna Yagami

Supreme Fight 2024 kicks off with a few undercard matches before getting to the important bouts — and this is likely to be on the preshow.

Nonetheless, one of the best parts of STARDOM in 2024 so far has been watching the rookies compete and this match gives us a chance to watch two. HANAKO is the one most likely to get the win between the two as her growth as part of EXV will be important. Truthfully, she should be built up out of the three in this match so she should be able to focus on Ranna Yagami and keep Mai Sakurai away from stealing the win.

It’s time the powerhouse starts getting the chance to show what she’s made of. That needs to start here. Prediction: HANAKO

Miyu Amasaki, Lady C & Sayaka Kurara vs. Natsuko Tora, Momo Watanabe & Ruaka

Let’s not make this complicated. Oedo Tai is the complete trio here while Miyu Amasaki and Lady C are joined by the winless (but impressive) rookie Sayaka Kurara. As much as I love what Kurara has shown in her first handful of matches, it’s hard to believe she will be finding her first win any time soon, let alone in this bout. Prediction: Natsuko Tora, Momo Watanabe & Ruaka

Ami Sohrei & Saki Kashima vs. wing*gori (Hanan & Saya Iida)

The rivalry that started back in October 2022 when Ami Sourei defeated Hanan for the Future of Stardom Championship has been reignited. Sohrei has a problem with Hanan and it’s apparent every single time they face one another. It hasn’t been too surprising after Hanan pinned Sohrei a few weeks back. It’s all the crazier when it feels like Hanan is climbing up the STARDOM mountain every match while Sohrei has comfortably fallen into her spot as the No. 3 in God’s Eye. They’re on different paths but it’s led to some of the best work of Sohrei in quite some time, so we’ll take it.

Hanan and Saya Iida are the NEW BLOOD Tag Team Champions — they should not be losing this match. A Saki Kashima Revival for the win wouldn’t be shocking but the champs need to win when they’re teaming up. Prediction: Hanan & Saya Iida

Future of Stardom Championship
Rina (c) vs. Yuzuki

Rina will defend the Future of Stardom Championship against rookie phenom, Yuzuki. This is the biggest Future Title match in a bit as it’ll be the first time the title is featured on pay-per-view since MidSummer Champions on June 29, 2022. The importance of Yuzuki has been clear since she made her debut. “The Moon Arrow” won the Rookie of STARDOM tournament to start the year and she has looked like a superstar.

The new STARS member is gaining steam in short order, racking up huge victories as a result. Her Rolling Arrow flash pin has already been utilized as a showstopper-type move. It’s the move that can potentially win her the Future of Stardom Championship.

Defeating Rina will not be easy. The champion is nearing her sister’s 294 days as champion — and she’s likely to get there with a win. This would be her fifth successful defense as well if she can take down Yuzuki, but this does feel like a new champion will be crowned when it’s all said and done. Yuzuki is the first rookie since Utami Hayashishita to feel instantly special. She’s on her way to being special and this feels like step one. Prediction: Yuzuki

High-Speed Championship
Mei Seira (c) vs. Hazuki

The biggest High-Speed Championship match in a long time.

Mei Seira will face her toughest test yet at Supreme Fight 2024 when she goes head-to-head with Hazuki. Seira has already shown that she wants to be remembered among the greatest when it comes to the High-Speed Championship, taking on challenges left and right since winning the belt. Just two weeks ago, she successfully defended the title against Fukigen Death and didn’t wait long to let Hazuki know that she wanted her as next up.

The reason there’s so much intrigue in this match is that Hazuki does not lose singles match for the High-Speed Championship. Seriously. Since winning the championship back in 2018, Hazuki is 8-0 in singles matches with the belt on the line and was never pinned when she lost the High-Speed Title in a three-way. It should also be noted that Hazuki is just a far better wrestler now than she was back then, adding in the main event knowledge and seasoning that you get with the years.

If this match stole the show and was the match of the night, I wouldn’t at all be shocked. And while it feels like everything is against Seira here, it’s hard to pick against someone who is finding their stride like she is. Hazuki doesn’t need the High-Speed Championship — she deserves more than that right now. Losing to Seira isn’t the end of the world in a high-speed matchup. Prediction: Mei Seira

Tam Nakano & Yuna Mizumori vs. Mina Shirakawa & Waka Tsukiyama

Tam Nakano is officially back and she will make her in-ring return in this match.

She will team with Yuna Mizumori against her former Cosmic Angels stablemates Mina Shirakawa and Waka Tsukiyama. All this match will be about is how Nakano looks when she returns to the ring. The last time we saw her in the ring was on October 9th. She defended the World of Stardom Championship against Natsuko Tora before injuring her knee at the end of the match.

Seeing that Nakano never lost the championship, if she can get right back into the win column in this match, she has to have her eyes on the main event. Not only do I expect Nakano and Mizumori to get the win, but if she doesn’t challenge at the end of the night, it’ll be a real shock. The Cosmic Angels leader wants her belt back and she’s made that abundantly clear in the lead-up to her return. Prediction: Tam Nakano

13th Anniversary Special Tag
Mayu Iwatani, Utami Hayashishita, Nanae Takahashi & AZM vs. Giulia, Syuri, Suzu Suzuki & MIRAI

Who doesn’t love an all-star tag team match? Especially one with so much STARDOM history in that match.

To celebrate the 13th Anniversary of STARDOM, we’ll see two superteams formed as Mayu Iwatani, Utami Hayashishita, AZM, and Nanae Takahashi team up to face Giulia, Syuri, Suzu Suzuki, and MIRAI at Supreme Fight 2024. In many ways, this is STARDOM homegrown versus Donna del Mondo plus Suzu Suzuki. Either way, this match is going to be a great time and it doesn’t really matter who walks out as the winner — but let’s talk about it anyway.

No one in this match has had a better start to the year than Mayu Iwatani following her IWGP Women’s Championship defense against Syuri at Ittenyon Stardom Gate 2024. But the Iwatani-led team is a bit more split than their opposition. Team DDM feels like they’re well on their way to winning unless there are problems among former allies. AZM feels like the wrestler who will be taking the loss in this match but the magic of her skills is that she could also pin anyone on the other team.

This match is a toss-up and it will come down to the wire but if this was the best match of the night, I’m not sure anyone would be surprised. Prediction: Giulia, Syuri, Suzu Suzuki & MIRAI

Wonder of Stardom Championship
Saori Anou (c) vs. Starlight Kid

Saori Anou will make her first Wonder of Stardom Championship defense as Starlight Kid will officially challenge.

This match is a big one for Supreme Fight 2024. It should go without saying, all things considered. A first defense for any new champion gives us an idea of what to expect from a champion. But what makes this challenge all the bigger is how important this match is for Starlight Kid.

2023 was a bad year for “The Black Tiger” of STARDOM. She didn’t find much success and any time she had a big opportunity, it seemingly fell flat. Not only is this match a chance for Starlight Kid to get back on track, but she can reverse everything that didn’t go her way last year. It’s long been felt that winning the Wonder of Stardom Championship was part of the SLK’s destiny and truthfully, it wouldn’t be all too surprising if she got the win and left Anou looking at a V0 reign.

Anou is ready for a long title reign in STARDOM after her past year. The Artist of Stardom Championship reign in REstart didn’t last like anyone believed it would. The Goddesses of Stardom Championship reign ended prematurely due to Natsupoi’s injury. This feels like the one that it should be. Her work over the last year speaks for itself — she’s been a legitimate MVP for the promotion.

Both of these wrestlers need a win but more importantly, they need this match to be a home run. They’re capable of it. Predicting this one isn’t as easy as it should be on defense No. 1 but Anou shouldn’t be losing with a match against a returning Natsupoi feels like it’s right around the corner. Prediction: Saori Anou

World of Stardom Championship
Maika (c) vs. Saya Kamitani

Supreme Fight 2024 has a major main event as Maika defends the World of Stardom Championship against Saya Kamitani.

I once titled this duo “The Golden Rivalry.” Not just due to being part of the Golden Generation of STARDOM, but because their rivalry was becoming so much more than that. It became the rivalry of the competitors and it now leads to this match.

There isn’t a scarier first challenger for Maika than Kamitani. Why? Because in every major match, Kamitani has had the advantage and earned the win. In their two most important matches against one another, Kamitani came out on top. First, it was the Cinderella Tournament Final in 2021 where Kamitani was crowned the winner and Maika was left looking for answers. Fast forward to 2022 when Maika challenged for the Wonder of Stardom Championship and again, she came up short to “The Golden Phoenix.”

Overall, Kamitani has a 3-1-1 record over “The Empress.” Oh, and she’s been tremendous since her return from injury. Not only has she added to her arsenal but she looks like she never missed a minute at that.

This is a defense where Maika needs to bring more than just her A-game because Kamitani knows what it takes to get the job done. It’s why this match is the most important of Maika’s career. Becoming a champion is one thing, proving you’re a champion is another. That’s why this defense is perfect.

STARDOM is behind Maika as the World of Stardom Champion. We know the fans are too. Denying her any chance of showing why she deserves this spot would be a mistake.

EXV’s leader is going to hit that Michinoku Driver II and look forward to what’s next when this is over. Not because Kamitani doesn’t deserve to be champion but it’s because Maika needs this win. Prediction: Maika

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