Happy Valentine’s Day, pro wrestling fans! When I couldn’t find a Valentine for the man who powerbombed my heart, I made some. Feel free to share. 

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Chris Jericho Valentines

This Valentine was inspired by Chris Jericho.

No one can break down the walls to your heart quite like yourself. Look no further than the mirror, and be your own best Valentine.

Toni Storm Juice Robinson

This Valentine was inspired by Toni Storm and Juice Robinson.

And also by home repair.

The common theme? Things from different decades that somehow just work, like former components of our HVAC system. Find yourself a Hollywood heartthrob, but don’t forget to change your filter.

Jon Moxley Renee Paquette

This Valentine was inspired by Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette.

For that special person who elevates your wound above their heart and applies a firm pressure, I take thee in sickness and in health, and in forehead blading.