Coming in at #10 in the Voices of Wrestling 2023 Match of the Year countdown is the brutal strap match between Ricky Starks and Bryan Danielson from AEW All Out 2023.


Bryan Danielson vs. Ricky Starks

Overall Points: 347
Total Votes: 63
% of Ballots: 28.51%
6 First-Place Votes

Violence, glorious violence. I’ve never cringed so much during a match at the very real punishment these two were going through. It was brutal, bloody, and it felt like these two wanted to legitimately kill each other. A stunning display of violence between two rivals who only had a week to built a match.” -Andrew Kelly

A match that reminds me of why I love this stuff in the first place. Ricky Starks’s ability to filter his very real frustrations into the work, makes for a genuine performance to perfectly accompany the sheer brutality of the stipulation. Few are better than Bryan Danielson at firing up (on one arm no less), and I wish I could’ve bottled the energy in the United Center during that final stretch.

The perfect storm, and a career performance from Ricky Starks.” -Stevan Savich

I thought this was pro-wrestling perfection and the greatest strap match of all time. It’s a match that was fantastic in the moment, but enhanced by Bryan’s comments in the post show media scrum where he praised Ricky for carrying him through the match as he was still limited with his arm injury. Watching it a 2nd time, you notice how little Bryan actually does with his right arm, he doesn’t lift anything heavier than the strap the entire match. It’s double-edged sword kind of protection as the necessary smoke and mirrors to protect him came at the cost of 100 whips of the leather strap. Probably the first thing that comes back to my mind that defines the match is the back and forth whips to the fucking face. I’ve seen so many back and forth elbow exchanges or Kobashi-Sasaki chop battle tributes in my time that those type of spots fall a little flat, but I’ve never seen something like this where the guys are taking it in turns to whack each other in the side of the head with the strap. The noises are disgusting and the fans are wincing in the crowd at the brutality on display. This slap battle seemed to awaken ‘The Dragon’ in Danielson as he hulked up, switched up the gears and unleashed patented Danielson kicks in-between whips. They nailed the finish too. When Bryan locks in the LeBell lock, it’s nice, but you’re hoping he’ll utilise the strap to put that cherry on the icing. Seconds later that’s exactly what he does when Starks tries to fight out of the submission and Bryan switches to choking him out with the strap. Starks is so wonderful in his death here – he turns purple, his eyes bug out of his head, he screams, he looks like Douglas Quaid suffocating on Mars in Total Recall and then everything goes limp. Magic.” -Ed Mills

On 8/11/2023 I survived a mass shooting in the backyard of a house during a punk rock show. My friend August died and seven others were injured during this horrific attack. I needed some time away from the city after some intense grieving and made the last minute decision to travel to Chicago to see AEW All Out. I had moved from Florida to Minnesota in 2022 so I have been to more AEW shows than the average fan, but this one was different. I had my recent peprsonal trauma coupled with CM Punk’s firing the day before I went into this show hoping that the magic of pro wrestling could help me escape for a couple of hours. And it sure did. Bryan Danielson is my favorite wrestler of all time, the only man who was capable of getting me to pay to see Wrestlemania. He wasn’t even on the card until Collision the day before. When the first notes of The Final Countdown played through the United Center I got goosebumps, and started to tear up. Bryan was here to show the beauty of the sport of professional wrestling. The struggle of will power between two people hell bent on proving they are the best. The cracks of the leather strap as Ricky Starks and Bryan Danielson hit each other reverberated throughout the arena. I vicersally felt them. They were reminders that life is tough but worth it. That pain can produce beauty. That advertsity can be overcome to create greatness. Ricky Starks worked great, he was vicious while show boating. He never gave up to the point that Bryan had to choke him until he passed out. Bryan was cocky, knowing he was better the whole time but worked hard to bring out a new level of violence from Ricky. They both came out of this match looking better than they did going into it, and I felt better about my life and recent experiences. That I can overcome anything life throws at me and come out the other side tougher, changed, and more beautiful for it.” -Nikki Derella

This match is very emotional for me and just proves how important and how amazing a pro wrestling Bryan Danielson is. The man came back when the company needed him after just breaking his arm three months before. The work he did to help solidify Rick Starks, with the brutality and violence they both unleashed on each other moved me so much. This will sound very corny, but I don’t care because I love this shit, but in the last 90 seconds of the match and after the finish I began to cry and breakdown from pure joy and excitement. This match just is so good and why I love pro wrestling. Bryan Danielson is a master at his craft, and it will be a sad dark day when he steps away again but under his own volition.” -FAR5222

Bryan Danielson vs. Ricky Starks and AEW All Out 2023 are one in the same. Heading into both the match and event, my expectations for each were pretty low. Sure, Danielson is one of the greatest to ever do it. And yes, more often than not, AEW PPVs deliver. But this match with Starks came on the heels of the firing of CM Punk, feeling like a rushed strap match while All Out had such little build, it was hard to get excited for the show. However, by the end of the night, it was apparent that All Out was an incredible show and a major reason why was how great Danielson vs. Starks was. These two destroyed each other in the best strap match I’ve ever seen. They didn’t hold back and the strap wasn’t a burden, but lifted the match to new heights. Starks was made in one night while Danielson, returning from injury, once again put on a match to remember.” -Scott Edwards

An alternate-universe match that was probably better than it would have been. Danielson brings such a unique intensity that shoots this match to the top. I can still hear that strap shot to Ricky’s back.” -Ryan Neitzey

After the darkest of weeks for AEW, it felt like this match nearly on its own saved the promotion, or at least reaffirmed that all will be ok. I’m also convinced there isn’t a wrestling related situation Bryan Danielson can’t save – even with 1 arm. Ricky Starks was also incredible to his credit” -Mark O’Brien

Bryan Danielson and Ricky Starks were in a difficult position heading into this match. Starks had been in a program with CM Punk which appeared to be headed for a showdown in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. Instead of seeing the culmination of a multi-month feud in a bloody strap match involving their hometown hero, Chicago learned that CM Punk had been fired from AEW just the day before. Starks still got the strap match at All Out, but it had a one day build and was against the returning Bryan Danielson. While the risk of disappointing the fans in Chicago was high, Bryan Danielson proved why he was the original “Best in the World” before CM Punk adopted the moniker, and “Absolute” Ricky Starks stepped up to have the absolute best match of his career.” -Adam Berger

This was a match which came together on 24 hrs notice due to the firing of CM Punk. It became Ricky Starks’ finest hour in AEW, and what would define Bryan Danielson’s 2023, as he exhibited genius through limitation. I was always looking for the great Ricky Starks match to make me see what so many others saw in him, and this fit the bill, as even Danielson said Ricky carried him through this bout. This was visceral violence over 16 minutes. Ricky would rather let his body fail him than quit, and through his desperation, he walked out of that match a different man than how he entered it.” -Rich Latta

I can’t believe a decade of our lives was wasted watching Daniel Bryan wrestle. His AEW run has been such a gift, not because of any “epics” he’s produced, but because of the violent matches like this that he’s uncorked. I hate that we missed out on this for so long. Every bit as violent as his feud vs. Takeshi Morishima or his feud vs. Homicide, this was Peak Danielson.” -Case Lowe

Loved the simple story of this brutal match: Danielson beating the shit out of Starks so much that it forced Starks to raise his game to a more violent level. AEW is so lucky they had Danielson to step in to essentially replace Punk’s spot in this match, and in the company, overall. This match was the start of a run of matches that cemented Danielson as the wrestler of the year in AEW.” -Jays Retro

I was at this match live and I’ll never forget it. The sound of those straps throughout the United Center had my friends and me just wincing and pacing back and forth. Not only that, it was an amazing violent match that made me worry how Ricky was coming out of it. Plus, Danielson entered with “The Final Countdown”, possibly the only time in my life I will hear that song and Danielson in the same building at the same time. Epic entrance, amazing match, and both men gave it all in a performance that was needed in AEW that weekend. In what was an amazing show, Danielson and Starks just fucking killed it in the best match of the night and one of the best of the year.” -Abraham Delgado

Is it too over-dramatic to say that this match saved the company? Or rather, it saved the company’s perception in the eyes of the fans, at least? Bryan Danielson and Ricky Starks reminded everyone watching that the best way to turn around weeks/months of bad press and negative fan sentiment is just to let to fantastic pro wrestlers get in the ring and make magic together..” -Liam Renner

Possibly the single greatest strap match of all time, and I’ve seen pretty nearly all the strap matches that are on tape. Ricky Starks perplexes me; he’s very much a wrestler who does not always deliver 100%, but he more than carried his end here, and Bryan Danielson is still, improbably, the GODDAMN AMERICAN DRAGON. Just pure brutality in the best way possible.” -Justin Harman aka DJ Convoy

CM Punk “brought” Ricky Starks into the main event scene, and Bryan Danielson made him look like he deserves to stay there. Another brutal match, a consistent theme throughout the year. Bryan didn’t seem 100% physically, but his experience and in-ring IQ allowed him to conceal it very well and even turn it into an advantage.” -Dan Duca

Danielson’s insistence on having 5 star matches in stipulations that always seemed impossible to have 5 star matches had it’s latest chapter on a night where it needed it. On the weekend where CM Punk got fired, AEW needed a slam dunk and in Danielson handing out lashes of the strap like fines to disobedient wrestlers, they got one.” -Peter Edge

Just thinking about this match reminds me of what a whirlwind this weekend was. Saturday alone was wild enough, with the news coming out that AEW had fired CM Punk, and then witnessing Tony Khan come out before the Collision taping later that day to explain to the crowd why they had to fire Punk. There wound up being a silver lining in that dark cloud, however, as we soon got the revelation that Bryan Danielson would be making a sooner-than-expected return from his broken arm to face Ricky Starks in a Strap Match the next night at All Out. Even though I was excited to see Danielson back in action, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, especially with the questions surrounding Danielson’s arm and how healed it truly was. When the dust settled, not only did it surpass my expectations, but it wound up being an incredible contest that stole the show that night in Chicago. These two worked their asses off here, and their efforts resulted in (maybe) one of the best strap matches I’ve ever seen. As someone who was there live, I still remember the moment when Danielson absolutely went to town on Starks with the strap. I could not believe how loud those shots were. Of course, to nobody’s surprise, Danielson was excellent, but Starks more than held up his end of things here as well. It’s fair to say that this was easily the best match of Ricky’s entire career. The fact that Danielson came out to The Final Countdown (the second time I had seen Danielson come out to that song in person this year) was the cherry on top of what was an amazing Strap Match from start-to-finish.” -Sean Sedor

Completely unexpected masterpiece. The greatest strap match of all time that was thrown together at the last possible moment before the ppv card was finalized. Bryan Danielson returns to the ring after suffering a broken arm that’s not even all the way healed to literally “whip” Ricky Starks into shape as he is the pissed off young star who keeps having his moment taken away from him by circumstances out of his control. This felt like Danielson initiating Starks into pro wrestling stardom. They beat the “absolute” (Ricky Starks haha) crap out of each other. This was a star making performance for Starks and another banger by Bryan Danielson. Danielson’s bloody face was one of the best images to cone out of wrestling in 2023. The brutality, the violence, the drama, the story as clear as day. Yo, they were hitting each other in the face with the strap. Ridiculous. I would say this was the biggest pleasant surprise of 2023 for me. Bryan Danielson is the greatest of all time.” -Noveliss

Talk about a top tier last minute replacement. Ricky Starks’ momentum was built on his character getting that big match with CM Punk, then one week out from the big match that stage was seemingly taken away from him…

Out comes Bryan “by God almighty” Danielson to sub in and deliver the greatest strap match I’ve ever seen on a whim. Violent in every way you wanted, bloody in a perfectly measured way to sell the war playing out in front of us and escalating white hot to let Ricky Starks rise to the challenge like this spotlight was always meant to do.

The whipping these two men gave each other that night in Chicago was truly something else.” -Matt Maher (aka Imp)

“Bryan Danielson, the namesake of the Wrestling Observer’s technical wrestler of the year award, spent 2023 demanding respect as one of the best blood and guts brawlers in the sport. Despite that, it’s Ricky Starks who is absolutely the star in this match. In addition to the gleeful sadism one expects from wrestlers in a bloodbath, Starks showed depth as a performer and character, with his emotions written on his face throughout the battle. Late in the match, with Danielson refusing to show weakness under a torrent of blistering strap attacks, Starks makes one of the most human selling choices I’ve ever seen. His arms become heavy, the strap swings lose their snap, and he despairs. He’s supposed to be the star, this was his match to prove what he knows to be true to everyone else. But as the match approaches its conclusion, the despair turns into a stubborn refusal to submit to reality. With panic-tinged defiance in his eyes, he forces the final moments to be about him – his guts, his toughness. The star gets his spotlight, right before the lights go out. ” -Jeff Martin

The visual of Starks passing out in the strap-assisted LaBell Lock is one I won’t soon forget.” -George Atsaves

I have 3 Bryan Danielson matches in my top ten and they couldn’t be more different from one another. He is the greatest to ever do it, and he might be better than ever.” -Casey Fiore

One of the best visuals of 2023 was Ricky Starks getting choked out by Bryan Danielson. Ricky conveyed a huge swath of emotions in just 30 seconds, with no words. No in-ring monologues needed, thank you very much.” -Elliot Imes

Some matches have charm, others have violence. This match has the most leather straps to the face you’ll see outside of fetish porn, and I think that’s all you really need to know to judge its value. A career elevating performance from Starks.” -Jason Westhaver

2023 was a preposterous year for wrestling. One of the best singles matches of all time. One of the best tag matches of all time. The best Iron Man match of all time. And this nasty little beauty, the best strap match of all time. What makes this match even more impressive is that it was done almost on the fly, with Danielson stepping in to replace disgraced former pro-wrestler Phil Brooks. But, unusually for this type of list, it wasn’t Danielson who was the star of the show here. Starks brought this match out of the TV and into your sitting room with his incredible performance. You felt every crack of the whip, relished every sadistic turn of the table and gasped with him as he passed out, struggling for breath in the dying seconds. Starks has the most emotive face in wrestling and that’s why the revolution MUST be televised.” -Martin Hearty

Hey, when you lose your pay per view main event because CM Punk tried to beat everybody up backstage? Sometimes you just take what you’ve got and say fuck it, Bryan Danielson. Bryan Danielson came back for this match on basically one day’s notice, still healing from a broken arm, so the match had to be simple and it was about as simple as it gets: Bryan Danielson and Ricky Starks are tied together by a strap and they hit each other with it a lot. The highlight (besides all the parts where a guy gets hit by a leather strap) is Ricky Starks’ excellent facial selling, from the frustration when Bryan powers up through the repeated hits of the strap, to his eyes bugging out as Bryan chokes him out and his defiance gives way to resignation as he passes out. Sometimes you wonder if AEW fully understands what they have in Ricky Starks. After matches like this, I really really hope they fully figure it out.” -Jeff Ahmed

They whip each other in the face a million times and it rules. What else do you want me to say?” -S. Dakota Jones

This was the horniest AEW match of 2023″ -Skeach101

AEW needed a win. Cast against the backdrop of a top star’s removal, Ricky Starks needed to maintain his relevance, and the All Out card needed to keep the record of top tier AEW PPVs going. Bryan Danielson rushes back, proves his commitment to AEW, both saving a show and affirming a star on the rise. Absolutely incredible match, making every Strap match before or since look like child’s play.” -Marty Day

Sometimes missed opportunities can lead to incredible results and this was exactly the catch in this matchup. Ricky Starks found himself opposite an American Dragon with cruel intentions who performed this match with one arm. It was a match of high emotion and intensity that simply should not have been possible to achieve.” -Trish Speirs

Every year, I go to Chicago for AEW’s Labor Day weekend PPV. And every year, they produce a match that I believe is the best I’ve ever seen live. This was a late replacement after the latest eruption of Mount Brooks, but you would never know it. These two beat on each other like they had been feuding for years. You could hear the strap shots up in the cheap seats. An incredible feat in Danielson’s incredible 2023, made even more unbelievable when you remember Danielson had just barely been cleared from a broken arm.” -Suit Williams

A match that not only stole the show, but managed to stand out as unique when 2023 was a year that had so many high level matches that were of the death match variety. However, Ricky Starks is a young talent that is at his absolute best when he’s enduring unimaginable suffering. And Bryan Danielson is simply one of the best to ever step into the ring. Given as well the level of intensity that is inherent to a Strap Match… you wouldn’t think so on paper… but these two were born for this kind of exhibition. Ironically, one wonders if these two will ever have another such match again…” -Reuel Castillo

Yo, if you’re down to take a leather strap to the face for my entertainment, I will ride with you for life.” -Jeremy Sexton

This was beautiful pro wrestling violence! Starks jumps Danielson before the bell and gives him some hard shot to the head with his weight belt to bust Danielson open. The match officially starts and Danielson is already on defense as he tries to cover up while Starks whips the hell out of him with the strap. Danielson starts to fight back and nails Starks with his own shots before using the strap to pull Starks into the ring post and busting him open. We now got an insane double juice strap match going on as Danielson unloads brutal strap shots on Starks! My God! Awesome moment as Starks starts whipping Danielson, only for Danielson to no sell it and whip him back, asking him if he is going to take it. Fucking awesome! Big Bill tries to get involved but Ricky Steamboat at ringside stops him. Danielson is cut in half by a Spear from Starks but only a 2 count. Roshambo attempt by Starks but Danielson slips out and hits a Busaiku Knee! Only 2 again! Danielson kicks Starks’ fucking head in and applies the LeBell Lock but Starks is fighting out of it! Danielson uses the strap to apply more pressure and Starks passes out! What a fucking match! Danielson fought from underneath like the fantastic babyface he is while Starks looked like a star in defeat after the grueling match both went through. The Greatest Strap Match of All Time! *****” -Alex Kalil

Voices of Wrestling 2023 Match of the Year
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2Will Ospreay vs. Kenny Omega06/25AEW104712054.30%1st
3Swerve Strickland vs. Adam Page11/18AEW95212958.37%1st
4MJF vs. Bryan Danielson03/05AEW69710145.70%1st
5Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr.10/01AEW4918438.01%1st
6Adam Page vs. Jon Moxley03/05AEW4547333.031st
7Tetsuya Naito vs. Will Ospreay08/12NJPW4087333.03%1st
8Fuminori Abe vs. Takuya Nomura10/12We Are Fighting Detectives3884721.27%1st
9Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kento Miyahara07/15NOAH3525725.79%1st
10Bryan Danielson vs. Ricky Starks09/03AEW3476328.51%1st
11Gunther vs. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus04/02WWE2775123.08%1st
12FTR vs. Bullet Club Gold07/15AEW2475223.53%1st
13Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kento Miyahara12/31AJPW2463415.38%1st
14Will Ospreay vs. Shota Umino11/04NJPW2324319.46%2nd
15Queen's Quest vs. Oedo Tai06/25Stardom1942410.86%1st
16Tetsuya Naito vs. Kazuchika Okada08/13NJPW1473616.29%1st
17Yuya Aoki vs. Yuji Okabayashi05/04BJW138229.95%1st
18Sareee vs. Arisa Nakajima08/25SEAdLINNNG1302812.67%2nd
19Jon Moxley vs. Orange Cassidy09/03AEW100229.95%3rd
20Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. The Usos04/01WWE98209.05%1st
21Kenny Omega vs. El Hijo del Vikingo03/22AEW942410.86%2nd
22Tam Nakano vs. Giulia04/23Stardom94156.79%1st
23Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair04/01WWE91219.50%2nd
24Saya Kamitani vs. Hazuki03/04Stardom86114.98%1st
25Master Wato vs. Titan05/28NJPW84198.60%1st
26Will Ospreay vs. Mike Bailey10/21Impact Wrestling76177.69%1st
27CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe08/27AEW76146.33%2nd
28Chris Brookes vs. Kazusada Higuchi05/21DDT71114.98%1st
29Volador Jr. vs. Angel de Oro09/16CMLL6894.07%1st
30Bryan Danielson vs. Rush02/08AEW67135.88%1st
31Kazuchika Okada vs. Kaito Kiyomiya02/21NOAH62135.88%1st
32Demus vs. Wotan03/26Zona 235994.07%1st
33Kenichiro Arai vs. GENTARO02/05Mutoha5594.07%1st
34Will Ospreay vs. Zack Sabre Jr.10/14NJPW51114.98%3rd
35Titan vs. Mascara Dorada09/29CMLL51104.52%1st
36Tomohiro Ishii vs. Luke Jacobs08/26RevPro50125.43%2nd
37Kazuchika Okada, Kenoh & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kaito Kiyomiya & Kento Miyahara06/09AJPW/NJPW/NOAH4973.17%1st
38Mascara Dorada 2.0 vs. Rocky Romero07/28CMLL4894.07%1st
39Kazuchika Okada vs. Shingo Takagi02/11NJPW47114.98%3rd
40Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Yuma Aoyagi11/05AJPW46114.98%3rd
41Will Ospreay vs. Yota Tsuji09/24NJPW45135.88%2nd
42Magical Sugar Rabbits, Miyu Yamashita, Rika Tatsumi & Shoko Nakajima vs. Daisy Monkey, Miu Watanabe, Moka Miyamoto & Yuki Arai12/01TJPW43104.52%2nd
43Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Elite05/28AEW4383.62%3rd
44Swerve Strickland vs. Adam Page10/01AEW4283.62%3rd
45Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Moxley12/30AEW4162.71%1st
46Kaito Kiyomiya & Yoshiki Inamura vs. Kazuchika Okada & Togi Makabe01/21NJPW4162.71%1st
47Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes04/02WWE4083.62%1st
48Crazy Lovers vs. Astronauts02/08BJW4083.62%3rd
49Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn02/18WWE3983.62%2nd
50Claudio Castagnoli vs. Eddie Kingston03/31ROH3973.17%2nd
51Mayumi Ozaki vs. Mio Momono08/07Marvelous3862.71%1st
52Bryan Danielson vs. Kazuchika Okada06/25AEW3752.26%3rd
53Bad Bunny vs. Damian Priest05/06WWE3662.71%1st
54FTR & Mark Briscoe vs. Blackpool Combat Club12/15ROH3594.07%2nd
55Samoa Joe vs. Darby Allin02/01AEW34104.52%5th
56Naoya Nomura & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Miyaken to Takuya01/22AJPW3373.17%4th
57MJF vs. Adam Cole08/27AEW3252.26%2nd
58Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Kenoh01/01NOAH3194.07%6th
59MJF vs. Kenny Omega10/28AEW3183.62%2nd
60Konosuke Takeshita vs. Kenny Omega09/03AEW3094.07%6th
61The Elite vs. Death Triangle01/11AEW3073.17%2nd
62Fujita Hayato & Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Fuminori Abe & Ikuto Hidaka07/08Michinoku Pro2952.26%1st
63Adam Priest vs. Anthony Henry01/20ACTION2952.26%2nd
64Athena vs. Willow Nightingale07/21ROH2883.62%5th
65Madoka Kikuta vs. Shun Skywalker05/05DG2652.26%4th
66Rocky Romero vs. Volador Jr.01/20CMLL2552.26%2nd
67Will Ospreay vs. Josh Alexander11/16Impact Wrestling2531.36%1st
68The Elite, Eddie Kingston & Tomohiro Ishii vs. Blackpool Combat Club06/25AEW2483.62%5th
69Dragon Kid and Shun Skywalker and Strong Machine J and Ultimo Dragon vs. Diamante07/02DG2462.71%3rd
70Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus09/02WWE2452.26%4th
71Tetsuya Naito vs. Keiji Muto02/21NOAH2441.81%1st
72Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Great Muta01/01NOAH2431.36%1st
73Best Friends, Eddie Kingston, Orange Cassidy & Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Blackpool Combat Club08/27AEW2373.17%5th
74CHAOS & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Blackpool Combat Club06/04NJPW2362.71%5th
75Giulia vs. Maya Yukihi03/04Stardom2341.81%3rd
76Mistico vs. Templario10/13CMLL2262.71%5th
77CHAOS & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. United Empire12/21NJPW2252.26%5th
78Shingo Takagi vs. Aaron Henare04/02NJPW2241.81%2nd
79Ilja Dragunov vs. Carmelo Hayes09/30WWE2241.81%5th
80Mercedes Mone vs. KAIRI02/18NJPW2173.17%5th
81Will Ospreay vs. Taichi02/04NJPW2062.71%5th
82Mina Shirakawa vs. Saya Kamitani04/23Stardom2052.26%6th
83Kazusada Higuchi, Miyu Yamashita & Naomichi Marufuji vs. Eruption11/12DDT2041.81%2nd
84The 37KAMIINA vs. Chris Brookes & Yoshihiko03/30DDT2031.36%1st
85Josh Alexander vs. Steve Maclin09/08Impact Wrestling2020.90%1st
86The House Of Black vs. The Elite03/05AEW1962.71%6th
87Madoka Kikuta vs. BIG BOSS Shimizu11/05DG1952.26%3rd
88Syuri vs. Suzu Suzuki07/23Stardom1952.26%5th
89Soberano Jr. vs. Stuka Jr.08/18CMLL1931.36%3rd
90Rocky Romero vs. Volador Jr.06/30CMLL1920.90%1st
91Miyu Yamashita vs. Mizuki10/09TJPW1841.81%2nd
92Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson12/27AEW1841.81%5th
93Tomoya Hirata vs. Violento Jack04/02FREEDOMS1831.36%2nd
94Bishamon vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kazuchika Okada03/06NJPW1752.26%5th
95Christian Cage vs. Darby Allin10/01AEW1731.36%2nd
96Gunther vs. Chad Gable09/04WWE1641.81%3rd
97Jon Moxley vs. El Desperado07/05NJPW1641.81%3rd
98Kazusada Higuchi vs. HARASHIMA12/12DDT1631.36%3rd
99El Desperado vs. Francesco Akira05/21NJPW1620.90%1st
100Syuri vs. Chihiro Hashimoto04/23Stardom1541.81%3rd
101The Usos vs. The Bloodline07/01WWE1531.36%5th
102Will Ospreay vs. El Phantasmo08/06NJPW1452.26%3rd
104Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal01/25AEW1441.81%3rd
105Kodai Nozaki vs. Genkai and Mentai Kid08/06Kyushu Pro Wrestling1431.36%3rd
105Bullet Club Gold vs. FTR07/08AEW1431.36%3rd
107Mayu Iwatani vs. Mercedes Mone04/23Stardom1431.36%4th
108Frenchadors & Komander vs. Arez, Fuminori Abe & Trey Miguel03/20wXw1420.90%2nd
109Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. The Bloodline05/27WWE1410.45%1st
109Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Paris De Silva10/22PWA1410.45%1st
109DELTA vs. Jarvis10/14MCW1410.45%1st
109Daisuke Sekimoto, Hagane Shinnou, Kota Ibushi, Shuji Ishikawa & Yumehito Imanari vs. Check Shimatani, El Lindaman, Kaito Ishida, Soma Watanabe & Takanori Ito08/04GLEAT1410.45%1st
109Jun Kasai vs. Matt Tremont10/08GCW1410.45%1st
114El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Komander03/31ROH1341.81%2nd
115Will Ospreay vs. Chris Jericho08/27AEW1320.90%2nd
116El Desperado & Jun Kasai vs. Homicide & Jon Moxley07/04NJPW1320.90%4th
117Hiromu Takahashi vs. Kazuki Hirata11/12DDT1231.36%2nd
118Mizuki vs. Yuka Sakazaki03/18TJPW1220.90%2nd
119M3K vs. Kongo06/02DG1220.90%3rd
120Darby Allin & Sting vs. Christian Cage & Swerve Strickland08/27AEW1220.90%4th
121Yuji Hino vs. Kazusada Higuchi01/29DDT1131.36%6th
122Mina Shirakawa vs. Natsupoi05/04Stardom1131.36%6th
122Taichi vs. Will Ospreay07/15NJPW1131.36%6th
124Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Matt Tremont06/11H2O1120.90%2nd
124D'courage vs. M3K03/02DG1120.90%2nd
126Will Ospreay vs. Tristan Archer02/25Rixe1120.90%4th
127Mizuki vs. Maki Ito07/08TJPW1120.90%5th
128SANADA vs. Yota Tsuji06/04NJPW1041.81%6th
129Darby Allin vs. Samoa Joe01/04AEW1041.81%8th
130Jessica Troy vs. Ricky South10/21PWA1031.36%6th
131Kazuchika Okada vs. Jay White01/04NJPW1020.90%3rd
131Yuki Ueno vs. Chris Brookes11/12DDT1020.90%3rd
131Strong BJ vs. Violent Giants06/17AJPW1020.90%3rd
134Masha Slamovich vs. Mike Bailey03/19GCW1020.90%4th
135The Rascalz vs. The Second Gear Crew02/02REVOLVER1020.90%5th
135Teppen vs. Mari & Miku Aono and The Royal04/21AWG1020.90%5th
137Steve Maclin vs. PCO05/26Impact Wrestling920.90%3rd
138Michael Oku vs. Hechicero09/23RevPro920.90%4th
139Giulia vs. Megan Bayne12/29Stardom920.90%5th
139Kota Ibushi vs. Mike Bailey03/30GCW920.90%5th
139Mistico vs. Stuka Jr.01/24CMLL920.90%5th
139Orange Cassidy vs. Daniel Garcia and Katsuyori Shibata and Zack Sabre Jr.06/25AEW920.90%5th
143Icarus vs. Dover09/27wXw920.90%6th
143El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Black Taurus and Komander03/30WrestleCon920.90%6th
145Arisu Endo & Rika Tatsumi vs. Mahiro Kiryu & Yuki Aino05/28TJPW910.45%2nd
145Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Jude London10/22PWA910.45%2nd
145Ayako Sato & Hanako Nakamori vs. AKARI & Crea10/29PURE-J910.45%2nd
145Mike Bailey vs. Ryusuke Taguchi05/21NJPW910.45%2nd
145Alex Shelley vs. Nick Aldis12/28Impact Wrestling910.45%2nd
145Masashi Takeda vs. Mance Warner10/08GCW910.45%2nd
145Atlantis Jr. vs. Mistico and Rocky Romero04/07CMLL910.45%2nd
145Emersyn Jayne vs. Rayne Leverkusen04/02ATTACK!910.45%2nd
153AZM vs. Starlight Kid03/04Stardom831.36%5th
154Jay Malachi vs. Jake Something and Mike Bailey and Tom Lawlor09/23DPW820.90%4th
155Carmelo Hayes vs. Ilja Dragunov07/30WWE820.90%6th
155Giulia vs. Saori Anou07/23Stardom820.90%6th
155Master Wato vs. Mike Bailey05/26NJPW820.90%6th
158Chris Hero vs. Timothy Thatcher11/17West Coast Pro810.45%3rd
158Kyle Fletcher vs. Bryan Keith and Dalton Castle and Komander and Lee Johnson and Lee Moriarty12/15ROH810.45%3rd
158Kyle Fletcher vs. Robbie Eagles03/04NJPW810.45%3rd
158Shingo Takagi vs. Tama Tonga10/28NJPW810.45%3rd
158Hayato Tamura vs. T-Hawk12/30GLEAT810.45%3rd
158Mei Suruga & Ryo Mizunami vs. Chie Koishikawa & Kaho Kobayashi05/07Gatoh Move/DPW810.45%3rd
158Chris Brookes vs. Saki Akai09/24DDT810.45%3rd
158Atlantis Jr. vs. Soberano Jr.12/22CMLL810.45%3rd
158Miku Aono vs. Act08/14AWG810.45%3rd
158Voodoo Murders vs. Zennichi Shin Jidai10/09AJPW810.45%3rd
158Alex Kane vs. Adam Priest and Krule12/08ACTION810.45%3rd
158Chris Sabin & Trinity vs. Chik Tormenta & Dinamico12/16AAA/Impact Wrestling810.45%3rd
170Astronauts vs. Hideki Suzuki & Hikaru Sato10/29BJW731.36%8th
171Violence Is Forever vs. The WorkHorsemen04/01DPW720.90%5th
172Yuji Nagata vs. Kento Miyahara02/19AJPW720.90%6th
173Miku Aono vs. Asahi10/15AWG720.90%7th
174Crazy Zako vs. Monster Halloween01/03XGF710.45%4th
174Maika vs. Suzu Suzuki12/29Stardom710.45%4th
174Chihiro Hashimoto vs. Natsupoi07/16Sendai Girls710.45%4th
174Jaden Newman vs. Suge D07/14Scenic City710.45%4th
174Will Ospreay vs. Luke Jacobs02/26RevPro710.45%4th
174Nanae Takahashi, Rina Yamashita & Ryo Mizunami vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto, Jungle Kyona & Yuu04/14NOMADS710.45%4th
174Kazunari Murakami, Naomichi Marufuji & Takashi Sugiura vs. Hideki Suzuki, Saxon Huxley & Shuhei Taniguchi10/20NOAH710.45%4th
174Will Ospreay vs. Kazuchika Okada07/27NJPW710.45%4th
174Lady Maravilla vs. Sexy Star09/29Lucha Maniaks710.45%4th
174The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Eddie Edwards & Trey Miguel05/15Impact Wrestling710.45%4th
174T-Hawk vs. Shuji Ishikawa10/09GLEAT710.45%4th
174El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Emman Azman08/26GCW/ROW710.45%4th
174Mizuki Watase vs. Keisuke Ishii05/05Ganbare Pro710.45%4th
174Shuichiro Katsumura & Takuya Wada vs. Hentai Punch Drunkers07/09Ganbare Pro710.45%4th
174Violento Jack vs. Drew Parker02/12FREEDOMS710.45%4th
174Nicole Matthews vs. Daniel Makabe09/02DUSK Pro710.45%4th
174Virus vs. Blue Panther02/24CMLL710.45%4th
174Nico Angelo vs. Kid Lykos II06/03ATTACK!710.45%4th
174Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli09/20AEW710.45%4th
193FTR vs. The Young Bucks08/27AEW631.36%8th
194Yuka Sakazaki vs. Miyu Yamashita01/04TJPW620.90%6th
194Eddie Kingston vs. Jay White02/18NJPW620.90%6th
194The 37KAMIINA vs. Harimao03/21DDT620.90%6th
197The Lucha Brothers vs. Top Flight and The Kingdom and Aussie Open and La Faccion Ingobernable03/31ROH620.90%7th
197Tomohiro Ishii vs. Eddie Kingston07/26NJPW620.90%7th
197Gabe Kidd vs. Kaito Kiyomiya07/27NJPW620.90%7th
200Astronauts vs. The Second Gear Crew09/27wXw610.45%5th
200Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar08/05WWE610.45%5th
200Mayu Iwatani vs. Tam Nakano08/15Stardom610.45%5th
200KAIRI & Sareee vs. Arisa Nakajima & Takumi Iroha08/04Sareee Produce610.45%5th
200Luke Jacobs vs. Gabriel Kidd05/07RevPro610.45%5th
200Konosuke Takeshita vs. Michael Oku01/07PWG610.45%5th
200Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kenoh05/31NOAH610.45%5th
200Shingo Takagi vs. Robbie Eagles04/16NJPW610.45%5th
200Mike Bailey vs. Hiromu Takahashi05/12NJPW610.45%5th
200SANADA vs. Kaito Kiyomiya07/25NJPW610.45%5th
200Jon Moxley vs. Great-O-Khan11/04NJPW610.45%5th
200Alex Shelley vs. Jonathan Gresham11/09Impact Wrestling610.45%5th
200Chris Brookes vs. Yuji Hino07/23DDT610.45%5th
200Top 5 Dogs vs. Young Dumb N Broke07/07Blitzkrieg! Pro610.45%5th
200Masashi Takeda vs. AKIRA09/17BJW610.45%5th
200Julia Hart vs. Kris Statlander and Skye Blue11/18AEW610.45%5th
200Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli12/23AEW610.45%5th
217Neo Stardom Army vs. Donna del Mondo02/04Stardom531.36%9th
218Jon Moxley vs. Jay White and Swerve Strickland12/27AEW520.90%7th
219Kongo vs. Zennichi Shin Jidai02/21NOAH520.90%8th
220Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso08/05WWE510.45%6th
220Lyra Valkyria vs. Becky Lynch10/24WWE510.45%6th
220Rika Tatsumi vs. Shoko Nakajima07/29TJPW510.45%6th
220Athena vs. Billie Starkz12/15ROH510.45%6th
220Alex Shelley vs. Rich Swann02/02REVOLVER510.45%6th
220Mistico vs. Atlantis Jr.02/28NJPW510.45%6th
220Bishamon vs. Guerrillas Of Destiny12/10NJPW510.45%6th
220Alex Hammerstone vs. Jacob Fatu02/04MLW510.45%6th
220Savio Vega vs. Pedro Portillo III12/06IWA Puerto Rico510.45%6th
220Wasted Youth vs. Fresh Air04/16ISDub510.45%6th
220Nicole Matthews vs. Liiza Hall05/05DEFY510.45%6th
220La Ola Negra vs. Atrapasuenos07/14CMLL510.45%6th
220Yuji Okabayashi vs. Daimonji So03/19BJW510.45%6th
220Miro vs. Powerhouse Hobbs09/03AEW510.45%6th
220Claudio Castagnoli vs. Josh Barnett10/01AEW510.45%6th
220Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston12/02AEW510.45%6th
220Billie Starkz vs. Daniel Makabe12/08ACTION510.45%6th
237Mascara Dorada vs. Rocky Romero12/15CMLL431.36%9th
238Nick Wayne vs. Swerve Strickland04/08DEFY420.90%8th
239Kazusada Higuchi vs. Yuki Ueno05/21DDT420.90%9th
240Patrick Bork vs. Icarus03/21wXw410.45%7th
240Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton09/30WWE410.45%7th
240Rika Tatsumi vs. Miu Watanabe03/18TJPW410.45%7th
240Chihiro Hashimoto vs. MIRAI02/04Stardom410.45%7th
240Will Ospreay vs. Leon Slater07/09RevPro410.45%7th
240Alex Shelley vs. Steve Maclin06/30OPW/Impact Wrestling410.45%7th
240Go Shiozaki vs. Kenoh09/03NOAH410.45%7th
240Naomichi Marufuji & Takashi Sugiura vs. AXIZ10/28NOAH410.45%7th
240Shingo Takagi vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima01/21NJPW410.45%7th
240Kazuchika Okada vs. Taichi07/21NJPW410.45%7th
240El Desperado & Master Wato vs. BULLET CLUB War Dogs10/28NJPW410.45%7th
240Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Mike Bailey11/10NJPW410.45%7th
240Tokiko Kirihara vs. Andruew Tang and Baliyan Akki and Chie Koishikawa and Emi Sakura and Kevin Ku and Mei Suruga and Miya Yotsuba and Sayaka Obihiro05/01Gatoh Move410.45%7th
240Masashi Takeda vs. Jun Kasai01/03FREEDOMS410.45%7th
240Mike Bailey vs. Dustin Waller08/23FIGHT LIFE410.45%7th
240Mascara Dorada 2.0 vs. Soberano Jr.08/01CMLL410.45%7th
240Los Depredadores vs. Futuro & Neon10/13CMLL410.45%7th
240Soberano Jr. vs. Volador Jr.11/10CMLL410.45%7th
240Astronauts vs. Strong BJ05/28BJW410.45%7th
240Crazy Lovers vs. Astronauts12/30BJW410.45%7th
240Drilla Moloney vs. Jay Joshua11/26ATTACK!410.45%7th
240Shotaro Ashino vs. T-Hawk05/07AJPW410.45%7th
240Zennichi Shin Jidai vs. Zennichi Shin Jidai06/17AJPW410.45%7th
240Adam Priest vs. Daniel Makabe04/28ACTION410.45%7th
240Blue Demon Jr. & DMT Azul vs. LA Park & Rush04/16AAA410.45%7th
265Bianca Belair vs. IYO SKY05/06WWE320.90%9th
265Trick Williams vs. Bron Breakker and Dijak and Josh Briggs and Tyler Bate12/09WWE320.90%9th
265Will Ospreay vs. Naomichi Marufuji09/17NOAH320.90%9th
265Emi Sakura vs. Miyuki Takase05/07Gatoh Move/DPW320.90%9th
265Team Mexico vs. Team International08/18CMLL320.90%9th
265Yuma Aoyagi vs. Kento Miyahara10/21AJPW320.90%9th
265Blackpool Combat Club vs. Best Friends08/04AEW320.90%9th
265Christian Cage vs. Bryan Danielson10/14AEW320.90%9th
273Shigehiro Irie vs. Luke Jacobs06/01wXw310.45%8th
273Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh03/21WWE310.45%8th
273Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton09/12WWE310.45%8th
273Acro vs Pedro Pablo08/19Valparaiso Lucha Libre310.45%8th
273121000000 vs. Kyoraku Kyomei02/11TJPW310.45%8th
273Mizuki vs. Sawyer Wreck05/05TJPW310.45%8th
273Natsupoi vs. Syuri08/08Stardom310.45%8th
273Chihiro Hashimoto vs. Sareee05/16Sareee Produce310.45%8th
273Athena vs. Kiera Hogan06/22ROH310.45%8th
273Le Soudeur Fou vs. Amos Deen and Jack Sans-Nom and Mojito and Skaar and Rafael Belmont10/07Rixe310.45%8th
273Nicole Matthews vs. Liiza Hall07/16Prestige310.45%8th
273Tetsuya Naito vs. Kenoh01/21NJPW310.45%8th
273Lio Rush vs. TJP05/21NJPW310.45%8th
273Titan vs. El Desperado05/26NJPW310.45%8th
273HENARE vs. Shingo Takagi07/19NJPW310.45%8th
273Leon Slater vs. Rhio12/09NCL310.45%8th
273Subculture vs. ABC and The Most Professional Wrestling Gods and Rich Swann & Sami Callihan12/28Impact Wrestling310.45%8th
273Team GCW vs. Team FREEDOMS10/07GCW310.45%8th
273Jun Kasai vs. Masashi Takeda09/03FREEDOMS310.45%8th
273Chris Brookes vs. Shigehiro Irie09/09DDT310.45%8th
273Monomoth vs. Landon Hale11/04Daikaiju Pro310.45%8th
273Atlantis Jr., Mascara Dorada & Mistico vs. Guerrero Maya Jr., Templario & Titan09/08CMLL310.45%8th
273Stephanie Vaquer vs. La Catalina09/29CMLL310.45%8th
273El Lindaman vs. Jonathan Gresham11/05AJPW310.45%8th
273Adam Page vs. Jon Moxley01/11AEW310.45%8th
273Bullet Club Gold & The Gunns vs. CMFTR06/24AEW310.45%8th
273Andrade El Idolo vs. Bryan Danielson12/09AEW310.45%8th
273Daniel Garcia vs. Brody King12/23AEW310.45%8th
301Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed and Damian Priest and Johnny Gargano and Montez Ford and Seth Rollins02/18WWE220.90%10th
301Hikuleo vs. Jay White02/11NJPW220.90%10th
301Shingo Takagi vs. Tomohiro Ishii10/14NJPW220.90%10th
301Z-Brats vs. Don Fujii, Dragon Kid, Kono Mama Ichikawa & YAMATO07/25DG220.90%10th
305Dick Togo vs. Yasu Urano03/08YMZ210.45%9th
305MAGA Butcher vs. Dilfboi Daltono01/05XPW210.45%9th
305Starboy Charlie vs. Titus Alexander10/14West Coast Pro210.45%9th
305Wakana Uehara vs. HIMAWARI12/01TJPW210.45%9th
305Saori Anou vs. MIRAI12/29Stardom210.45%9th
305Samoa Joe vs. Mark Briscoe03/31ROH210.45%9th
305Francesco Akira vs. Leon Slater02/24RevPro210.45%9th
305Will Ospreay vs. Shingo Takagi08/26RevPro210.45%9th
305Billie Starkz vs. Rachel Armstrong10/08REVOLVER210.45%9th
305Mike Bailey vs. Konosuke Takeshita01/08PWG210.45%9th
305Jordon Breaks vs. Zack Sabre Jr.12/28Premier Promotions210.45%9th
305Masahiro Chono vs. Keiji Muto02/21NOAH210.45%9th
305DOUKI, Hechicero & Templario vs. El Desperado, Mistico & Soberano Jr.02/26NJPW210.45%9th
305SANADA vs. Kazuchika Okada04/08NJPW210.45%9th
305Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Shota Umino07/21NJPW210.45%9th
305Ren Narita vs. Kaito Kiyomiya08/05NJPW210.45%9th
305Mio Momono vs. Chikayo Nagashima05/03Marvelous210.45%9th
305Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace04/16Impact Wrestling210.45%9th
305America's Most Wanted & Team Canada vs. The Design, Kenny King & Sheldon Jean09/21Impact Wrestling210.45%9th
305Chris Bey vs. John Skyler05/25Impact Wrestling210.45%9th
305Kaito Ishida vs. El Lindaman01/12GLEAT210.45%9th
305Effy vs. Lochy Hendricks08/26GCW/ROW210.45%9th
305Taylor King vs. Michael Morleone12/16EPW210.45%9th
305El Triangulo & Hijo De Stuka Jr. vs. Los Divinos Laguneros11/03CMLL210.45%9th
305Junior Benito vs. Kevin Blackwood11/28C4210.45%9th
305Ichiban vs. Brad Hollister04/20Beyond210.45%9th
305Kinya Okada, Masa Kitamiya & Yoshiki Inamura vs. Zennichi Shin Jidai03/21AJPW210.45%9th
305Ryuki Honda & Yuma Anzai vs. Zennichi Shin Jidai10/31AJPW210.45%9th
305Darby Allin (w/Sting) vs. KUSHIDA01/18AEW210.45%9th
305Jon Moxley vs. Adam Page02/01AEW210.45%9th
305Adam Cole vs. MJF06/14AEW210.45%9th
336Yuji Okabayashi vs. Takuho Kato06/30ZERO1/BJW110.45%10th
336Komander vs. Arez03/15wXw110.45%10th
336Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens01/28WWE110.45%10th
336Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight01/28WWE110.45%10th
336Hyper Misao, Mizuki, Shoko Nakajima, Yuki Aino & Yuki Kamifuku vs. Free WiFi, Hakuchumu & Raku03/30WrestleCon110.45%10th
336Titus Alexander vs. Nick Wayne03/04West Coast Pro110.45%10th
336Giulia, Mayu Iwatani, Syuri & Tam Nakano vs. Maika, MIRAI, Saya Kamitani & Suzu Suzuki07/09Stardom110.45%10th
3361 Called Manders vs. Mad Dog Connelly07/28SLA110.45%10th
336Jon Moxley vs. Jake Crist05/06REVOLVER110.45%10th
336Safire Reed vs Maya Matthews07/13Purpose Wrestling110.45%10th
336Alexxis Falcon vs. Nina Samuels05/29PROGRESS110.45%10th
336Darby Allin, Great Muta & Sting vs. AKIRA, Hakushi & Naomichi Marufuji01/22NOAH110.45%10th
336El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Hideki Suzuki05/04NOAH110.45%10th
336Los Ingobernables de Japon vs. El Barbaro Cavernario, El Desperado & Ryusuke Taguchi02/27NJPW110.45%10th
336Aussie Open vs. Bishamon04/08NJPW110.45%10th
336Will Ospreay vs. David Finlay08/10NJPW110.45%10th
336Samantha vs Valkiria06/16Ngen Lucha Libre110.45%10th
336Kenichiro Arai vs. Super Crafter U06/03Mutoha110.45%10th
336Edward Dusk vs. Carlo Cannon09/09MCW110.45%10th
336Giant Tiger vs. Sean Henderson04/16ISDub110.45%10th
336KUSHIDA vs. Angels and Delirious and Mike Bailey and Mike Jackson and Yuya Uemura01/13Impact Wrestling110.45%10th
336The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Subculture06/01Impact Wrestling110.45%10th
336Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Jordynne Grace, Mickie James & Trinity vs. Angelina Love, Deonna Purrazzo, Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Tasha Steelz09/21Impact Wrestling110.45%10th
336Alex Shelley vs. Josh Alexander10/21Impact Wrestling110.45%10th
336Carlos Ramirez vs. Charles Mason12/01HOG110.45%10th
336William Wolf vs. Shigehiro Irie02/25HCP110.45%10th
336Aja Kong & Sareee vs. Mika Iwata & Mio Momono05/23Hana Kimura Memorial110.45%10th
336Takanori Ito vs. Shinya Aoki06/07GLEAT110.45%10th
336Mike Bailey vs. Yoshihiko07/14GCW110.45%10th
336Masashi Takeda vs. Joey Janela07/18GCW110.45%10th
336Maki Death Kill vs. Deathmatch Royalty08/19GCW110.45%10th
336BestBros vs. Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi11/25Gatoh Move110.45%10th
336Miyu Yamashita vs. Millie McKenzie05/05EVE110.45%10th
336Lucky Ali vs. Colby Corino03/04DPW110.45%10th
336Mascara Dorada 2.0 vs. El Desperado06/30CMLL110.45%10th
336Volador Jr. vs. Andrade El Idolo12/29CMLL110.45%10th
336Negocio Traumado vs. Puerquiza Extrema01/29CM110.45%10th
336Rensan vs. Asako Mia and CatMASK calico and CHIAKI and Haruka Ishikawa and Kanamic and Kira An and Koara Fujimoto and Kyoka Iwai and Marino Saihara and Naru and Yufa01/09AWG110.45%10th
336Kid Lykos vs. Nico Angelo08/04ATTACK!110.45%10th
336Yuji Nagata vs. Shuji Ishikawa03/21AJPW110.45%10th
336Bryan Danielson vs. Bandido01/18AEW110.45%10th
336The Golden Elite vs. Blackpool Combat Club07/19AEW110.45%10th
336Bryan Danielson vs. Swerve Strickland10/10AEW110.45%10th
336Orange Cassidy vs. Jon Moxley11/18AEW110.45%10th
336Bryan Danielson vs. Brody King12/16AEW110.45%10th